Our first hard look at the classes of 2025 and 2026 continued at the Pangos All-Midwest Frosh/Soph Camp held at the LaGrange Park District in LaGrange IL last month (October 15-16).  Camp director Dinos Trigonis once again brought in a talented group of young talent that featured players from 22 states among the 230-plus players in attendance. It was definitely a camp that touched most of the Midwest plus attendees from as far away as New York, South Carolina and Florida in the East and South to Arizona, Colorado and Nevada in the West.

The Sunday action wrapped up the weekend with two cream of the crop all-star games that featured the camp’s top prospects. The Top 60 game opened up the first of two competitive cream of the crop games. In the early going the Black squad broke open a 29-28 game over the final five minutes of the first half to close on an 17-9 run to go into the break with a 46-37 lead. The White closed to within twice early in the second stanza, but the Black Squad didn’t fold and behind a 11-2 run, in just two minutes, to open up a 73-57 lead with 6 minutes to play. The White Squad came back to rally to just five down, 80-75 with 1:15 to play but struggled to score in the final 75 seconds as the Black Squad held on for a 83-75 win. 

The Black was led by 6’2” 2026 Andre Tyler who finished with a game-high 23 points including 3 “threes.” He got solid support from 6’1” 2026 Marquis Clark and 6’4” 2027 Howard Williams with 13 points each while 6’4” 2026 forwards Ricoantonio D’Alessandro and Jocahana Pullum chipped in with 8 points apiece. The White Squad’s top gun was 6’0” 2027 Peyton Kemp who had 13 points, while 6’5” 2025 Joshua Pettigrew added 12 point, 5’9” 2026 BJ Powell 9 points and 6’2” 2026 Carson Fraley 8 points in the loss.

The final game of the weekend was the Cream of the Crop Top 30 game that saw the Black squad open up  an early double-digit lead 22-10 with 13 minutes to play in the first half. But the White squad battled back to close to within three 45-42 at the half. The White Squad knotted the score at 52-all just four minutes into the second half but couldn’t break away from the Black Squad. Both teams traded baskets for the next eight minutes and were tied at 64-all with just over six minutes to play. The Black Squad went on a 13-4 run behind two buckets each, by 6’6” 2025 Camp MOP Xzavion Mitchell and 6’8” 2025 David Kern to close the game and secure an 81-72 victory over the White Squad.

The Black Squad was led by Top 30 game co-MVP 6’0” 2026 Rykan Woo with 14 points and 5 assists. He got solid support from 6’6” 2026 Gabe Weis with 12 points and 6’4” 2025 Terrence Smith with 10 points. Six other players scored 6-to-7 points for the Black giving them the depth to overcome some outstanding performances on the White Squad. Those performances included 6’9” 2025 Aleks Alston who finished with 23 points including 5 “threes” for this skilled Big. He got good support from Top 30 Game co-MVP 6’7” 2025 Devin Brown who finished with 20 points and 6’6” 2025 Jayden Savoury who added 12 points in the hard-fought loss.

The camp talent was solid from the start and as the weekend progressed, a number of players stepped up and added depth, especially a promising young group of big men. As usual, picking the top sixty players for the two all-star games was tough as 124 players received votes for the two games and left us with a feel that the Midwest will add to the overall quality of depth of the Classes of 2025 and 2026 if they continue to progress over the next two years plus in high school!  So, with that in mind let’s take a look at the top talent at the 2022 Pangos All-Midwest Frosh/Soph Camp in LaGrange, IL:

Top 30+ (Listed by Height)

PLAYER                           HGT   POS   CLASS         HIGH SCHOOL (CITY STATE)
Damon Friery                   6’9″      PF      2025             St. Ignatius (Cleveland OH)
Friery can knock down jumpers from the baseline to the 3-point arc, can take it end to end off the glass and will finish through contact in the lane. After going for 12 points in a half in an earlier camp game during the weekend we watched, he wrapped up the weekend with 6 points from deep and 5 boards in the Top 30 game. Mid to high majors should have him on their radar.

Aleks Alston                    6’9″      PF      2025             Kenwood Academy (Chicago IL)
Skilled face-up big man can flat-out knock down the three if left open. He can attack rim off the dribble and finish with the flush or kiss.  He has a solid handle and can knock down turnaround jump shots from 12-15 feet too! He wrapped up weekend with 23 points in Top 30 Game including 5 threes. High Majors should be calling!

