Las Vegas, Nevada – This past weekend, October 13th – 16th, Bishop Gorman High School, and surrounding gyms, hosted the 2022 Border League in Las Vegas Tournament featuring some of the nation’s top high school teams, top nationally ranked prospects, and some elite preseason match-ups over the four-day event. Although the event started with an all-star game on Thursday night, the tournament pool play games began Friday the 14th and ran through Sunday the 16th. There were 8 boys’ divisions and 1 girl’s division, but I was there to focus on the top two boys’ divisions; the GEICO Top Flight Invite Showcase and the Super 16 Division. The GEICO Top Flight Invitational featured the following 8 teams: Florida Eagles/Montverde Academy, AZ Compass Prep, Hoop Nation/Corona Centennial (CA), California Basketball Club/Sierra Canyon, Florida Explorers/Columbus, Donda Academy (CA), LV Orange/Bishop Gorman (NV), and AirNado/Coronado (NV). The Super 16 Division featured the following teams: Prolific Prep (CA), LABC/Harvard Westlake (CA), Blue Knights/Notre Dame (CA), Border Boys/San Ysidro (CA), Dream City Christian (AZ), Purple Reign/Durango (NV), Minuteman/Liberty (NV), Southern California Academy, The Ranch Hoops/West Ranch (CA), Corner Canyon (UT), Storm Troopers (ID), Wasatch Academy (UT), I School (TX), Braves/St. John Bosco (CA), Big Red/Mater Dei (CA), and the Knights/Bishop O’Connell (VA). 

All of the Top Flight games and a majority of the Super 16 games were played at Bishop Gorman High School and that is where I stayed for Day 1 and Day 2 of the event. I left Las Vegas Sunday morning and was not live in person to see any of the games but did stream the championship game which ended in a thrilling overtime win for the Florida Eagles. Kansas commit Chris Johnson and Duke commit Sean Stewart led the preseason top-ranked team in the nation over a top 5 nationally ranked AZ Compass Prep, 63-56, who had a balanced attack led by recent North Carolina commit Zayden High. The event had some big-time preseason games headlined by the match-up between the reigning GEICO National Champs in Florida Eagles and reigning California State Champs in Hoop Nation with both starting line-ups having all D1 level players. Another high-profile match-up was a potential preview of the National Championship game that took place in the GEICO Top Flight Championship between AZ Compass Prep and Florida Eagles with D1 players coming off the bench as the 8th and 9th players. There were top nationally ranked players from every class in attendance, high-level basketball played in mid-October, elite match-ups, and a truly well-run event that lived up to all the hype and then some. 

This article takes a look at 17 seniors that performed well over the two days I was in attendance and is limited to players from the Top Flight and Super 16 Division only. The players in this article are only those I saw play live. There were additional standout performances by other seniors not in this write-up because I did not see them live. A.J. Johnson (Donda Academy) had a huge 24-point game in the Top Flight semifinals against AirNado. Kentucky commit Rob Dillingham (Donda Academy) finished the event with a stellar 35-point game to lift his squad over LV Orange on the final day of the Border League. Oregon commit Mookie Cook and Missouri commit Trent Pierce (both of AZ Compass) play impactful roles for the Dragons in their run to the championship game and will be key pieces this season. Kwame Evans (Florida Eagles) filled up the stat sheet for the GEICO Top Flight Champs and impacts the game in numerous ways beyond just scoring for a loaded Montverde team. Although these players performed well, I either did not see their best performances in person or they were not the top performers for their respective teams, for this weekend only. Although the list of players below were my top 17 senior standout performers the players are listed in alphabetical order and not in a ranked order. The article below provides a brief recap of how they played at the event, a brief analysis of their skill sets, and the relevant player information including their commitment if decided. I begin with a look at the Southern California sharpshooter Brady Dunlap.  

6’7 Brady Dunlap (Harvard Westlake/Studio City CA) – Committed to Notre Dame 
Dunlap is a lengthy and skilled wing/guard that is known for his elite shooting from beyond the arc but is capable of scoring it from all 3-levels. Dunlap had a solid showing throughout the event, which was evident in his team’s win over Wasatch Academy where he went for 16 points and showed his versatility as a scorer. Dunlap has good handles, the moves to create off the perimeter, can stop on a dime for the pull-up jumper from the mid-range to the 3-point line, and has the vision to make plays for open teammates when getting into the defense. Dunlap rebounds the ball well, has the handle to push the ball up the court, and is a sniper from the 3-point line either off the bounce or moving off the ball for catch-and-shoot opportunities. Dunlap should be an instant impact player for the Irish as a spot-up shooter and will be the catalyst for Harvard Westlake as they contend for a state championship. 

