This is our first hard look at the West Coast classes of 2024 and 2025 recently at the 2021 Pangos All-West Frosh-Soph Camp at McBride HS (Long Beach CA).  Co-directors Dinos Trigonis and Etop Udo-Ema again brought in a talented group of young talent that featured players from 12 states among the roughly 200 players in attendance. It was definitely a camp that touched both coasts of the USA and beyond with attendees from as far away as Maryland and Virigina in the East to Hawaii in the West.

The Sunday action wrapped up the weekend with two all-star games that featured the camp’s top prospects. The Top 60 game opened up the two Cream of the Crop games as the Black squad broke open the game in the second half to roll to an 87-72 victory over the White squad behind Game Co-MVP’s 6’4” 2025 D’andre Harrison with 14 points and 6’1” 2025 J.J. Mandaquit who added 8 points and handed out a half-dozen assists. They had lots of support from 6’6” 2024 Alex Stewart with 10 points while 6’2” 2025 SirMarius Jones and 5’11” 2025 Connor Sheets chipped in with 8 points in the win. The Black squad was led by the game’s leading scorer in 6-2 2024 Terrence Hill who finished with 14 points. He got solid support from 5’10” 2024 Noel Davis who added 12 points while 6’9” 2024 Andrei Tovar chipped with 9 points and 6’2” 2024 Davon Griffin added 8 points in the loss.

The final game of the weekend was the Cream of the Crop Top 30 game that saw the White squad break open a 62-61 game at the intermission to explode in the second half behind the scoring of game Co-MVP 6’3” 2024 combo guard Adam Njie who scored a game high 29 points including three jumpers from deep to win going away by a 112-99 margin over the Black squad.  He got great support from the unrelated Diallos as 6’4” 2024 Zoom added 15 points and 6 boards while 6’9” 2024 Malick dominated in the paint with 14 points and 12 rebounds plus a couple blocks for good measure. Also in double figures was 6’4” 2024 Mercy Miller with 12 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists, The White squad was led by game’s second Co-MVP 6’5” 2024 Seven Bahati who finished with 16 points, 3 boards and 3 assists! He received solid support from 6’2” 2024 Styles Phipps who added 15 points and grabbed 5 rebounds. Four other Black squad members, 6’7” 2024 DeShawn Gory, 6’0” 2025 Gavin Hightower, 6’7” 2025 Kade Bonam and 6’5” 2025 Elzie Harrington were also in double figures, chipping in 10 points each in the loss.

The Camp started a little slow, but as the weekend progressed a number of players stepped up and added to the camp’s overall depth as to the event’s top talent. Over eighty players received votes for the two all-star games and left us with a feel that the West will have an impact in the overall depth of the Classes of 2024 and 2025!  So, with that in mind, lets take a look at the top talent at the 2021 Pangos All-West Frosh/Soph Camp in Long Beach:

2021 Pangos All-West Frosh/Soph Camp Top 30 and Best of the Rest


PLAYER                     HGT    POS    CLASS            SCHOOL (CITY,STATE)

Malick Diallo
          6’9″     C        2024             Juan Diego (Draper UT)
This long and explosive big man dominated the paint area on both ends of the court in all the games we watched. He has excellent hands and big hops. He is a beast on the glass and although he’s raw on the offensive end he can finish with the kiss or through contact. Big upside and athletic gifts make him potentially one of best bigs in his class. Topped off week with 14 points and 12 boards in Top 30 game!

Zoom Diallo           6’4″     SG     2024             Elite Prep (Issaquah WA)
Skilled wing guard has a long frame and plays bigger than his size, crashing glass from the weak side or finishing drive above the rim. He showed range to the arc and used it to freeze “D” and set explosive drives to the rim or pull-up jumper in the lane. His varied attack made him one of best wing scorers in camp and has put him on the national radar for HM programs based on his play at the All-West Frosh Soph Camp. He capped the week with 15 points and 6 boards in the Top 30 game!

Adam Njie              6’3″     CG     2024             Eduprize Prep (Gilbert AZ)
No one did more for their national rep than this explosive scorer who can stroke it from deep or attack and score at all three levels of the game. He can create space with his handle or quick feet and is tough to stop when he decides he’s taking it to the hoop where he finishes over and around defenders. He will definitely climb in the rankings this fall and has become a HM priority with his play in Long Beach where he dominated the Top 30 game with 29 points and 5 boards while earning game Co-MVP honors!

Styles Phipps        6’2″     PG     2024             St. Mary’s (Phoenix AZ)
This versatile lead guard has all the tools necessary to run the show at the highest levels of college ball. He can stick jumper from three to set up penetration, understands draw and kick as well as the pick and roll game. He sees court and has deadly pull-up scorer if no one is open on the wings. He has the handle to create and will get after you on defensive end too! He capped the weekend with 15 points and 5 boards in the Top 30 game!

