Our first hard look at the classes of 2025 & 2026 began at the 2022 Pangos All-West Frosh/Soph Camp held at McBride HS in Long Beach CA.  Camp co-directors Dinos Trigonis and Etop Udo Ema have again brought in a talented group of young talent that featured players from 9 states among the 200-plus players in attendance. It was definitely a camp that touched the Midwest to the West Coast and beyond with attendees from as far away as Michigan in the Midwest to Hawaii in the West.

The Sunday action wrapped up the weekend with two all-star games that featured most of the camp’s top prospects. The Top 60 game opened up the two Cream of the Crop games as the Black Squad broke open the game in the second half to roll to a 127-116 victory over the White Squad behind 6’2” Zak Abdalla with 26 points as he lit it up from deep with 5 treys. He got solid support from 6’5” D’Andre Harrison with 18 points and 6’5” Andre Gomez with 17 points while 6’0” Ty Ingram added 14 points and 5’10” Myles Walker chipped in with 13 points.  Also in double figures for the Black Squad was 6’6” Marco Varani who added 10 points in the win. The White squad was led by 6’2” Lucas McClendon with 18 points while 6’1” Noah Bendinger and 5’5” Shamar Jones added 17 points each. Also in double figures for the White Squad was 6’3” Joshua Palmer and 6’0” Braden Moore who chipped in 15 and 14 points respectively.

The final game of the weekend was the Cream of the Crop Top 30 game that saw the Black Squad come from trailing 60-56 at the half to win a hard-fought game 119-113 over the White Squad behind the stellar play of 6’6” Camp MVP Tounde Yessoufou who finished with a game high 28 points (16 in the second half comeback). He received solid support from 6’1” Isaac Williamson with 14 points while 6’5” D’Andre Harrison and 6’2” Elias Obenyah added 10 points each. Others who just missed double figures were 6’5” Caspian Jones with 9 points and 6’6” Maximo Adams and 6’3” Aaron Glass who added 8 points each in the win. The White Squad was led by 6’0” Rashod Cotton with 17 points. He got solid support from 6’3” E.J. Spillman with 13 points and 6’7” Kade Bonham with 12 points. Also in double figures for the White were 6’3” Kaiden Bailey with 11 points and 6’7” Isaiah Carter and 6’9” Dallas Washington who added 10 points each.

The camp started a little slow, but as the weekend progressed a number of players stepped up and added to the camp’s overall depth as well as the event’s top talent. As usual picking the top sixty players for the two all-star games was tough as 102 players received votes for the two games and left us with a feel that the west will have an impact in the overall depth of the Classes of 2025 and 2026 if they continue to progress over the next two years plus in high school!  So, with that in mind let’s take a look at the top talent at the 2022 Pangos All-West Frosh/Soph Camp this past September in Long Beach:

Top 30+ (Listed by Height)

PLAYER                           HGT   POS   CLASS         HIGH SCHOOL (CITY STATE)

Juju Ervin                  6’8″    PF      2025             North Central (Spokane WA)
This mobile big man has the tools to step out to 17-feet and knock down jumpers or hit cutters off the pop out with the pass or roll to the hoop and finish through contact in the paint.  He finished the weekend with 6 points in the Top 30 game. He’s just scratching the surface game-wise and mid to high majors should be monitoring that progress!

Kade Bonam              6’7″    PF      2025             St. John Bosco (Bellflower CA)
Solid rebounder who has good hands and catches and finished in traffic on the blocks. Popped to elbow and knocked down jumpers and ended the weekend with a strong performance by scoring 12 points and pulling down 4 boards for Black squad in their win in Top 30 Game. Mid-ups should be adding him to their watch list.

Kellen Hampton        6’7″    PF      2025             Moreau Catholic (Hayward CA)
This athletic face-up big can pop perimeter jumpers or attack the rim off the dribble. He had huge games of 40 and 35 points on the camp’s first day, dominating on the offensive end at times.  He is a good rebounder too and showed he can defend in the post or out on the perimeter. High Majors should be monitoring his progress.

Isaiah Carter       6’7″    PF      2025             San Joaquin Memorial (Fresno CA)
This athletic big man has a nose for the ball off the glass and finished around the hoop with regularity. Carter is also a good passer on the face up or out of the blocks.  He ended the weekend with 10 points and a handful of rebounds in the Top 30 game. He will see lots of D-1 schools taking a look him the season and on the circuit next spring.

