Las Vegas, Nevada – Last weekend, October 13th – 16th, Bishop Gorman High School, and surrounding gyms, hosted the 2022 Border League in Las Vegas Tournament featuring some of the nation’s top high school teams, top nationally ranked prospects, and some elite preseason match-ups over the four-day event. Although the event started with an all-star game on Thursday night, the tournament pool play games began Friday the 14th, and bracket play took place on Saturday and Sunday. There were 8 boys’ divisions and 1 girl’s division, but I was there to focus on the top two boys’ divisions; the GEICO Top Flight Invite Showcase and the Super 16 Division. The GEICO Top Flight Invitational featured the following 8 teams: Florida Eagles/Montverde Academy, AZ Compass Prep, Hoop Nation/Corona Centennial (CA), California Basketball Club/Sierra Canyon, Florida Explorers/Columbus, Donda Academy (CA), LV Orange/Bishop Gorman (NV), and AirNado/Coronado (NV). The Super 16 Division featured the following teams: Prolific Prep (CA), LABC/Harvard Westlake (CA), Blue Knights/Notre Dame (CA), Border Boys/San Ysidro (CA), Dream City Christian (AZ), Purple Reign/Durango (NV), Minuteman/Liberty (NV), Southern California Academy, The Ranch Hoops/West Ranch (CA), Corner Canyon (UT), Storm Troopers (ID), Wasatch Academy (UT), I School (TX), Braves/St. John Bosco (CA), Big Red/Mater Dei (CA), and the Knights/Bishop O’Connell (VA). 

All of the Top Flight games and a majority of the Super 16 games were played at Bishop Gorman High School and that is where I stayed for Day 1 and Day 2 of the event. I left Las Vegas Sunday morning and was not live in person to see any of the games but did stream the championship game which ended in a thrilling overtime win for the Florida Eagles. Super sophomore Cooper Flagg had the game-tying basket to send it into overtime and then had a clutch basket and free throw to put the game out of reach for AZ Compass, 63-56. The event had some big-time preseason games headlined by the match-up between the reigning GEICO National Champs in Florida Eagles and reigning California State Champs in Hoop Nation with both starting line-ups having all D1 level players. Another high-profile match-up was a potential preview of the National Championship game that took place in the GEICO Top Flight Championship between AZ Compass Prep and Florida Eagles with D1 players coming off the bench as the 8th and 9th players. There were top nationally ranked players from every class in attendance, high-level basketball played in mid-October, elite match-ups, and a truly well-run event that lived up to all the hype and then some. 

This article takes a look at 20 players from the Class of 2024 through 2026 that performed well over the two days I was in attendance and are limited to players from the Top Flight and Super 16 Division only. The players in this article are only those I saw play live. There were additional standout performances by other underclassmen but may not be included in this write-up because I did not see them live. I have broken this article up into two categories: my 12 Top Performers and 8 Other Notable Players that also performed well to combine for a total of 20 players. Although the list of players below were my top 20 standout performers the players are listed in alphabetical order, within their respective grouping, and not in a ranked order. The article below provides a brief recap of how they played at the event, a brief analysis of their skill sets, and the relevant player information including their commitment if decided. I begin with a look at the #1 ranked player in the Class of 2025, Cameron Boozer.

Top Performers

2025 6’9 Cameron Boozer (Christopher Columbus/Miami FL) 
Boozer is a skilled and lengthy wing/forward that impacts both ends of the court at a high level and has the versatility to play all five positions effectively. Boozer led the Explorers with 16 points in the team’s opening game against the GEICO Top Flight Invite runner-up in AZ Compass Prep. Despite the loss, Boozer displayed his elite two-way skill set that has earned him the top spot in the Class of 2025 national player rankings, and even mentioned by some analysts as the top overall prospect regardless of graduation class. Boozer uses his wingspan and height to protect the rim, has the agility to switch off and defend perimeter players, has the handle to push the ball off the glass, and the court vision to make plays to open teammates. Boozer has the moves to create off the wing, can knock down shots with accuracy from fifteen feet to the 3-point line, and attacks the open lanes with the ability to finish through contact at the rim. There is a lot to like about Boozer’s game and versatility, as he is capable of playing every position effectively. 