Elzie Harrington     6’5″     WF     2025             St. John Bosco (Bellflower CA)
No one grew on me more over the weekend than this skilled freshman guard who has great tools to run the break or set up and deliver the rock in the half-court game. He has range to the three-point line and the handle to create “drive and kick” action or finish at the rim versus contact. He is a high-level passer off the move that makes plays for his teammates as well as himself. He will see high majors in the stands in the spring is our prediction. He can get on glass too and showed his versatility in the Top 30 game scoring 10 points grabbing 5 boards and handing out a game high 7 assists!

Seven Bahati                   6’6″     WF     2024             Los Altos (Hacienda Heights CA)
This physical wing man didn’t back down from anyone, he attacks the glass, scores with regularity through contact in the lane and has a solid jumper off the dribble inside the arc. He has skills to drive and kick or score with the pull-up jumper that will draw lots of high major attention over the next couple years, especially as he extends his shooting range and he adds a couple inches to his frame. He earned Co-MVP honors in the Top 30 game scoring 16 points grabbing 3 rebounds and handing out 3 assists!

Kade Bonam                    6’8″     PF      2025             St. John Bosco (Bellflower CA)
Physical Frosh with strong body who can pop and face, attack bigs off the dribble or stop and pop the 12–15-footer. He is a load on the blocks who finished though contact in the paint. He will see lots of Mid to High major interest this coming year after scoring 10 points, grabbing 4 boards, and handing out 3 assists in the Top 30 game.

DeShawn Gory                6’7″     PF      2024             Hillcrest (Riverside CA)
This face-up type forward showed range to the three and ability to create and drive with either hand in getting to the rim to create flush or kiss off the glass. He will see lots of Mid-Major up interest after scoring 10 points and grabbing 8 boards in the Top 30 game in Long Beach!

Austin Maurer                  6’10″   C        2024             Cascade Christian (Medford OR)
This thin, but mobile big man may have been the most skilled post up player in the camp, as he has range to trail or pop to arc, knock down jumper or drive to the hoop and finish. He was active on the glass and has excellent footwork on the blocks. He will draw High Major interest if can continue to add strength as he matures! He scored 8 points and grabbed 3 rebounds in the Top 30 game.

James Evans                   6’6″     CF      2024             West Ranch (Santa Clarita CA)
This strong combo-forward showed he can knock down the jumper from three or off the dribble from the mid-range. He has the handle to create his own  shot and isn’t afraid of contact on the finish. He will see lots of Mid to High Major interest this coming circuit season. He missed Top 30 game due to high school fall league game!


PLAYER                                 HGT    POS    CLASS            SCHOOL (CITY,STATE)

Tyler Bailey
                     6’3″     SG     2024             Oak Hill Academy (Mouth of Wilson VA)
This slashing scoring guard can take it end to end off the glass or catch and attack the rim off the dribble drive. He has range to the three to set up attack in the half court and is willing to get after it on the defensive end. He will see lots of D-1’s in the stands as he plays versus nation’s best at Oak Hill. He capped the weekend with a solid 12-point output in the Top 30 game!

Trevor Henning
               6’3″     CG     2024             Mount Si (Snoqualmie WA)
This solid handler and passer has excellent size, sees the court and can deliver the rock in transition. He is more of a scorer at this point but he could evolve into a point as he matures. Definitely needs to be on the Mid-ups watch list this coming season based on his performance in Long Beach. He had 8 points and a couple assists in the Top 30 game.

Mercy Miller
                     6’4″     SG     2024             Minnehaha Academy (Minneapolis MN) – Houston
This strong wing scorer has range to the three and has the handle to create shot or drive that he can finish at the rim. Plus has an ability to kick it to the open man especially on the break. He has already committed to Houston and will be a welcome addition down the road for the Cougars. He had a solid Top 30 game scoring 13 points and grabbing a couple boards.

Jovani Ruff
                      6’5″     WG    2025             Poly (Long Beach CA)
Skilled wing who has solid handle and good first step that allows him to get by defenders on isolation. He hit a couple threes so range is there, but consistency is key to final level as he has size and tools that mids-up will need to monitor. He capped his weekend with a four point outing in the Top 30 game!

Robert Hinton
                  6’5”     CF      2024             Harvard-Westlake (North Hollywood CA)
Forward who took pride in his defensive effort inside and on the perimeter. He stole the ball on a couple occasions and took it to the rack for highlight dunks, knocked down the three on rotation and did a solid job on the glass. He missed Top 30 game due to a Fall league game, but is one D-1’s need to be monitoring!