6’4 Caleb Foster (Notre Dame/Sherman Oaks CA) – Committed to Duke
Foster is a skilled and physically gifted combination guard that can orchestrate the offense or create high-level shots for himself with regularity. The Blue Knights played in the Super 16 Division at the Border League in Las Vegas, right below the Top Flight Invite, and played twice on Saturday. Foster has an impressive 17-point showing in a win against Dream City Christian in the quarterfinals, which was followed by a 20-point showing in one of the best match-ups of the event, as he and Prolific Prep’s Aden Holloway went back and forth knocking down difficult shot after difficult shot from all over the court. Foster has elite handles, the shifty moves to shake any defender when looking to attack off the dribble, and quality decision making along with the court vision to make plays to open teammates or create his own scoring opportunities. Foster is an elite shotmaker off the dribble and needs minimal space to lift over and get shots off over the extended hand of his defender. Foster has the strength to finish through contact at the rim and does a solid job on the glass to allow him to push the ball in transition. 

6’6 Rayvon Griffith (AZ Compass Prep/Chandler AZ) – Committed to Cincinnati
Griffith is a strong and athletic wing/forward that can score the ball from all 3-levels either on the ball or moving off the ball. Griffith, part of a loaded AZ Compass team, made his presence felt in a variety of ways during the first 2-rounds of games at the Border League. Griffith had 8 points in the Dragons opening round win, as well as a solid 10 points in the semifinal win over California Basketball Club. Griffith has a strong handle on the ball, has the moves to create off the perimeter, the size and physicality to attack downhill and finish through contact at the rim, and can connect on difficult perimeter shots from the mid-range to the 3-point line extended. Griffith does a solid job on the boards, can push the pace of play up the court, and moves well off the ball to get open for catch-and-shoot opportunities. He plays well at the 2 through 4 positions on offense and has the speed and agility to lock up on the defensive end. 

6’7 Ashton Hardaway (Sierra Canyon/Chatsworth CA)
Hardaway is a forward/wing that can score the ball in volumes and in a variety of ways, as multiple people referred to his offensive skill set as having a Carmelo Anthony type of feel. Hardaway had two impressive showings in the games I watched and single-handedly kept the California Basketball Club in the game as he scored 16 points in a loss to AZ Compass after his 21-point performance on opening night against LV Orange. Hardaway can play with his back to the basket with excellent footwork to create space around the basket or with a nice fadeaway mid-range shot to score over taller defenders. Hardaway has a solid handle, uses his size to get downhill and attack his opponent, and can stop on a dime for the jumper from fifteen feet to the 3-point line with accuracy. Hardaway hit several highly contested 3-pointers in clutch situations all weekend. 

6’9 Zayden High (AZ Compass Prep/Chandler AZ) – Committed to North Carolina 
High is a lengthy and rangy forward that can space the floor with the 3-ball and has great court vision to make plays for a big man. High was the leading scorer for the Dragons, as he had 13 points in their opening win over the Explorers and a team-high 11 points in an overtime loss to the Florida Eagles in the championship game of the GEICO Top Flight Division. High dominates the glass, protects the rim in the post and alters shots when closing out on the perimeter, and has great touch on finishes around the basket. High has a smooth stroke from the 3-point line, has enough handle to create off the dribble, and displays excellent court vision to make plays out of the post to cutting teammates. High has the length to defend in the post but enough agility to cover perimeter players when switching off screens. High will be the key post presence on offense for AZ Compass this season and can play the 3-5 positions effectively. 

6’1 Aden Holloway (Prolific Prep/Napa CA) – Committed to Auburn (featured in picture)
Holloway is an elite lead guard with shifty moves to create his own scoring opportunities and is a sniper from beyond the arc. Holloway had a solid showing in Prolific Prep’s quarterfinal win over Purple Reign and capped off Saturday with a big-time performance in the semifinal win over the Blue Knights, as he scored a game-high 21 points and put on a show going back and forth with Duke commit Caleb Foster. Holloway has dynamic handles, shifty moves to create off the dribble and shake his opponent, has nice touch on his floater in the paint, and is a creative finisher over height around the basket. Holloway moves well off the ball to get open for catch-and-shoot opportunities, but is truly a threat with the long ball off the dribble. Holloway has the moves to carve up the defense but with his shooting efficiency from the 3-point line, defenders must close out and that opens up driving lanes for him to exploit and make plays. Holloway has solid court vision and his ability to change pace with the ball in hand and accelerate off the hesitation makes him tough to stay in front of. Holloway will be a key backcourt scoring option for Prolific Prep this season. 