2024 6’5 Taj Degourville (Durango/Las Vegas NV)
Degourville is a physical and skilled guard/wing that can score the ball at all 3-levels and has the court vision to make plays when on the attack. Degourville was knocking down mid-range jumpers, and 3-pointers off the dribble, bullying his way to the rim and impacting both ends of the court in Purple Reign’s 1-point loss to eventual Super 16 Champs Prolific Prep. Degourville has good size to control the boards, the handle to push the tempo in transition, and the court vision to make plays up the court. Degourville has shifty moves to create off the dribble, has good lift on his mid-range shot, the strength to finish through contact at the basket, and has range and accuracy from the 3-point line. Degourville is locked in on the defensive end with the agility and quick hands to fluster perimeter opponents and the physical frame to adequately defend in the post against bigger teams. Degourville can shoot off the bounce or the catch-and-shoot, and with his accuracy from the perimeter, defenders have to close out which opens up lanes and allows him to excel as a playmaker. Really impressed with Degourville’s motor on both ends, as he has always shown the skill to be an elite two-way player. 

2025 6’7 Cooper Flagg (Montverde Academy/FL)
Flagg is a lengthy and versatile wing/forward that impacts the court on both ends with the ability to create his own offense and defend in the post, as well as on the perimeter. Flagg provided a consistent scoring punch for the Florida Eagles throughout the event, as he had 11 points against AirNado, 13 points in the win over Hoop Nation, and finished with 9 points, 6 rebounds, and 3 assists, as Flagg came up huge in the final minutes and overtime en route to winning the GEICO Top Flight championship. Flagg is active on the boards, uses his length and agility to alter shots in the paint and on the perimeter, and has quick hands to generate turnovers that lead to transition points. Flagg has good handles, moves to create off the wing and attack the interior of the defense, is accurate from the mid-range to the 3-point line, and can create off the bounce or move off the ball to get open for catch-and-shoot opportunities. Flagg has solid court vision and, with his size, is able to make reads to find open teammates moving off the ball. Flagg plays with great energy and was not afraid to get after loose balls and fight for rebounds. 

2024 6’5 Paul McNeil (Prolific Prep/Napa CA)
McNeil is a lengthy wing/forward that moves well off the ball and showed to be a consistent threat from beyond the arc. McNeil had his breakout game in the semifinals of the Super 16 Division, as Prolific Prep defeated the Blue Knights to advance to the championship. McNeil had 19 points in the win and showcased his shooting efficiency from distance, connecting on 4 threes. McNeil moves fluidly off the ball to get to his open spots, uses his height and length to shoot over outstretched defenders, has the handle and moves to put the ball on the deck and attack off the dribble, and has nice touch on finishes at the rim. McNeil does a nice job of creating contact and is accurate from the free-throw line. He rebounds well and has the versatility and athleticism to defend perimeter defenders, as well as the length to switch on bigger players in the post. 

2024 6’5 Vyctorius Miller (AZ Compass Prep/Chandler AZ)featured in picture
Miller is a crafty and skilled combination guard that has the vision to make plays and the moves to create his own scoring opportunities. Miller kicked off the GEICO Top Flight Division leading AZ Compass with 13 points in a win over the Explorers to advance to the semifinals. Miller followed his first game performance up with a solid 9 points in the semifinals, and displayed his versatility in the championship game with 4 points, 3 assists, and 2 steals in a tough overtime loss to the Florida Eagles. Miller has shifty handles and moves to create his own scoring opportunities off the dribble, has a fluid stop-and-pop mid-range jumper, is accurate with the 3-ball, and is a creative finisher around the basket oversize. Miller has great court vision, plays with good pace to keep his defender guessing, and is just as capable of making a great read and finding open teammates when he is on the attack as he is scoring the ball. Rebounds well for his position and excels in the open court when pushing the ball off the glass. I liked that Miller seemed more engaged on the defensive end and with the surrounding talent, he is able to display his overall versatility as a basketball player. 

