Our first hard look at the classes of 2025 and 2026 wrapped up this fall at the 2022 Pangos All-East Frosh/Soph Camp held last month (October 22-23) at St. Joseph Prep in Philadelphia, PA. Camp director Dinos Trigonis again brought in a talented group of young talent that featured players from 17 states and the District of Columbia and one Canadian among the roughly 240 players in attendance. It was a camp that touched Vermont and New Hampshire in the Northeast all the way down the coast to the Gulf of Mexico moving through the Carolinas, Georgia, and Florida.

The Sunday action wrapped up the weekend with two all-star games that featured the camp’s top prospects. The Top 60 game opened the two Cream of the Crop games as the White Squad broke open the game in the second half to win a hard fought 84-76 victory over the Black Squad behind 6’7” 2025 Osa Idada who finished with 10 points. He got solid support from 6’7” 2025 Nate Ament and 5’11” 2025 Tai Turnage who chipped in 8 points each while four others 6’3” 2025 Dayveon Lydner, 6’7” 2025 Shareef Jackson, 6’9” 2025 Kofi Asare, and 6’6” 2025 Halon Rawlins added 6 points each. The Black squad was led by 6’5” 2026 Adam Oumiddoch with a game high 13 points. He got solid support from 6’6” 2025 Ashley Sims II with 12 points and 6’4” 2026 Dylan Mingo with 11 points. In addition, 6’2” 2025 Sebastian Edwards added 8 points and 6’7” 2025 Vincent Chaudhri chipped in 7 points in the loss.

The final game of the weekend was the Cream of the Crop Top 30 game that saw the White Squad break a 62-all tie with a 10-2 run that started with eight minutes left in the second then rolled to a 92-75 victory over the Black squad. It was a defensive struggle that seemed a lot closer than the final score! The White Squad’s top gun was game co-MVP 6’4” 2024 Maleek Thomas who finished with 18 points including 4 threes. He got solid support from 6’6” 2025 wing Christian Thomas who added 12 points and 6’7” 2026 A.J. Dybantsa who chipped in with 11 points and 4 assists.  Also giving solid performances for the White squad were 6’6” 2026 Chidi Nwigwe and 7’0” 2026 Keiner Asprilla who finished with 9 and 8 points respectively. The Black squads leading scorer was 6’10” 2025 Badara Diakite who tied for game high honors with 18 points and had a handful of rebounds. He had solid support from 6’3 2025 Acaden Lewis with 16 points, 6’0” 2025 Danny Carbuccia with 11 points and game’s co-MVP 6’5” 2025 point wing Barrett Loer who finished with 10 points and 5 assists a number of key steals that kept his club in the game until the last eight minutes of the contest.

The camp displayed more size and depth than the first three and was a camp that featured a lot of excellent efforts on defense and the glass that made for some intense play and interesting matchups. That competitive intensity definitely made picking the top sixty players for the two all-star games even tougher than normal, as 128 players received votes for the two games and left us with a feel that the East will have a major impact in the overall depth of the Classes of 2025 and 2026 if they continue to progress over the next two to three years plus in high school!  So, with that in mind let’s look at the top talent at the 2022 Pangos All-East Frosh/Soph Camp this past weekend in Philadelphia:

Top 30+ (Listed by Height)

PLAYER                           HGT   POS   CLASS         HIGH SCHOOL (CITY STATE)
Keiner Asprilla
                 7’0″    C        2026   Don Bosco (Ramsey NJ)
This young post player had a good camp start as he runs the floor hard, finishes in the paint and has good hands to catch it on the move and finish. He’s still raw but his upside and size point to a bright future. He finished the weekend with 8 points and 4 boards in the Top 30 game.  High majors should add him to the radar due to his size and early skill set as he enters high school.

Badara Diakite                 6’10”  C        2025   Northwest Catholic (West Hartford CT)
This physical and long post man can control the lane defensively and off the glass as well as catch and explode to the rim. He wrapped up weekend with a Top 30 game co-MVP performance with an 18 point and 6 rebound effort in the Top 30 game.  Had he been there both days he would have also been in the overall camp MOP consideration!  No doubt high majors better be watching this big man this season.

Logan          Franz                     6’10”  C        2026   Gill St. Bernard’s (Randolph NJ)
Long and active Big can hit elbow jumper off the move or roll and kiss it off the glass.  He has solid hands but needs to add strength to finish versus contact. He will continue to add strength since he has an OK frame that in time will add the bulk he needs. Mids-up should have him on the radar as he enters high school.