Brannon Martinsen          6’7″    PF      2026             Mater Dei (Santa Ana CA)
Skilled big can face and pop from the arc on in or roll to the block and score with either hand around the hoop. He can take it off the glass and start the break and is a good passer off the dribble off the turn up court. He hasn’t played his first varsity game yet but showed he has tools that will draw interest from mids-up in the future.

Brayden Kyman               6’7″    PF      2026             Santa Margarita (CA)
Active and physical young post who doesn’t mind contact on the glass or in post up. He is a good passer from elbow or out of the post, but showed he can attack hoop to off the dribble on face up. He finished the weekend with 7 points and 4 boards in the Top 30 game. One for D-1’s to monitor as he develops in the future for sure.

Tounde Yessoufou          6’6″    G/WF 2025             St. Joseph (Santa Maria CA)
Tounde scored 36 in his first game and dominated each match up we watched. He can knock down perimeter jumpers to set up drive and finish with highlights at the rim through and over defenders!  He has a Jimmy Butler type game and wrapped up the weekend in the Top 30 game leading the Black squad with 28 points to solidify being named the camp Most Outstanding Player.  Definitely one the High Majors need to be on now!

Dillan Shaw       6’6″    WF     2025             Heritage Christian (Northridge CA)
Quick and bouncy wing with good length can knock down jumpers from the arc or off the move with pull-ups from 16 feet.  He can pick your pocket in the open court on “D” and finish with highlight dunk (something he did 2-3 times when we watched). He lit it up for 29 points in his Day One game we watched showing potential to be an impact scorer in high school. He will see lots of D-1 interest as he develops!

Tajh Ariza                 6’6″    WF     2026             St. Bernard (Playa del Rey CA)
Skilled wing can create with nice handle in transition or off the move in the half court.  He has a good perimeter stroke from the arc or off the dribble. He showed that he will get after opponents on “D” too!… Just a matter of time as he continues mature physically. Has D-1 potential as he gets ready to enter high school!

Maximo Adams              6’6″    WF     2026             Narbonne (Harbor City CA)
This bouncy young athlete impressed us with his ability to score in transition or in half court in the game we watched where he scored 28 points.  He hit mid-range jumpers and finished drives in traffic through contact. He finished the weekend with a solid 8-point effort in the Top 30 game. Definitely one to watch as he develops.

Caspian Jones                 6’5″    WF     2025             Saint Mary’s (Phoenix AZ)
He opened the camp going for 34 points in the game we watched. He has good size and length on the wing, he crashes the boards and can start break off the glass. He can create his own shot and finishes in the lane. He wrapped up the weekend with 9 points and 4 boards in the Top 30 game.

Jovani Ruff                       6’5″    WG    2025             Poly (Long Beach CA)
Strong wing man who has a mature body and finishes drives through contact. He had 26 points in the game we watched, showing range on jumpers and the ability to knock down pull-ups in the lane. He showed flashes of what we saw last year at this camp. Major D-1’s are already involved.

D’Andre Harrison             6’5″    WF     2025             Perry (Gilbert AZ)
Lefty wing can grab it off the glass and take it end to end then finish with the dunk or floater in the lane. He has a good handle and competes on the glass.  He scored 18 points in Top 60 game then was asked to come back and play in Top 30 game where he proved he belonged finishing with 10 points to cap his weekend at Pangos.

Andre Gomez                   6’5″    WF     2026             Grant (Sacramento CA)
This active lefty wing talent showed his range to the arc, can drive and finish in traffic and can take it end to end off the glass. He showed he should have been in the Top 30 game with an impressive 17 point and 5 rebound performance in the Top 60 game. He should be on the radar for D-1’s as he enters high school play this winter.

Isaac Carr                  6’4″    SG     2025             Central Catholic (Portland OR)
Swing man with good range on his jumper and the handle to create space or drive.  He had 25 points in the game we watched and did good job on the glass from the wing and played some solid “D” too!  He is just scratching surface of game that will blossom as he adds strength. He will see lots of mid-up interest.

DeMarco Johnson           6’3″    SG     2025             SoCal Academy (CA)
He opened up on the first night with a huge game going for 40 points – showing range, quickness and an ability to finish drive in traffic with the dunk or kiss off the glass.  He is a good passer and can pick your pocket in transition game on “D”.  He wrapped up the weekend with a solid 8 point performance in the Top 30 game. He will see lots of D-1 faces in the crowd to take a look in the future.