2024 6’4 Mercy Miller (Notre Dame/Sherman Oaks CA) –  Committed to Houston
Miller is a crafty combination guard that scores in volumes from all 3-levels and can knock down tough shots at a high clip. Miller is part of a 3-headed attack for the Knights, along with seniors Caleb Foster and Dusty Stromer, and they were out in full force at the Border League in Vegas. Miller had 14 points in the Blue Knights’ quarterfinal win over Dream City Christian and followed that up with 12 points in the semifinal loss to Prolific Prep. Miller has elite handles, shifty moves to keep his defender off balance and guessing, limitless range from beyond the arc, and can raise up on any defender when attacking the basket. Miller has a smooth stop-and-pop jump shot, makes good use of the hesitation move to create space, and is an elite shotmaker off the dribble from the perimeter. Miller has the court vision and continues to expand his abilities as a playmaker when attacking the defense. Miller is a bucket-getter and, playing alongside Stromer and Foster, will find himself with wide-open looks and that is scary for opponents. 

2024 6’2 John Mobley Jr. (Bishop Gorman/Las Vegas NV) – Committed to Ohio State 
Mobley is a shifty lead guard that has the vision to make plays for others, can run the offense, and can light it up from deep. Mobley had an impressive opening-round game against California Basketball Club, where he led LV Orange with 18 points in a tough loss. Mobley has a great handle on the ball, the court vision and moves to break down a defense, and the awareness to find open teammates in tight windows when attacking off the perimeter. Mobley has a smooth stroke from the perimeter, is able to create his own shots off the dribble but, with his accuracy from the 3-point line, he also does a nice job of moving off ball screens and weaving through the defense to get open for catch and shoot opportunities. Mobley is pesky on defense, generates turnovers on the ball, and gets into the open court where he makes things happen. 

2025 6’8 Chris Nwuli (Bishop Gorman/Las Vegas NV)
Nwuli is a slender and lengthy forward that impacts the paint on both ends of the court and has become a more consistent threat from the outside. Nwuli had a solid showing in the opening round game against California Basketball Club and was key in the post, as he finished with 15 points and earned countless trips to the free throw line. Nwuli controls the boards on both ends, uses his wingspan and length to be a legit rim protector and shot blocker, and has great touch on finishes around the basket. Nwuli is a versatile defender and has the athleticism and agility to switch off on the wing and guard at a high level. Nwuli showed improved handles and moves that will make him more of a threat attacking off the wing, as well as being more accurate from fifteen feet to the 3-point line. 

2026 6’3 Adam Oumiddoch (Bishop O’Connell/Arlington VA)
Oumiddoch is an elusive shooting guard that can fill it up from the outside and shoots with supreme confidence. Oumiddoch led the Knights in scoring with 19 points and making 4 threes despite a loss to LABC in the quarterfinals of the Super 16 Division. Oumiddoch has solid handles, good moves to create space off the dribble, and knocks down threes with accuracy. Oumiddoch showed he has the ability to get to and make tough shots around the basket, has nice touch on his floater, and has fluid movement off the ball to get open for the catch and shoot 3-ball. The confidence and efficiency at which he was making shots is impressive and this is only the start of his high school career. I would expect to see Oumiddoch’s name as a national prospect over the next year, as he has the size and ability to score at a high clip with room to continue to develop. 

2024 6’8 Derik Queen (Montverde Academy/FL)
Queen is a physical and skilled forward/center that imposes his presence in the post and has the vision to make plays. Queen had games of 12 points and 10 points in the first two rounds of play before adding 6 points and 5 rebounds in the championship game for the Florida Eagles. Queen has nice touch on finishes around the basket, has the length and size to protect the rim and control the boards, gets easy points on putbacks, and showed he can space the floor with the 3-ball. Queen has solid court vision and makes good reads out of the high post to cutting teammates. Queen will be a key post presence for Montverde and has two more years to continue to develop his perimeter game and his conditioning, which would make him nearly unstoppable when running the floor in transition. 