6’3 Bronny James (Sierra Canyon/Chatsworth CA)
James is an athletic and skilled lead guard that has the court awareness to make plays for others and has improved as a 3-level scoring threat. James may have had the best single-game performance of any player at the Border League tournament, as he had a monster quarterfinal game in a win over LV Orange going for 31 points and knocking down six threes in the process. James was hounded by the length and depth of AZ Compass in the semifinals but his performance in CBC’s opening game was enough to make him one of the standout seniors of the event. James has a strong handle on the ball, court vision and awareness to make the right plays and passes in tight windows, the moves to create off the dribble and get into the teeth of the defense, and the decision-making to either pass it off or create his own offense. James can light it up from the 3-point line and has range that extends to the NBA line, which opens up lanes to attack. Defensively, James has great foot speed and active hands to generate turnovers, and great bounce off the court to be a solid rebounder for his position, allowing him to push the tempo where he seems to flourish most.  

6’4 Chris Johnson (Montverde Academy/FL) – Committed to Kansas
Johnson is an elite 2-way player that has the court vision to make plays and the skill set to create his own scoring opportunities. Johnson had an outstanding weekend of basketball and was the lead scoring catalyst for the Florida Eagles en route to winning the GEICO Top Flight Invite Championship at the Border League in Las Vegas. Johnson scored 25 points against AirNado, 21 points over Hoop Nation, and 15 points with some crucial buckets over AZ Compass Prep in the championship game. Johnson has good size and court vision at the lead guard position, the handles and the moves to create separation from his defender with the ability to score it from all 3-levels off the dribble, and gets into his defender to draw fouls where he is accurate from the foul line. Johnson has good length and agility to hound the ball on defense, active hands to generate turnovers, and rebounds well to push the pace of play in the open court. Stays locked in on both ends and displays quality leadership verbally and with his level of play. 

6’4 Sebastian Mack (Coronado/Henderson NV) 
Mack is an athletic scoring guard that has the moves and creativity to score the ball in volume from all 3-levels. Mack was impressive for AirNado in the GEICO Top Flight Division against some of the top teams and players in the nations, as he opened up with 22 points in a loss to the Florida Eagles, 75-45, followed by outbursts of 33 points and 36 points to average 30 points per game for the event. Mack has limitless range from beyond the arc, has good handles and shifty moves to evade his opponent, capable 3-level scorer that puts relentless pressure on the defense, and has solid court vision to make plays off the dribble. Defensively, Mack has active hands and gets into his opponent’s dribbling space to cause havoc and create turnovers that lead to easy transition points. Mack showed great accuracy from the perimeter and impressive on-ball defense against some of the best guards in the nation. 

6’7 Aaron McBride (Centennial/Corona CA) 
McBride is a physical forward that can operate in the post as well as space the flow from the perimeter. McBride kicked off the event with a complimentary 12 points as Hoop Nation defeated Donda Academy in convincing fashion, which was followed up by a game-high 21 points in a semifinal loss to eventual GEICO Top Flight Invite champions, the Florida Eagles. McBride controls the boards, has the wingspan to protect the rim, and has good post footwork with a nice touch on finishes within the painted area. McBride is accurate from the perimeter, has the ability to stretch the floor with the 3-ball, has enough handle to attack open lanes when defenders over-pursue, and has the physicality to finish through contact around the basket. McBride has the unique ability to play inside out and outside in and always comes up big for the Huskies. 

6’3 Jared McCain (Cenntenial/Corona CA) – Committed to Duke 
McCain is a shifty combination guard that can make plays for others or create his own buckets off the dribble or the catch-and-shoot. McCain was stellar in the opening round as Hoop Nation convincingly defeated Donda Academy, 78-64, behind McCain’s game-high 23 points. McCain scored 17 points and had numerous dimes in a loss to Florida Eagles by a score of 74-61 in the semifinals of the GEICO Top Flight Division. McCain has elite handles, keeps the ball on a string while constantly surveying the floor, the moves to break down his defender and create space, and is capable of knocking down shots off the dribble at all 3-levels. McCain plays with great pace, keeps his opponent off balance with start-and-stop dribbles, and a nice burst of speed off the hesitation to get by his defender. McCain makes quality decisions with the ball in hand and makes quality basketball plays on both ends of the court. 