Al’ Tariq Reevey              6’9”    PF      2026   Life Center Academy (Burlington NJ)
This active and athletic rebounder can start the break off the glass. He dominated around hoop with his active style in the paint and ability to play through contact. He finished the weekend with 6 points and 4 boards in Top 30 game.  His skill set and length will intrigue high majors down the road. He finished the weekend with 6 rebounds and four points in the Top 30 game.

Winni Matta                      6’7″    PF      2026   Father Judge (Philadelphia PA)
This athletic and strong rebounder has good high-post skills, can pick and roll and finish through contact or turn and pop elbow jumper. He has strong hands and grabs ball off the glass with authority. D-1 interest will come this coming spring on the circuit for sure.

T.J Crumble                     6”8″   CF      2026   Lutheran East (Cleveland OH)
Athletic combo-forward can finish drives with highlights at the rim over and through contact. He can rebound and start the break and take it end to end. He hit 15-footers on the move but needs to extend range to reach full potential to go with his athletic gifts. Mid-ups should be taking a look at him this circuit cycle.

Jayden Taylor                  6’7″    CF      2025   Sanford School (Hockessin DE)
Long and bouncy combo-forward has range to 17-feet off the dribble and can create drives and kiss or dunk in the paint.  He showed that he can push it off the glass in transition and is a good defender and rebounder. He will see lots of D-1 interest over the next year based on his performance at the Pangos All-Frosh/Soph East!

A.J. Williams                    6’7″    CF      2026   Bergen Catholic (Oradell NJ)
Talented young combo-forward can flat out attack rim off the dribble or alley-oop pass. He will crash boards and run floor and isn’t bashful about getting down and defending in the halfcourt. He has quick hands and picked a couple of pockets to create steals and baskets when we watched. Another young forward who will see lots of D-1 interest

A.J. Dybantsa                  6’7″    WF     2026   St. Sebastian (Needham MA)
This multi-skilled point forward can run break or isolate and create drives and pass or finish at the rim. He has range to the three-point arc and makes plays off the glass. He has great tools and lots of time! He completed his Most Outstanding Player weekend with 11 points, 4 boards and 3 assists in the Top 30 game. High Majors better add him to their radar as he was stellar in every game we watched him!

Elijah Proctor-Moore       6’6″    CF      2025   St. Andrews (Middletown DE)
Athletic and long wing has a real nose for the ball off the glass, especially on the offensive end of the court. He can play good defense and is an excellent off the ball help-side defender. He needs to get stronger and more physical and continue to improve range on jumper and move to the wing in due time. All the pieces are there to keep mids or higher involved.

Halon Rawlins                 6’6″    CF      2025   Nazareth Regional (Brooklyn NY)
This explosive and quick athlete has big-time bounce around the hoop and has the knack for offensive board tips and dunk backs. He has range to 18-feet on the step back and isn’t afraid to play defense too! He has time and will see lots of D-1 interest in the future as he gets stronger!

Cameron Smith               6’6″    CF      2025   LaSalle College (Wyndmoor PA)
Skilled combo-forward showed that he can face and knock down 17-footers or attack the rim off the dribble and finish in traffic in the lane. He is a solid rebounder and defender who needs to continue to extend range and add strength to draw D-1 interest on the circuit this year.

Brendan Oliver                6’6″    CF      2025   Blair Academy (Blairstown NJ)
Strong young combo-F can catch it in the lane and finish through traffic via the flush or kiss. He can face-up on the wing and attack off the crossover and knock down pull-up Js or finish drives. He needs to continue to extend range to move to the wing in the future. D-1 interest will grow!

Christian Thomas            6’6″    WF     2025   Seed School of MD (Baltimore MD)
Face-up wing can cross and go to rim or stop and pop jumper from behind 3-point arc or pull-up from 15-feet! He has tools that will draw mid-up interest in the future. He wrapped up his weekend with 12 points and 4 boards in the Top 30 game. 

Chidi Nwigwe                   6’6″    WF     2026   Bergen Catholic (Oradell NJ)
This long and athletic young wing can knock down jumpers from three-point range or off the dribble inside the arc. He has good bounce and finishes well at the rim. He is a good defender who anticipates opponents and can steal the ball and take it end to end. Has real tools for promising D-1 future. He capped his weekend with a 9-point and 5-rebound performance in the Top 30 game.

Elton James                      6’6″    WF     2026   Legion Collegiate Academy (Rock Hill SC)
Quick wing showed that he can face and drive to hoop and finish with bounce. He took rebounds and started break with the push and hit jumpers off the move with regularity. He got a little wild at times, but all the tools are there to draw D-1 interest. He can defend all three perimeter spots with his quick feet.