Tyrone Riley
                     6’4″     WG    2024             St. Pius X/Matthias Academy (Downey CA)
Solid wing athlete with good stroke and handle to create space or drive. He can help on the glass and isn’t afraid to mix it up in the paint. He had 5 points and 3 boards in the Top 30 game to complete a solid weekend in Long Beach.

Jaden Steppe
                   6’7″     PF      2024             Tualatin (OR)
One of the hardest workers in camp, he battled on the glass on both ends and ran the floor like a guard. He posted up and scored with regularity and didn’t back down when it got physical. If he adds face-up jumper look out…All levels of D-1 should monitor his development. He wrapped his weekend with 8 points and a couple of rebounds in the Top 30 game!

Jayden Harper
                 6’7″     WF     2024             Notre Dame (Sherman Oaks CA)
This thin forward showed range to the three and the handle to play out on the wing. He can face and go to hoop with either hand or pick and roll and finish with the dunk. He needs to continue to get stronger and add a mid-range game to make full-time move to the perimeter. He didn’t play in the Top 30 game due to a Fall league game.

Tyran Stokes
                   6’5″     WF     2026             Rancho Medanos (Pittsburg CA)
Talented middle schooler who has excellent ball skills and can get to rim and finish in traffic. He hit 15-footer on the move and got on boards and ran floor in transition. Future is bright if extends range and adds strength and maturity. He held his own in Top 30 game scoring 8 points and grabbing 3 rebounds!

Gavin Hightower
              6’0″     PG     2025             Windward (Los Angeles CA)
Solid lead guard with deceptive quicks who has range to the 3-point arc to set up dribble drive, kick or pull-up jumper. He is an excellent passer who sees the open man or post opportunities and is willing to thread the needle to teammates. He did good job getting others involved…potential floor leader for mids-up. He had 10 points, 3 boards and 3 assists in a solid Top 30 game performance.


PLAYER                                 HGT    POS    CLASS            SCHOOL (CITY,STATE)

J.J. Mandaquit Jr
             6’1″     CG     2025             Iolani (Honolulu HI)
This young combo just missed our Top Twenty and deserved to be in Top 30 game based on his Co-MVP performance in the Top 60 game where he had 8 points and a handful of assists as he dictated the tempo of the game when he was on the court. He is an excellent passer and handler who has range to the three and a solid Basketball I.Q….definitely one that all levels of D-1 need to monitor!

Jack Turner
                     6’3″     SG     2024             St. John Bosco (Bellflower CA)
Another Top 60 game pick that should have been in top game as well, he has excellent skills and length at the shooting guard spot and showed he can create shot with the best in the camp. He can knock down jumper from the three but used it as decoy to set up drive and pull-up or kiss off the glass in paint.

Lonnie Bass Jr.
               6’6″     PF      2025             Rancho (Las Vegas NV)
Young inside power player who can flat out catch, turn and score around the hoop. He finishes with dunk or kiss and is a horse on the glass. He will need to extend his game to facing and add a couple inches to reach highest levels but the foundation is there and all of D-1 should monitor his progress. He finished the week with 8 points and 4 rebounds in the Top 30 game.

Jai Anthoni Bearden
        6’6″     CF      2024             Raymond S. Kellis (Glendale AZ)
Long and bouncy combo forward who showed he has range to the arc when his feet are set, but right now is at his best posting up or popping and attacking rim from the elbow. He has a big upside and is one for D-1’s to watch his development. He had 5 points and 3 boards in the Top 30 game to wrap up his weekend.

Terrence Hill Jr.
               6’2″     SG     2024             Roosevelt (Portland OR)
Quick on quick slashing guard who can flat out score off the dribble or pull-up jumper. He showed range on jumper and used it at times to keep the defense honest. He tore it up in the Top 60 game leading all scorers with 14 points.

Miles Goodman
               6’9″     C        2024             O’Dea (Seattle WA)
Long and skilled big man who has nose for ball off the glass, can score with drop step or pop out to 12-feet and stick step back jumper. Strength and maturity will determine final level, but pieces are there to be good one in time. He scored 7 points in Top 30 game.

Tee Bartlett
                      6’9″     C        2025             Mater Dei (Santa Ana CA)
Wide bodied big man has good hands and soft touch around the hoop and finishes in paint. He tends to float a little at times but with a little more intensity look out…stay tuned!

Trent Perry
                       6’3″     SG     2024             Harvard-Westlake (North Hollywood CA)
Quick scoring guard who exploded off the dribble to the hoop and finished with floater or kiss off the glass. He has hops to rise on the finish or glass and is a good rebounder out of the guard spot. He has range but will stock rise with consistency on jumper from deep. Didn’t play in Top 30 game due to fall league game.

