We continued our first look at the classes of 2024 & 2025 earlier this month at the 2021 Pangos All-South Frosh/Soph Camp at The Fieldhouse in Duncanville TX.  Camp-Director Dinos Trigonis once again brought in a talented group of young talent that featured players from 18 states among the roughly 240 players in attendance. It was definitely a camp that touched both coasts of the USA with attendees from as far away as Maryland and Virigina in the East to California and Washington in the West.

The Sunday action wrapped up the weekend with two all-star games that featured the camp’s top prospects. The Top 60 game opened the two “Cream of the Crop” games as the Black squad broke open the game early in the first half and never looked back in a 79-34 victory over the White squad behind Game MVP 6’3” 2025 Jared Nickens who finished with a game high 18 points. He received solid support from 6’6 2026 middle schooler Brayden Kyman who added 10 points and grabbed 7 boards, along with 6’3” 2024 Anthony Bates with 8 points and 6’2 2024 Christian Gilliland who added 6 points in the win. The White squad was led by 6’0 2024 Drew Ward with 7 points in the loss.

The final game of the weekend was the Cream of the Crop Top 30 game that saw the Black squad come back from a 9-point deficit in the first half to win a hard-fought defensive battle 54-51 over the White squad behind the inside play of game co-MVP’s 6’9 2024 Israel Nansha and his brother 6’8 2025 Jed Nansha!  They were stellar controlling the paint defensively and getting key possessions off the glass that allowed the Black squad to hold on down the stretch!  Offensively the Black was led by 6’3 2024 Jayden Gambrell with 10 points, while Israel Nansha, 6’5 2025 Hudson Greer, and 6’0 2024 Dontrell Barrett added 6 points each. The White squad was led by overall Camp MOP 6’8 2025 Parker Jefferson with a game high 12 points to cap off a great weekend for this talented young big!  He got solid support from 6-5 bookend forwards 2024 Jakeel Registe with 8 points and 2025 Jai’Chaunn Hayes who added 7 points in the tough loss.

The camp started with a competitive tone, especially on the defensive end, that lasted right through the “Cream of the Crop” games, as the camp established its depth and strength in a large number of bigs and athletic wings that rose to the top over the weekend! Over one hundred players received votes for the two all-star games and left us with a feeling that the South will continue to be a strong region that delivers overall depth to the Classes of 2024 and 2025!  So with that in mind, let’s take a look at the top talent at the 2021 Pangos All-West Frosh/Soph Camp in Duncanville TX:

2021 Pangos All-South Frosh/Soph Camp Top 30 and Best of the Rest


PLAYER                          HGT    POS    CLASS SCHOOL (CITY, STATE)

Parker Jefferson              6’8”    PF      2025   Waxahachie. (TX)
This aggressive young four man, can score going right or left on the blocks, has great feet and can pop out to the 3-point arc and hit off the “catch and shoot” with accuracy. He is a solid rebounder who sees the ball off the glass. He has a lot of a young Luka Garca in his game and with normal progression will become a high major priority, that’s a lock! He capped off the weekend with 12 points in the Top 30 game and was named the camp’s co-Most Outstanding Player!

Tre Johnson                    6’6″    WF     2024   Lake Highlands (Dallas TX)
Athletic wing man had a very solid weekend but wasn’t as dominating as we’ve seen him in other events recently. With that said, he was still at a level above his peers here.  He has good quickness, bounce, and handle to create the drive and finish! Tre has ability to make highlights in transition and can finish versus contact in the paint. He is rated among top five nationally as he was Duncanville finishing the week with 5 points in the Top 30 game. Make no mistake, he is an elite high major priority at this point!  Was named (with Parker Jefferson) as the camp co-MOP and punched his ticket to the 2022 Pangos All-American Camp.

Hudson Greer                  6’5″    WF     2025   Lake Travis (Austin TX)
This aggressive young wing caught our eye in game one with his slashing style to the rim and ability to finish with the floater or kiss off the glass. He set up his drive with a solid jumper off the “catch and shoot” that kept defenders off balance. He has good bounce and can attack the boards from the wing too! He capped off his weekend with a solid 6 points and 4 boards in Top 30 game. He is one that High Majors should be monitoring!

Jai’Chaunn Hayes            6’5”    WF     2025   White Hall. (AR)
This athletic wing can attack the rim off the dribble and finish with highlight dunk or kiss. He has range to the three-point arc to set up the drive and is an excellent passer off of penetration if doubled. He also has good footwork on D! He scored 7 points and grabbed a hand full of rebounds in the Top 30 game. Look for High-majors to monitor him this coming spring on the circuit.

Jamie Vinson                   6’9″    C        2024   St. Michael’s Catholic (Austin TX)
This long and bouncy rebounder can sweep the boards in and out of his zone! He can post and attack the rim and finish with the flush or hit the jumper off the glass. He started the break and showed ability to move it up court with the pass and run the floor and be part of the play in transition or finish. He has some work to do facing on the perimeter but has time to refine those skills. High majors should monitor his development.