Davis Kern                        6’8″      C        2025             Linn-Mar (Marion IA)
Solid post-up big can catch and finish in traffic with the kiss. He range extends to the 3-point arc on the  trailer and is a good passer out of the post and he isn’t afraid to rub elbows on the glass. He scored 12 points and grabbed 4 boards in one game we watched and wrapped up the weekend with 4 points and 4 boards in Top 30 Game.  D-1 programs will be calling!

Brady Koehler                  6’7″      C        2025             Cathedral (Indianapolis IN)
This solid big man can finish on the blocks, pick and pop to the arc and can pull up from 12-15 feet off the drive. He scored 11 points including a three-pointer in an early game on Saturday. He finished with 5 points in the Top 30 Game. Look for lots of mid-major-plus interest this winter.

Devin Brown                    6’7″      CF      2025             Milwaukee Academy of Science (WI)
Brown is a solid rebounder who has a nose for ball off the glass and can catch and finish in traffic versus contact. He had 22 points and 6 boards in a game we watched then came back to close the camp earning co-MVP honors in the Top 30 game with 20 points for the White squad. He will see mids-up talking a look this season.

Tevin Schultz                   6’7″      C        2026             Dubuque Senior (Dubuque IA)
Strong young post with a solid body works the glass and finishes in the paint versus contact. He can turn at the free throw line and can knock down 12-15 footers. Tevin just needs to continue to extend his range and develop his handle to attack off the dribble from the face-up. He is going to be a Mo Valley target and with development will see level ascend.

Claude Mpouma              6’7″      CF      2026             Culver School (Culver IN)
Skilled forward with good length and strong hands who can grab it in traffic and finish through contact at the rim. He can take it end to end off the glass, is good passer off the dribble and can hit mid-range jumpers too. He did have 20 points in a game on Day One. He will see lots of coaches come calling over the winter.

Braden James                  6’7″      PF      2026             Grand Ledge (Grand Ledge MI)
Young post can knock down jumpers from the three-point arc or on turnarounds in the mid-post area. He had 24 points including 4-threes in a game we watched. He also showed he can pick and pop or roll and finish at the rim. He will draw lots of Mid to high major looks during his first season of high school for sure.

E.J. Hazlett                       6’7″      CF      2026             Franklin Central (Indianapolis IN)
Athletic combo forward has good length and quickness to the hoop and can finish with bounce at the rim. He has handles to create drives and has ability to take it end to end. He is a good passer too and showed he can knock down jumpers from the elbow off the move. He had 22 points in one game we watched and  showed that mids-on-ups should have him on their radar.

Xzavion Mitchell              6’6″      WF     2025             Oshkosh North (Oshkosh WI)
This explosive wing has point forward skills, can flat-out take it end to end and deliver the rock to the open man or finish at the rim. He hit jumpers from the 3-point arc on in and has quicks and bounce to blow by you. He dominated some games we watched and was named the Camp MOP at the conclusion of the camp.  He definitely has the tools to draw lots of high major interest as his game matures!

Ian Miletic                         6’6″      WF     2025             Rolling Meadows (Rolling Meadows IL)
Skilled forward can knock down jumpers from the three or attack drive off the dribble and stop and pop the pull-up. He has good ball skills and is just starting to scratch the surface that his game promises. Definitely is a name for D-1’s to take a look at this coming season and spring circuit.

Jayden Savoury               6’6″      CF      2025             Orchard Lake St Mary’s (Orchard Lake MI)
Active combo-forward can board and start the break with the outlet pass or dribble. He showed he can catch and drive and hit the open man on the kick or stop and pop the 15-footer on the move. He gets on the glass too! He wrapped up the weekend with 12 points and a handful of rebounds in Top 30 game.

Gabe Weis                       6’6″      WF     2026             Washington County (Springfield KY)
Young wing showed a versatile game on the perimeter. He can create drives and hit jumpers on the move from 15-17 feet. He is young but as he matures strength-wise and adds range he will see lots of D-1 interest. He wrapped up the weekend with a solid 11-point outing in the Top 30 game.

Payson Nietert
                 6’5″      CF      2025             Linn-Mar (Marion IA)
This solid combo-forward can get it done on the glass and start the break with the pass or dribble. He showed range to the three and solid ball skills to create drives in isolation. He is solid not flashy and the Mo Valley will come calling if he continues to grow and develop!