Yancarlos Cueto              6’5″    WF     2025   Central Pointe Christian (Kissimmee FL)
Solid wing has ability to crash the glass and start the break. He’s a good passer on the move and can create shots with either hand and knock down jumpers from the three-point line or off the pull-up. Good passer will see lots of mid-high interest if he continues to add strength to his lean frame.

Brandon Stores Jr.          6’5″    WF     2025   St Raymond’s (Bronx NY)
Athletic wing can explode to the rim to catch oops and finish over defenders. He showed range to 17-feet off the pull-up and is a good passer if doubled on the drive. He wrapped up his weekend with 6 points and 3 rebounds in the Top 30 game. Look for D-1s to take a look on the circuit next spring.

Jalen Rougier-Roane       6’5”    WF     2025   Sidwell Friends School (Washington DC)
Athletic wing with good hands and quick feet on his drives who can finish with highlights at the rim. He hit 15-footers on the pullup and has solid ball skills. As he extends range he will see lots of D-1s coming to take a look.

Julian Dent                       6’5″    WF     2025   Notre Dame (West Haven CT)
Bouncy wing can get to glass, board and outlet or start the break. He sees court well and delivers it on the move. He can help side defend and doesn’t back down on “D”. He hit mid-range jumpers on move, but needs to extend range to draw level of D-1 interest his athleticism promises, so stay tuned!

Adam Oumiddoch           6’5      WF     2026   Bishop O’Connell (Arlington VA)
Solid wing with good ball skills and range on his jumper to the three point arc. He ramped it up Sunday morning and was aggressive on boards and attacked the basket. He wrapped up his weekend with a 13 point and 5 rebound efforts in Top 60 game and proved he deserved to be in Top 30 game. He will see mids-up coming to look this winter.

Barrett Loer                      6’5″    SG     2025   St. George’s (Newport RI)
This wing has ability to catch it on the move and finish through contact or set up kick off the dribble on his drives. He has legit range to the three-point line and is aggressive on “D” – using anticipation and quick hands to take away passing lanes. He finished the weekend with a Top 30 game Co-MVP effort, scoring 10 points, handing out 5 assists and making 4 steals! Will see lots of mid-high interest in the future.

Meleek Thomas                6’4″    CG     2025   Lincoln Park (Pittsburgh PA)
This explosive and skilled combo-guard can flat out light it up from the three to the rim and scores in all three zones. He is an excellent passer who sees open teammates when doubled up. He was on fire on Sunday morning once he arrived going for 20-plus, then wrapped up his weekend with an 18-point co-MVP performance in the Top 30 game. He is a big-time priority for blue blood programs nationally!

Acaden Lewis                  6’3″    SG     2025   Sidwell Friends School (Washington DC)
This wing can score in bunches with a deadly jumper when feet are set on the perimeter that sets up drives and finishes at the rim. He is creative on post ups versus smaller guards and knows how to use the glass. Look for mid-high programs to have him on their radar. He ended the weekend with style scoring 16 points including 4 “threes” in the Top 30 game.

Darius Lopes                   6’3″    SG     2025   Vermont Academy (Rockingham VT)
Lopes is an aggressive wing who has range to the three-point line and that can attack with either hand off the dribble. He can finish through contact and help on glass out of the backcourt. He wrapped up a solid weekend in Philly with a 4 point and 4 rebound performance in the Top 30 game. He’ll see D-1s coming to take a look this year.

Adrien Stevens                6’3”    CG     2025   Bullis School (Potomac MD)
This quick and skilled combo wing scorer can knock down threes, drive and pull-up from 15-feet or attack the rim and finish with the kiss off the glass. He is a good passer in transition or off the drive and will “D” you up. He will see lots of D-1 interest this coming season.

Tyler Jackson                  6’2″    CG     2025   St. Francis (Baltimore MD)
This quick combo-guard is an excellent passer off of penetration or in transition and sees the court well. He has range to the three-point line and can finish drives in traffic with a kiss off the glass. He has all the ball skills to play either spot and his versatility will draw D-1 interest.

Kayden Mingo                 6’1”    CG     2025   Long Island Lutheran (Glen Head NY)
Strong and physical combo who loves to attack the rim on the drive. He sets it up with solid three point stroke. He has excellent first step and when doubled will kick it to open wing.  He will see lots of D- interest in the future.

Jake West                         6’1”    PG     2025   Archbishop John Carroll (Radnor PA)
This savvy lead guard has range to the three-point line and can drive and pull-up from 17-feet when needed. He has a quick first step and can blow by defenders to finish at the rim. He is a solid passer that needs to continue to develop as a leader as that will determine final level of schools involved. He scored 4 points and handed out 4 assists in the Top 30 game.