Aaron Glass                      6’3″    SG     2025             Rancho Cucamonga (CA)
Skilled scoring guard with size and combo skills put up 23 in the two games we watched. He has the range to the three point arc and a solid attack and penetrate game that he scores with efficiency from. He has good bounce and gets the ball to teammates when doubled off the move. He wrapped up the weekend with 8 points in the Top 30 game. He will draw mid-up interest in the future.

Kevan Wilkins                  6’3″    SG     2025             Valley (Las Vegas NV)
This athletic and bouncy wing scorer caught our eye with a couple monster drives and slams then kept it with a solid pull-up jumper off the move from 15-feet. He has solid handles and will get after you on “D” using length and quickness to create opportunities going the other way.

EJ Spillman   6’3″    SG     2025             Pacifica Christian (Newport Beach CA)
Solid and skilled wing guard with range who can attack off the dribble with either hand. He has a good first step when needed and does a good job of working to get open. He works hard on the glass and can start the break off the boards. He wrapped up the weekend with an impressive 13 point outing in the Top 30 game.

Joshua Palmer      6’3″    SG     2025             St. Bernard’s (Playa del Rey CA)
This sweet shooting scoring guard can flat out stroke it when left open. He has a solid handle to create space and works to get to spots he likes on floor on “O”.  He hit 5-threes in Top 60 game and was moved up to fill a spot in Top 30 game he earned with that effort. As he matures physically D-1’s looking for an outside stroke will come calling.

Gregory Lawson              6’3″    CG     2025             Davison (Saginaw MI)
This skilled combo showed he can run the show in the half court with an effective penetration and kick game, but when needed he can knock down jumpers or finish in traffic at the rim. He balanced his game well and will have lots of Mid-up interest if he continues to hone his game in the future.

Kaiden Bailey                  6’3″    CG     2026             Crean Lutheran (Irvine CA)
Young combo guard scored 28 points in game we watched. He has solid perimeter jumper to set up penetration and kick. With strength and maturity Mid-ups should be involved. He finished the weekend with 11 points in Top 30 game.

Lucas McClendon   6’2″    SG     2025             Graham-Kapowsin (Graham WA)
This athletic wing guard can get on glass and start the break or attack the rim in the half-court and finish with highlights. He has a solid jumper that makes defenses respect him on the perimeter to set up drives. He tries to do to much at times, but as he matures schools will come calling. He made a statement that he belonged in Top 30 game leading the White Squad with 18 points in the Top 60 to wrap up the weekend!

Abram Potts       6’2″    SG     2025             San Joaquin Memorial (Fresno CA)
This wing man showed he can knock down the jumper hitting 4-threes in a game I watched on Day One at Pangos West. He has a solid tool set and isn’t bashful from any spot on the floor when open. He will continue to add to his game and mature physically in the future that will bring D-1’s calling.

Zak Abdalla                      6’2″    SG     2025             Foothill (Henderson NV)
He can score in bunches from the three-point arc to the rim. He had 35 points in the game I watched on Day One.  Then ended the weekend with a great Top 60 game leading 26-point output including 5-threes to prove he belonged in the Top 30 game. A spot he earned with that impressive performance!  He has all the tools to be a scorer at next level and will see lots of interest this season and on the circuit in the spring!

Julius Price                      6’2″    CG     2026             St. Joseph (Santa Maria CA)
This quick combo can play either guard spot and proved it in the game we watched going for 32 points while handing out 5 assists. He has good handles and creates drive or space with it.  He has range to the three point line and finishes drives in traffic. He will see lots of mid-up interest in the future as he matures physically.

Elias Obenyah                 6’2″    CG     2026             Salesian (Richmond CA)
This young combo guard more than held his own in games we watched scoring 31 points and 26 points respectively plus he handed out 5 assists in game two. He hasn’t played his first high school game yet, but he showed range to the three and a mature drive, pull-up or kick game. He wrapped up his weekend with 14 points in the Top 30 game. Mid to high majors should add him to their radar for the future.