Justin Bowen Jr.
             6’5″      WF     2025             Oak Park River Forest (Oak Park IL)
This swingman can flat out stroke it when left open or given the time to get his shot off. He has good ball skills so you have to respect his drive ability too. D-1’s looking for a shooter should be monitoring his development.  He wrapped up the weekend with 17 points in the Top 30 game including 3 for 3 from beyond the arc.

Jayden Crutcher
              6’5″      WF     2025             Elyria (OH)
Another solid rebounder who can finish at the hoop off the drive, pop the 17-footer on the move or finish in paint versus contact.  He has all the tools to draw interest as he extends his shooting range and gets aggressive off the dribble…stay tuned!

Davion Hannah
                6’5″      WF     2025             Nicolet (Glendale WI)
Athletic wing is tenacious on “D” and can block shots or snatch boards from the weak-side but is at his best going to the rim and finishing with the flush over bigs in traffic.  Look for his athleticism to catch D1 coaches’ eyes and for his improving jumper to determine his final level!

Jaymen Townson
            6’5″      WF     2025             Marion (IN)
Another solid athlete on the wing who can flat out stroke it from perimeter if left open. He had 25 points including 4 threes in one game we watched on Saturday.  He showed he can pass it in transition too! He’ll see mids-up come looking in the future.

Gabriel Sularski
               6’5″      CF      2026             Benet Academy (Lisle IL)
Young combo-forward posted up and scored with regularity, gets on the glass and does a good job starting the break with the outlet pass.  He hit elbow jumpers and finished drives with the kiss. Definitely one to monitor as he continues to mature in high school.

Terrence Smith
                6’4″      WF     2025             West Aurora (Aurora IL)
Athletic swingman can drive and rise to dunk over bigs and has range on his jumper to keep defenses off balance. He hit 3 threes in one half we watched and had the crowd buzzing with two highlight dunks.  He had a solid weekend and wrapped it up with 8 points in the Top 30 game.

Juan Guerrero Hernandez
         6’4″      SG     2025             Grafton (WI)
This athletic big guard can get to the rim in a hurry and finish with the kiss or dunk. He sets it up with solid jumper off the dribble especially in the 15 to 17-foot range. He will attract lots of D-1 interest as he extends his jumper to the three-point arc with consistency.

Macari Moore
                   6’3″      SG     2025             Huron (Ann Arbor MI)
Scoring guard can knock down jumpers from the three or pull-up and hit intermediate jump shots from the free throw line. He played solid defense and rebounded well from the perimeter with good bounce and quick feet. He wrapped up the weekend with 8 points in the Top 30 game.

Damien King
                    6’3″      SG     2025             Anderson (Indianapolis IN)
This bouncy swingman has a real nose for the ball off the glass especially on the offensive end (grabbed four put-backs en route to 20 points in the game we watched. He has an OK jumper inside the 3-point arc and can finish drives in traffic.

Jeremy Jackson Jr
.         6’2″      SG     2025             Columbia Academy (Columbia TN)
Another quick wing who got on the glass with regularity and showed he could take rock and run the break. Is an excellent passer and can knock down open jumpers to set up drives. Look for mids-up to come calling this season!

Michael Wilson
                6’2″      SG     2026             Madison West (Madison WI)
Young scoring guard caught our eye on Saturday scoring 21 points in the game we watched. He can drive and score with the kiss or floater. He hit jump shots consistently and has good rotation on his shot. In time as he matures and adds range, he will see lots of schools come calling.

Jamison Colter Jr            6’2″      SG     2026             Rich Township (Matteson IL)
This young wing scorer had 22 in the first game we watched then followed it up with 25 points in the night-cap.  He has good quicks on the drive and can stroke the outside J when his feet are set to also set up drives. He showed he can score in bunches. One to watch!

Tylan Lewis
                     6’1″      CG     2025             Independence HS (Spring Hill TN)
Quick combo-guard can push it in transition or attack the rim off the dribble on penetration. He sets it up with his jumper and caught our eye going for 19 points in the game we watched. He could in time play either guard spot as his game matures, so stay tuned!

Dimaunye Smith-Powe
    6’0″      CG     2025             Voyager College Prep (Detroit MI)
Quick combo can knock down threes to freeze “D”, then attack hoop blowing by defenders and finish with the kiss or floater in the lane. He will see lots of mid-up interest in the future.