Danny Carbuccia             6’0″    PG     2025   Archbishop Stepinac (White Plains NY)
This quick handler is a two-time Pangos Top 30 talent and showed why throughout the weekend. He has excellent handles and can attack with either hand, deliver rock on penetration or knock down jumpers from the 3-point arc on in. He is a future D-1 point guard that wrapped up his weekend with 11 points and 3 assists in the Top 30 game.

Nesta Rice                       5’10”  PG     2025   BCIT-Medford Tech (Medford NJ)
This true point guard runs the show from the top of the key. He sees the court well and can deliver the rock in transition. He is good at penetration and kick or pick and roll with the bigs and has range to 3-point arc to keep “D” honest.  D-1’s looking for a solid lead guard need to take a look this season.

Note:  Everyone in the Top 30 is on course with hard work to get to Division One levels, but that is based on the development that hard work will produce over the next three to four years…so stay tuned!

NEAR MISSES (All had argument to be in Top 30!) (Listed By Height

PLAYER                                     HGT   POS   CLASS          HIGH SCHOOL (CITY STATE)
William Higgs
                            6’11”  C        2026          Christian Brothers Academy (Lincroft NY)
Thin big man has good skills and ended solid weekend with a 6 point performance in Top 60 Game.

Nate Ament                                6’7″    CF      2025   Colgan (Woodbridge VA)
Big and strong combo-F with range to the arc scored 8 points in Top 60 game.
Osa Idada
                                   6’7″    CF      2025   Cats Academy (Boston MA)
Strong and physical combo forward gets on glass and ended weekend scoring 10 points in Top 60 game.

Ashley Sims II
                           6’6″    WF     2025          Riverdale Baptist (Marlboro MD)
Skilled wing with range to arc capped weekend scoring 12 points in Top 60 game.

Grady Burt                                  6’5”    WF     2025          Archbishop Wood (Warminster PA)
Top 30 game selectee showed he can score on perimeter with jumpers or finish drives off isolation.

Josh Powell
                               6’5″    WF     2026          Archbishop Molloy (Queens NY)
Wing can finish in traffic and knock down jumpers on the move and scored 7 points in Top 30 game

Joseph Green
                            6’3″    SG     2025   Mt. St. Joseph (Baltimore MD)
Scoring wing can slash to rim and finish through contact. Scored 2 points in Top 30 game.

Jasiah Jervis                              6’3”    SG     2026          Archbishop Stepinac (White Plains NY)
Quick wing can drive and finish or knock down jumpers to 17-feet He scored 4 points in Top 30 game.

Sebastian Edwards
                    6’2”    SG     2025   Roman Catholic (Philadelphia PA)
Solid wing scorer with range capped weekend scoring 8 points in Top 60 game

Jordan Skyers
                           6’2”    SG     2026   Cardinal Hayes (The Bronx NY)
Quick to rim guard with jumper to arc capped weekend with 4 points in Top 30 game

Randy Livingston Jr.                 6’1”    CG     2026          Westminster Academy (Fort Lauderdale FL)
Top 60 game talent with combo skills can knock down jumpers to 3-point arc and finish at rim on drives.

Tai Turnage
                                5’11”  PG     2025   St. Raymond’s (Bronx NY)
Top 60 game talent scored 6 points and handed out 4 assists that displayed his ability to run the show!

Note: Near Misses all have same potential, as Top 30 noted above, to reach scholarship levels if they put in the work. It’s up to them!

OTHERS ON THE RISE: (Listed by Height)

PLAYER                           HGT   POS   CLASS HIGH SCHOOL (CITY STATE)