6’9 Michael Nwoko (Prolific Prep/Napa CA) – Committed to Miami
Nwoko is a physical forward/center that punishes opponents in the post and controls the glass with authority on both ends. Nwoko was a problem for opponents all weekend and asserted himself early and often in Prolific Prep’s semifinal win over the Blue Knights, as he finished with 14 points and 10 rebounds. Nwoko has nice touch around the basket, uses his size and physical presence to control the glass on both ends, and protects the rim deterring smaller players from testing him at the basket. Nwoko showed nice touch on the mid-post shot and does a great job of drawing fouls with good accuracy from the free-throw line. Nwoko has good footwork and decent post moves to score in the paint. He will be a force for Prolific Prep as they make a push for the GEICO championships again for a second consecutive season. 

6’1 Tylen Riley (Durango/Las Vegas NV) – Committed to Cal Baptist 
Riley is a shifty two-way lead guard that causes havoc on the defensive end and is capable of scoring the ball in a variety of ways. Riley had an impressive quarterfinal game for Purple Reign in a one-point loss to eventual Super 16 Division Champs Prolific Prep, as he scored the ball, made plays for others, locked in on elite perimeter players creating turnovers, and made some big-time shots. Riley has the handles to break down his defender, moves off the dribble to create separation from the opponent, attacks downhill to slice through the defense, and is a creative scorer around the basket with good touch. Riley is accurate with the 3-ball off the bounce or the catch and shoot, has good touch on his floater in the paint, and generates turnovers by locking up on the ball and using his quick hands to poke the ball out and get in the open court.  

6’8 Sean Stewart (Montverde Academy/FL) – Committed to Duke
Stewart is an athletic and versatile forward that impacts both ends of the court and has a nice touch from the perimeter. Stewart had games of 10 points and 8 points in the first two rounds of the Top Flight Division but stepped up big in the championship game scoring a team-high 15 points, tied with teammate Chris Johnson, and 7 rebounds. Stewart showed throughout the event why he is such a valued commodity, as he uses his superior leaping ability to control the glass on both ends, alter shots around the basket, and has the agility to defend smaller players on the perimeter and bigger players in the post. Stewart is accurate with the mid-range pull-up shot off the dribble, can space the floor from the 3-point line, and has the strength and physicality to finish through contact at or above the rim. Stewart has enough handle to push the ball up the court, outlets the ball to his guards quickly, and excels when running the floor in the open court.  

6’7 Dusty Stromer (Notre Dame/Sherman Oaks CA) – Committed to Gonzaga
Stromer is a lengthy guard/wing that can light it up from beyond the arc either off the dribble or the catch and shoot off ball screens. Stromer had a monster game in the quarterfinals of the Super 16 Division in a win against Dream City Christian, as he went off for 25 points and connected on four threes in the process. Stromer followed that performance up with 14 points in a tough loss to eventual Super 16 champs, Prolific Prep. Stromer has nice handles and uses his length to create off the perimeter, has a smooth stroke from the perimeter and is accurate from the mid-range to the 3-point line, and uses his size to shoot over smaller defenders on the perimeter. Stromer has great touch on his floater in the paint, is a creative finisher around the basket, and moves nicely off the ball to get open for catch-and-shoot opportunities. Stromer has active hands and good energy on defense to disrupt perimeter players, and does a solid job on the boards allowing him to push the rock off the glass or get second-chance points for himself and his teammates. Good court awareness and vision to make plays when he is on the attack. 

6’8 JJ Taylor (Donda Academy/Simi Valley CA) 
Taylor is a long and athletic wing/forward that can score the ball in a variety of ways at the basket or from the perimeter. Taylor had an impressive showing in Donda Prep’s opening game against Hoop Nation, where he had a team-high 16 points and showed his ability to create his own offense and draw fouls to get to the free-throw line routinely. Taylor has the handles and moves to attack off the wing, the size to get his shot off over most perimeter defenders, the skill to pull bigger defenders away from the basket and the quickness to get by his opponent, and is a creative finisher at the basket. Taylor alters shots in the post and on the perimeter, is able to control the boards, makes use of his handles to push the pace of play, and is a versatile player on offense capable of playing the 2 through 4 positions effectively. 

6’4 Tru Washington (AZ Compass Prep/Chandler AZ)
Washington is a shooting guard that has limitless range on the deep ball and can score it from 3-levels with accuracy. Washington provided a great scoring punch off the bench for a loaded AZ Compass squad that took 2nd place in the GEICO Top Flight Division, as he led the Dragons with 13 points in the semifinals and was second in scoring with 9 points in the championship game. Washington has the handles and moves to slice through the defense, can stop on a dime with great lift on the mid-range jumper, and has next-level range from the 3-point line with the ability to create his own perimeter shots off the dribble. Washington has solid court vision and does make some nice reads when on the attack, but his mentality on the court is to get buckets, which he does in volume. He will be a great spark off the bench for the Dragons as they make a push for the GEICO National Championship and the Grind Session Championship.