2024 6’4 Trent Perry (Harvard Westlake/Studio City CA)
Perry is an athletic and physically gifted combination that can score from all 3-levels and takes his level of play up another notch in crunch time. Perry had a monster game in a quarterfinal win over the Wasatch Academy, as he dropped 25 points and showed his ability to score it from a variety of spots and got to the line routinely. Perry is a lights-out shooter from the perimeter, has smooth handles and shifty moves to slice through the defense, and has the strength to finish through contact at the basket or make shots off the dribble from the mid-range to the 3-point line. Perry has great lateral quickness, active hands in the dribbling space of his opponent, and generates turnovers on the wing to get out in the open court. One of the best attributes of Perry is his ability to lock in and his willingness to take and make shots in critical moments of a game. 

2024 6’1 Dedan Thomas Jr. (Liberty/Las Vegas NV) 
Thomas is a shifty lead guard that has the vision and savviness to make plays and the moves to create his own scoring opportunities. Thomas had a big quarterfinal game in the Minuteman’s win over the Knights, as he finished with a team-high 17 points and numerous assists. Thomas has elite handles, keeps the ball on a string, weaves through traffic to keep the defense on its heels, and has the court vision to make some highly difficult passes when on the attack. Thomas has nice touch on his floater, the moves to create off the dribble, creative finisher at the basket, and is accurate from the 3-point line. Thomas plays with great pace and poise, uses the hesitation move to shake his opponent, and adapts to whatever the defense gives him. 

Other Notable Players

2024 6’6 Marcus Allen (AZ Compass Prep/Chandler AZ)
Allen is a physically gifted forward that has nice touch at the basket, can spread the floor from the perimeter, and has enough handle and moves to create off the dribble. Allen controls the glass and uses his strength to finish through contact. 

2025 6’11 Tee Bartlett (Coronado/Henderson NV)
Bartlett is a skilled yet strong forward/center with nice touch around the basket, the ability to knock down perimeter shots to keep the defense honest, and enforces his presence in the post on both ends. Bartlett protects the rim and gets to the foul line frequently where he is efficient. 

2025 6’5 Cayden Boozer (Christopher Columbus/Miami FL)
Boozer is a combination guard with good size and decision-maker with the ball in his hand. Boozer has good court vision to make plays to open teammates, the moves to create off the dribble and get into the defense, a creative finisher around the basket, and rebounds well to push the ball off the glass. 

2024 6’6 Pharoah Compton (AZ Compass Prep/Chandler AZ) 
Compton is a strong and bouncy forward that is looking to throw down dunks on a play-by-play basis. Compton controls the boards, alters shots, and has nice touch around the basket. Compton gets off the floor quickly and leaves his mark on the game with authoritative rim-rattling dunks. 

2024 6’4 Eric Freeny (Centennial/Corona CA)
Freeny is a crafty combination guard that can create his own scoring opportunities and make plays for teammates. Freeny has a smooth mid-range jumper, the handles and moves to keep pressure on the defense, and is accurate from the 3-point line. Freeny has solid court vision and makes quality decisions when making plays to open teammates. Freeny is a solid on ball defender and has the strength to defend bigger players when the Huskies go with a smaller line-up. 

2024 6’7 Jadyn Harris (Bishop O’Connell/Arlington VA)
Harris is an athletic and strong guard/wing that gets into the defense and is able to finish at the rim through contact. Harris is active on the glass, has good bounce to alter shots, and the handle to push the ball up the court. Harris plays with a great motor and is a versatile defender that can guard the 1 through 4 positions effectively. 

2025 6’5 Isiah Harwell (Wasatch Academy/Mount Pleasant UT)
Harwell is an athletic and skilled lead guard that has great court vision and is capable of scoring the ball at 3-levels. Harwell rebounds well, looks to push the pace of play off the glass, and uses his length and size to lock up on perimeter players. Harwell is a creative finisher at the basket, has a smooth pull-up jumper, and is accurate beyond the arc.

2024 6’5 Robert Hinton (Harvard Westlake/Studio City CA) – Committed to Harvard
Hinton is a guard/wing that has proven to be a 3-level scorer and seems to have a big-time dunk in his arsenal every game I see him play. Hinton has nice handles, shifty moves to create off the dribble and get by his opponent, a smooth shot from beyond the perimeter, can stop on a dime and gets good lift on his mid-range jumper, and gets tough buckets through traffic at the basket. Solid on the boards and able to push the ball up the court with purpose.


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