Luke Bevilacqua                6’11”   C        2025   George School (Newtown PA)
Frassyer Torres                 6’10”   C        2026   DePaul Catholic (Wayne NJ)
Kofi Asare                         6’9”     C        2025   St. James (Hagerstown MD)
Kaylin Dunbar                    6’9”     C        2026   Notre Dame (Fairfield CT)
Kyle Seltzer                       6’8”     C        2026   Pierson (Sag Harbor NY)
Christopher Walker            6’7″     PF      2025   Fayetteville Academy (Fayetteville NC)
Shareef Jackson               6’7″     PF      2025   Roman Catholic (Philadelphia PA)
Preston Fowler                  6’7”     PF      2025   East Catholic (Manchester CT)
Vincent Chaudhri               6’7″     CF      2025   Trinity Pawling School (Pawling NY)
Mekai Brown                     6’7″     CF      2026   Archbishop Stepinac (White Plains NY)
Francisco Santana            6’6″     CF      2026   Lawrence (Lincoln RI)
Dylan Perry                       6’6”     CF      2026   Archbishop Stepinac (White Plains NY)
Chazz Dubois                    6’5”     CF      2025   Hudson Catholic (Jersey City NJ)
Jaydon Almonor                 6’5”     CF      2025   St. Joseph’s (Montvale NJ)
Brandon Russell                6’5”     CF      2025   Pennington School (Pennington NJ)
J.J. Addison                       6’5”     CF      2026   Bishop O’Connell (Arlington VA)
John O’Leary                      6’5″     WF     2025   St Andrews School (Barrington RI)
Kai Shinholster                  6’5″     WF     2025   William Penn Charter (Philadelphia PA)
Chinedu Okpara                6’5”     WF     2025   Iona Prep (New Rochelle NY)
Darius Adams                    6’5″     WF     2025   Manasquan (Manasquan NJ)
Rashid Ushery                   6’5″     WF     2025   Delcastle Technical (Wilmington DE)
Justin Bobb                       6’5″     WF     2026   ANC (Bryn Athyn PA)
Richard (RJ) Roche           6’4”     WF     2025   Urbana (Ijamsville MD)
Gabe Hornberger               6’4”     WF     2025   Executive Education Academy (Allentown PA)
Jacob Nguyen                   6’4″     WF     2025   Spring-Ford (Royersford PA)
Amari Evans                      6’4”     WF     2025   Our Savior Lutheran (Bronx NY)
Dylan Mingo                      6’4”     WF     2026   Long Island Lutheran (Glen Head NY)
Omar Smith                       6’4”     WF     2025   Archbishop Curley (Baltimore MD)
Jordan Randolph               6’3″     SG     2025   Christ the King (Queens NY)
Omari Moore                      6’3″     SG     2025   Hudson Catholic (Jersey City NJ)
Daveyon Lydner                6’3″     SG     2025   William Penn (York PA)
Elijah Parker                      6’3”     SG     2025   Holy Cross (Waterbury CT)
Omari Levy                        6’3”     SG     2025   Albertus Magnus (Bardonia, NY)
Elijah Parker                      6’3″     SG     2025   Holy Cross (Waterbury CT)
Milak Myatt                        6’3”     SG     2026   Imhotep Institute Charter (Philadelphia PA)
Dior Carter                        6’3”     SG     2026   Academy of New Church (Bryn Athyn PA)
Jaron McKie                       6’2”     SG     2025   St. Joseph Prep (Philadelphia PA)
Seth Clarke                       6’2”     SG     2025   Monsignor Farrell (Staten Island NY)
Chancellor Perkins            6’2”     SG     2025   Highland School (Warrenton VA)
Derrick Morton-Rivera        6’2”     SG     2026   Father Judge (Philadelphia PA)
Kaleb  Popotte                   6’1″     CG     2025   Monsignor Scanlan (The Bronx NY)
Tobe Nwobu                     6’1”     CG     2025   Camden Catholic (Cherry Hill NJ)
Dior Anderson                   6’1”     CG     2026   Monsignor Scanlan (The Bronx NY)
Eliezer Delbrey                  6’1″     CG     2026   Classical High School (Providence RI)
Brian Donahue                   6’1”     CG     2026   Archbishop Wood (Warminster PA)
D.J. Snead                        6’0”     CG     2025   Pennington School (Pennington NJ)
Gabe Moore                      6’0”     CG     2025   Friends Central (Wynnewood PA)
Kevair Kennedy                 6’0”     CG     2025   Father Judge (Philadelphia PA)
Olin Chamberlain Jr.          6’0”     PG     2025   St. Joseph’s Prep (Philadelphia PA)
Jaysen Moise                    6’0”     PG     2025   Seneca Valley (Harmony PA)
Windston Legentus            6’0”     PG     2026   Brimmer & May (Newton MA)
Jake Scherzer                   5’11”   PG     2027   Abington Friends (Jenkintown PA)
Nico McNeill                      5’10”   PG     2025   Sanford School (Hockessin DE)
Kingston Whitty                 5’10”   PG     2026   Woodward Academy (College Park GA)
Declan Moriarty                 5’10”   PG     2026   Haddam Killingworth (Higganum CT)
Yale Davis                         5’10”   PG     2026   Ridgeview (Orange Park FL
Christian Ware                  5’8″     PG     2026   Largo High School (Largo MD)
Kareem Anthony Jr.           5’8”     PG     2026   Elizabeth (Bladensburg MD
Naji Bey                            5’7”     PG     2025   South County (Lorton VA)

This is the final of four installments covering the 2022 Pangos All-Frosh/Soph Camps across the country.