Rykan Woo
                      6’0″      PG     2026             Whitney Young (Chicago IL)
Woo is an excellent passer and handler who can create off penetration and kick or in transition. He has quick first step and showed he can finish in traffic too!  He grabbed co-MVP in the Top 30 Game scoring 12 points and handing out 5 assists (including 4 threes) in the comeback to tie it for the White Squad. He was steady all weekend and with additional strength and maybe a couple inches will see lots of Mid-major or higher interest. Excellent student too.

Noah Mister
                     5’9″      PG     2026             Kenwood Academy (Chicago IL)
Small, but quick point can knock down jumpers from the three to set up penetration and kick or finish. He caught our eye knocking 4 threes en route to 21 points in one game we watched. He capped the weekend scoring 6 points and handing out three assists in the Top 30 game.

Note:  Everyone in the Top 30 is on course with hard work to get to Division One level, but that is based on the development that hard work will produce over the next three to four years…so stay tuned!

NEAR MISSES (All had argument to be in Top 30!) (Listed By Height

PLAYER                           HGT   POS   CLASS         HIGH SCHOOL (CITY STATE)
William Higgs
                  6’11”    C        2026             Christian Brothers Academy (Lincroft NJ)
Skilled young post with touch around hoop to the elbow. He needs strength and added bulk to reach potential!

Landon Deiters
                6’8″      C        2025             Kennedy (Cedar Rapids IA)
Lanky low post player with good feet and ability to finish to finish through contact.

Joshua Pettigrew
            6’5″      WF     2025             Fenwick (Oak Park IL)
Wing scorer had 12 points in the Top 60 game including 2 threes. Good ball skills help him to get to rim with regularity.

Stephen Brown                6’5″      WF     2026             Marist (Chicago IL)
Young wing can knock down the three or finish at rim with bounce. D-1’s should start to monitor his progress.

Jordan Shaw                   6’4″      WF     2026             De La Salle Institute (Chicago IL)
Athletic wing can score off the dribble from 17 feet in or drive and finish at the rim with the kiss or flush.

Elijah Lovemore              6’3″      SG     2025             Bloom (Chicago Heights IL)
Scoring guard who displayed range to the three and has ability to knock down mid-range Js off the dribble.

Garrett Clark                    6’3″      SG     2025             Portage (Portage IN)
Athletic swing man has quicks to cross and go by you on drives and finish in lane over Bigs.

Carson Fraley                  6’2″      SG     2026             Pulaski County (Somerset KY)
Fraley had 20 points in one game we watched scoring from the 3-point arc to the rim. He finished the weekend with 8 points in the Top 60 Game!

Synceare Simons            6’2″      CG     2026             United Township (East Moline IL)
Quick combo can take it end to end in a hurry. He has range to the three and good bounce on his finishes.

B.J. Powell                       5’9″      PG     2026             Lincoln Way East (Frankfort IL)
Quick young lead guard can make perimeter Jss to set up drive and kick or finish with the kiss.

Note: Near Misses all have same potential, as Top 30 noted above, to reach scholarship levels if they put in the work. It’s up to them!

OTHERS ON THE RISE: (Listed by Height)

PLAYER                                     HGT   POS   CLASS          HIGH SCHOOL (CITY STATE)