Nick Jefferson          6’1″    CG     2025             Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas NV)
This scoring combo has the handle to run the break and is a good passer in transition. He is quick, can attack the rim off the dribble and finishes in traffic. He can knock down open jumpers to keep opposing “D” honest and creates space. He had a sold Top 30 game with 7 points and 2 assists to wrap up the weekend. D-1’s are starting to show interest.

Issac Williamson             6’1″    CG     2025             Poly (Riverside CA)
Quick combo has range to the three and is a good passer in transition or in the halfcourt. He can create drives with either hand and has bounce to finish at rim. He was stellar in the Top 30 game finishing with 14 points versus camp’s best!  As he matures physically D-1’s will come!

Braden Moore 6’0″    PG     2025             Yuma Catholic (Yuma AZ)
One of biggest surprises in Long Beach, this lefty point is an excellent passer off the drive and kick who sees the open man. He has a deadly spin move that befuddled defenders in game we watched on day one. He has deceptive quicks that includes a quick first step. He showed he belonged in top game with a 14 point performance in the Top 60 game.  He is a worth a look for Mid-ups in the future!

Rashod Cotton       6’0″    PG     2026             Modesto Christian (Modesto CA)
Quick and explosive point who can score from the three to the rim, but is at his best penetrating and kicking or if defense doesn’t double, attack the rim and poster someone with surprising bounce as he did on two occasions in his 31 point and 5 assist performance we watched on Day One. He wrapped up the weekend with a 17 point output in the Top 30 game for the White Squad. Mid to high majors better put him on the radar!

NEAR MISSES (All had argument to be in my Top 30!) (Listed By Height)

PLAYER                           HGT   POS   CLASS         HIGH SCHOOL (CITY STATE)

Dallas Washington          6’9″    PF      2025             Santa Margarita (CA)
Solid big who has good hands and nice touch on block finished weekend with 10 points in Top 30 game.

Maximus VanLaningham 6’8″    C        2026             Woodcreek (Roseville CA)
Long and active big who runs court really well finished weekend with 6 points in Top 30 game.

Tae Simmons        6’7″    PF      2025             Heritage Christian (Northridge CA)
Athletic big scored 32 in the game we watched and finished weekend with 6 points in Top 30 game.

Marco Varani                   6’6″    CF      2025             Bellevue (WA)
Skilled combo forward can knock down elbow jumpers finished weekend with 10 points in Top 60 game.

Shamar Jones        6’5″    SG     2025             Southern California Academy (CA)
Athletic guard that can score facing to 17-feet finished weekend with 17 points in Top 60 game.

Loukas Jones                  6’4″    SG     2025             Clovis North (Fresno CA)
Wing guard with size, handle and range to the three finished weekend with 9 points in Top 60 game.

Caleb Versher            6’2”    SG     2025             St. Bernard’s (Playa del Rey CA)
Skilled wing with range to arc and handle to create finished weekend with 8 points in Top 30 game.

Gavin Hightower   6’1″    CG     2025        Windward School (Los Angeles CA)
Solid combo with good quicks and range on jumper can score or find open man on the move.

Justice Griffith           6’0″    CG     2026             Corona Centennial (Corona CA)
Athletic young combo guard with good hops who can finish in traffic or surprise with block off the ball.

Rodney Westmoreland 5’10”  PG     2026        Dougherty Valley (San Ramon CA)
Solid and quick lead guard who can deliver rock or hit J finished weekend with 5 points in Top 30 game.

OTHERS ON THE RISE: (Listed by Height)

PLAYER                           HGT   POS   CLASS         HIGH SCHOOL (CITY STATE)