Connor Amundsen
                    5’11”   PG     2024             Clovis North (Fresno CA)
Solid lead guard who sees court on the break or in halfcourt and delivers the rock to open man. He has range to the arc and can create drive when needed and finish in traffic. He is a pass first point who likes to make others around him better. He contributed 4 points and a couple assists in the Top 30 game.

Dallas Washington                    6’7″     F        2025             St. Francis (Mountain View CA)
Athletic forward runs the floor well, has good hops and finishes with dunk or kiss on post ups. He as ability to pop and create space on jump hook or jumper. He scored 2 points and grabbed 2 boards in Top 30 game.

OTHER TOP PERFORMERS: (Listed by Height)

PLAYER                                 HGT    POS    CLASS            SCHOOL (CITY,STATE)

Andrei Tovar                     6’9″     C       2024             San Ysidro (CA)
Kevin Anigbogu                 6’9″     C        2024             Centennial (Corona CA)
Sam Galindo                     6’8″     C        2024             Calvery Murrieta Homeschool (Murrieta CA)
Dylan  Benner                    6’7”     PF      2024             St. Bonaventure (Ventura CA)
Noah Williams                   6’6″     PF      2024             Village Christian (Sun Valley CA)
Blake Rawson                   6’6″     PF      2024             American Fork (UT)
Alex Stewart                      6’6″     PF      2024             Pacifica Christian (Newport Beach CA)
Josh Goodall                     6’6″     WF     2024             Canyon (Anaheim CA)
Mika Baba     `                   6’6″     PF      2025             San Gabriel Academy (CA)
Brayden Kyman                 6’6″     PF      2026             The Togethership (Aliso Viejo CA)
Marcellas Jackson             6’5″     CF      2024             Del Campo (Fair Oaks CA)
Eamon Rigdon                   6’5″     CF      2024             Crean Lutheran (Irvine CA)
Ahsan Huff                        6’5      CF      2024             Basha (Chandler AZ
Scotty Belnap                    6’5″     CF      2024             Mater Dei (Santa Ana CA)
Dutch Dowdell                   6’5”     CF      2024             Olympus (Salt Lake City UT)
Jaden Goodall                   6’5″     WF     2024             Canyon (Anaheim CA)
Quentin Rhymes               6’5″     WF     2024             Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas NV)
Shamar Jones                   6’5″     PF      2025             Southern California Academy (Los Angeles CA)
Kellen Hampton                 6’5″     CF      2025             Moreau Catholic (Hayward CA)
Lattimore Ford                   6’5″     PF      2026             Elite Prep (Issaquah WA)|
Julius Olanrewaju              6’4″     WF     2025             Coalinga (CA)
Eric Freeny                        6’4″     WF     2024             Centennial (Corona CA)
Troy Jenkins                      6’4″     WF     2024             Mater Dei (Santa Ana CA)
Christian Warren               6’4      WF     2024             Basha (Chandler AZ
Darnez Slater                    6’4      WF     2024             Roosevelt (Eastvale CA)
D’andre Harrison              6’4″     WF     2025             Perry (Gilbert AZ)
Messiah McTeer                6’3″     SG     2024             Rancho Christian (Temecula CA)
Moses Wright                   6’3″     SG     2024             Santa Clarita Christian (CA)
Dillan Shaw                       6’3      SG     2025             Heritage Christian (Northfield CA)
Kingston Porch                 6’3″     SG     2025             Chandler (AZ)
Cameron Hiatt                  6’3″     CG     2025             King’s (Seattle WA)
Nick Linhardt                    6’2”     SG     2024             King’s (Seattle WA)
Davon Griffin                     6’2″     CG     2024             West Ranch (Santa Clarita CA)
SirMarius Jones                6’2″     SG     2025             Las Plumas (Oroville CA)
Isaiah Cunningham          6’2″     CG     2025             Silas (Tacoma WA)
DeMarco Johnson           6’2″     CG     2025             Heritage Christian (Northridge CA)
Jaylen Wheeler                6’1″     CG     2024             Salesian (Richmond CA)
Conner Sheets                 5’11”   PG     2025             Spanish Springs (Sparks NV)
Rashod Cotton                5’11    CG     2026             Bethany Middle (Long Beach CA)
Noel Davis                       5’10″   PG     2024             O’Dea (Seattle WA)
Jalen Dollar                      5’9″     PG     2024             Roosevelt (Seattle WA)
Darrell Morris                   5’9″     PG     2024             Crean Lutheran (Irvine CA)
Sean Le                            5’8”     SG     2025             Westminster (Westminster CA)