Kayleb Young                              6’7″      C        2027             Highland M.S. (Highland IN)
Zander Nash                               6’6″      PF      2025             Imlay City (Imlay City MI)
Elijah Walton                               6’5″      CF      2025             University Heights (Hopkinsville KY)
Landon Davis                              6’5″      CF      2026             Waukee Northwest (Waukee IA)
Patrick Irvin Jr.                            6’5″      CF      2026             Whitney Young (Chicago IL)
George Richardson                     6’5″      CF      2025             DePaul College Prep (Chicago IL)
Adam Page                                 6’4″      WF     2025             Hillcrest (Country Club Hills IL)
Chase Konieczny                        6’4″      WF     2025             Saint Joseph (South Bend IN)
Dorian Hayes                              6’4″      WF     2025             Ridge Point (Missouri City TX)
Alexander Gossett                      6’4″      WF     2025             Oak Park River Forest (Oak Park IL)
Ricoantonio D’Alessandro          6’4″      WF     2026             Whitney Young (Chicago IL)
Charles Barnes Jr.                       6’4 ”     WF     2026             De La Salle Institute (Chicago IL)
Jocahana Pullum                        6’4″      WF     2026             Hyde Park Academy (Chicago IL)
Howard Williams                        6’4″      WF     2027             Whitney Young (Chicago IL)
Kateaux Miller                            6’4″      WF     2027             Home School Virtual (Summerville SC)
Jayce Branson                            6’3″      WF     2025             East Lansing (Lansing MI)
Cameron Thomas                      6’3″      SG     2025             Mount Carmel (Chicago IL)
Nizyi Davis                                 6’3″      WF     2025             Lawrence Central (Indianapolis IN)
Drew Bartolai                             6’3″      SG     2025             Lane Tech (Chicago IL)
Shaunassey Hatchett JR            6’3″      WF     2025             Lanphier (Springfield IL)
Hudson Kirby                             6’3″      WF     2025             Geneva (Geneva IL)
Brenden Sanders                       6’3″      WF     2025             Lincoln Way East (Frankfort IL)
Jon McGee                                 6’3″      SG     2025             Glenbrook North (Northbrook IL)
Zion Gross                                  6’3″      SG     2025             Crete Monee (Crete IL)
Colby Smith                                6’3″      WF     2025             New Trier (Winnetka IL)
DeZhon Hall                               6’3″      WF     2026             Tinley (Indianapolis IN)
Anthony Thompson                   6’3″      WF     2026             Lebanon (Lebanon OH)
Talan Becker                               6’3″      WF     2026             Muscatine (IA)
Evan Miller                                 6’3″      SG     2026             Schaeffer Academy (Rochester MN)
Kendall Richmond                      6’3″      WF     2026             Perspective Leadership (Chicago IL)
Sharrod Barnes                           6’2″      SG     2025             St. Mary’s (Orchard Lake MI)
Joseph Johnson                          6’2″      SG     2025             Westinghouse (Chicago IL)
Brent Taylor                                6’2″      SG     2025             Lincoln-Way East (Frankfort IL)
Ahmad Lee                                 6’2″      SG     2026             Lincoln Park (Chicago IL)
Zion Lee                                      6’2″      SG     2026             Sacred Heart Griffin (Springfield IL)
Andre Tyler                                 6’2″      SG     2026             St. Rita (Chicago IL)
Kellin Mark                                 6’1″      SG     2025             Park Tudor (Indianapolis IN)
Kijuan Arnold                             6’1″      CG     2025             Ridgepoint (Missouri City TX)
Conrad Okulski                          6’1″      CG     2025             Palatine (IL)
Drake Medinger                         6’1″      CG     2026             Dubuque Senior (Dubuque IA)
Marquis Clark                             6’1″      SG     2026             Whitney Young (Chicago IL)
Khalil Jones                                6’0″      CG     2025             St. Laurence (Burbank IL)
Braylon Gray                              6’0″      PG     2025             Grant Community (Fox Lake IL)
Christian Dake                           6’0″      PG     2025             Principia (Town & Country MO)
Damian Pearson Jr                     6’0″      CG     2025             Lincoln Park (Chicago IL)
Brandon Rogers Jr.                     6’0″      CG     2025             Arsenal Tech (Indianapolis IN)
Keith Holton                              6’0″      CG     2025             Webb City (MO)
Reggie Hinton                            6’0″      CG     2026             Westside Leadership (Gary IN)
Peyton Kemp                              6’0″      CG     2027             Ferndale (Ferndale MI)
Anthony Demirov                      5’11″    PG     2025             Crystal Lake South (Crystal Lake IL)
Jaylen Dickerson                        5’11″    PG     2026             Lincoln Park (Chicago IL)
Morgan Travis                            5’11″    PG     2026             DeLaSalle (Chicago IL)
Corey Harris                               5’10″    PG     2025             Mascoutah (Mascoutah IL)
David Bolden                             5’10″    PG     2025             Nicolet (Glendale WI)
Emmanuel Mosley                     5’10″    PG     2025             St. Laurance (Burbank IL)
Ricky DiVito                               5’9″      PG     2025             Hersey (Arlington Heights IL)
Amari Edwards                          5’8″      PG     2025             St. Rita (Chicago IL)
Machi Josiah Nelson                 5’8″      PG     2025             Fenwick (Oak Park IL)
Lance Stone                               5’7″      PG     2025             Renaissance (Detroit MI)

This is my third of four installments covering the 2022 Pangos All-Frosh/Soph Camps across the country.