Jayden Blasczyk               6’8″     C        2025             Bradshaw Mountain (Prescott Valley AZ)
Mike (Michael) Baba          6’8″     C        2025             San Gabriel Academy (CA)
Bourgeois Tshilobo            6’8      C        2025             San Gabriel Academy (Los Angeles CA)
James Steward III             6’8″     C        2025             Marcos de Niza (Tempe AZ)
Preston Ezewiro                6’7″     C        2025             Mira Costa (Manhattan Beach CA)
Isaiah Carroll                     6’6″     PF      2025             Harvard-Westlake (North Hollywood CA)
EJ Vernon                         6’6″     PF      2025             Crossroads (Santa Monica CA)
Cyrus Hutchison                6’5      CF      2025             Meadows School (Las Vegas NV)
Jenovie Kabeya                 6’4″     G/WF 2025             Etiwanda (CA)
Tariq Bridges                     6’4″     G/WF 2025             St. Pius-St. Matthias (Downey CA)
Breylon Webb                   6’4″     G/WF 2025             O’Dea (Seattle WA)
Dylan Youngquist              6’4″     G/WF 2025             Dublin (Dublin CA)
Moses Wright                    6’4      G/WF 2025             St. Paul (Santa Fe Springs CA)
Christian Taylor                 6’4″     G/WF 2025             St. Bernard’s (Playa del Rey CA)
Ahzeil Franklin                   6’4      G/WF 2025             C.K. McClatchy (Sacramento CA)
Cory Dodson                     6’4      G/WF 2025             Poly (Riverside CA)
Malloy Smith                      6’4″     G/WF 2026             Campbell Hall (North Hollywood CA)
Parker Spees                    6’4″     G/WF 2026             Buchanan (Clovis CA)
Dominique Bolton              6’3      SG     2025             Laguna Hills (Laguna Hills CA)
Isaiah Cunningham            6’3″     SG     2025             Lincoln (Tacoma WA)
Owen Connell                    6’3      SG     2025             Pacifica Christian (Newport Beach CA)
Jalen White                        6’3″     SG     2026             Clark (Las Vegas NV)
Caleb  Newton Jr               6’3″     SG     2026             Birmingham (Lake Balboa CA)
Jace Thompson                 6’2″     SG     2025             Rio Americano (Sacramento CA)
Elijah Coleman                  6’2      SG     2025             Clark (Las Vegas)
Henry O’Connor                6’2″     SG     2025             Heritage Christian (Northridge CA)
Ja’Vance Coleman             6’2      SG     2026             Bullard (Fresno CA)
Takeo McCrae                   6’2      SG     2026             Grant (Portland OR)
Noah Bendinger                6’1      CG     2025             Juan Diego Catholic (Salt Lake City UT)
Adonai Burkett                  6’1      CG     2026             Federal Way (Federal Way WA)
A.J. Johnson                      6’1      CG     2026             Pacifica Christian (Newport Beach CA)
Darius Taylor                     6’1      CG     2026             Hillcrest (Riverside CA)
Aeneas Grullon                 6’0″     CG     2025             Viewpoint (Malibu CA)
Arman Arisian                    6’0″     CG     2025             Clovis North (Fresno CA)
Miles Williams                    6’0      CG     2025             Mater East (Las Vegas NV)
Oliver Jones                      6’0      CG     2025             Fairmont Prep (Anaheim CA)
Tremell Darden                  6’0      CG     2025             Arbor View (Las Vegas NV)
Ty Ingram                          6’0″     PG     2026             San Ysidro (CA)
Josiah Stroughter              6’0″     PG     2026             Democracy Prep (Las Vegas NV)
Myles Walker                    5’10”   PG     2025             J.W North (Riverside CA)
Olujimi Popoola                 5’9      CG     2027             Democracy Prep (Las Vegas NV)
London Collins                   5’9      PG     2027             Katherine Johnson Academy (Los Angeles CA)
Elijah Popoola                    5’9      CG     2027             Democracy Prep (Las Vegas NV)
McKae Amundson             5’7      PG     2026             Clovis North (Fresno CA)

This is the first of my four installments covering the 2022 Pangos All-Frosh/Soph Camps across the country.  Up next, I will look at the top prospects at the Pangos All-South Frosh/Soph Camp.

A note about the author:  Van Coleman has been scouting the nation’s top high school talent since 1976 and is entering his 44th season covering the nation’s top high school talent. He has been on both the McDonald’s All-American and Naismith Player of the Year selection committees for the past 38 years. He has served on the Basketball Hall-of-Fame Morgan Wooten Lifetime Achievement Award committee since its inception. Van published FutureStars Magazine and its affiliated Scouting Service for 33 years, was the executive Director of Future Stars Basketball for 20 years and launched both Hoopmasters.com and Hot100Hoops.com online publications. He has been the prep editor for Basketball Times and was the National Recruiting Analyst for CSTV.com, CBSCollegeSports.com, and SportsHuddle.com. He currently serves as the Chief Operations Officer for Global Sports Television, serves on the selection committees for both the NBPA Top 100 Camp and Pangos All-American Camp and is the National Basketball Analyst for Nothing But Net Magazine.