Ashton Magee                  6’6″    CF      2025   South Jones (Ellisville MS)
This athletic combo-forward is an aggressive rebounder who can take it off the glass and go end to end. He attacks off the dribble and finishes with strength through contact at the rim. He can post and score with either hand and showed he can face and drive versus bigs. He can hit the elbow jumper but needs to continue to work on range and consistency. One for Mid to high majors to monitor!

Malek Archie                    6’2″    SG     2024   McKinney (TX)
This quick and long wing guard talent has range to the three-point line that he hit with consistency. He has an explosive first step and finishes with bounce in the lane. He is an excellent defender who uses his quick feet and hands to rattle opponents in the open court. He scored 5 points in top 30 game to cap a very good weekend. He will see lots of mid to high major interest in the future!

Jaden Constant               6’2″    CG     2024   Putman City West (Oklahoma City OK)
This quick and tough combo-guard impressed us with his passing off penetration or on the break. He sees the open man and delivers the rock well. He sets up the drive with a solid jumper from three that freezes D and allows him to penetrate and finish or pass. He is one that mids-up to monitor this coming year!

Dalen Fuller                     6’4”    SG     2024   Union (Tulsa OK)
He impressed us from game one, starting with a big-time dunk off the drive that lit the crowd up!  He has range to the three-point arc that keeps D honest and the work ethic that makes him a playmaker on the defensive end too! He puts out an effort on both ends that gets results. Look for Mid to High majors to be at his games in the future.

Jimmy Cami                     6’9”    C        2024   Redemption Life Tabernacle (Tulsa OK)
Long and thin young big with excellent anticipation off the glass. He boards and outlets and runs the floor hard. He as good hands and catches in traffic and finishes with the dunk or kiss off the glass. He has quick feet and good bounce around the hoop. He needs to continue to get stronger but will see high majors in the stands this year!


PLAYER                          HGT    POS    CLASS            SCHOOL (CITY, STATE)

S. Trap Johnson              6’5”    WF     2024   Belton (TX) 
Strong and physical wing man who flat outworked opponents on the glass and finished through contact in the paint. He has good bounce and quickness off the dribble. He has a high-level motor the mid to high majors will monitor. He scored 6 points in the Top 30 game to cap a solid weekend here!

Jaylen Washington          5’9″    PG     2024   Lake Highlands (Dallas TX)
Quick lead guard who can push it end to end and deliver the rock to the open man off of penetration.  He showed range to the 3-point arc and can finish in traffic off the glass.  He has tools to be a solid mid-level D-1 point guard.

Jaden Nickens                  6’3″    SG     2025   Millwood (Oklahoma City OK)
This athletic combo-guard has range to the three-point line and quicks to run break off the glass or penetrate and kick when doubled on the dribble drive. He was solid all weekend, but really stepped up his game in the Top 60 game earning MVP honors while going off for 18 points and showed he belonged in Top 30 game!

Anthon McDermott                    6’5”    CF      2024          Hallsville (TX)
Active combo forward showed he can post and go to rim with either hand. He showed he can knock down the jumper off the dribble from 15-feet!. He gets on the glass and gets after you on the defensive end of the court.  He will draw lots of Mid-up interest with normal development.

Gabriel Mason                 6’4”    SG     2024   Kennesaw Mountain (Kennesaw GA)
Athletic wing guard has the tools to create the dribble drive with either hand and sets it up with solid jumper from beyond the 3-point arc.  He showed he will get down and ”D” you up and did solid job helping on the glass from the backcourt.  He should see lots of D-1 interest this coming year.

James Deloach                6’5″    WF     2024   Sylvan Hills (Sherwood AR)
Athletic wing who has ability to hit the cutter off the move or stop and pop the jumper from 18-feet. He attacked the rim and finished through contact with strength and bounce. He has good hands on defense and quick feet to become a lock down defender. He will see lots of Mid to High major interest.

Johnathan Price              6’7″    PF      2025   Universal Academy (Coppell TX)
This long and athletic rebounder crashed the boards with best in Duncanville. He has good bounce and finishes in the paint with regularity.  He has a big upside and Mid-ups will be watching that development.

Brayden Kyman               6’6″    WF     2026   The Togethership (Aliso Viejo CA)
This extremely talented middle schooler more than held his own against older talent two years his senior. He has good bounce, can board and outlet in a hurry, then run the court and knock down the trailer on the secondary break. He dominated in the paint in Top 60 game scoring 10 points and grabbing a game high 7 boards. Brother of UCLA player Jake Kyman has a bright future!

Israel Nansha                   6’9″    C        2024   Hillcrest (Dallas TX)
Athletic rebounder who can dominate the paint on the glass or with his ability to block shots. He competes with a high motor and doesn’t back down from anyone. He was named a co-MVP of the Top 30 Game because of his defensive play in that game. Once his offense develops he will see lots of HM interest.

Jed Nansha                     6’8″    PF      2025   Hillcrest (Dallas TX)
Other half of this brother duo is like his brother as he can dominate the paint on the glass or with his ability to block shots and clean the glass. He competes with a high motor and doesn’t back down from anyone. He was named co-MVP of the Top 30 Game because of his defensive prowess in that game. Once offense catches up to his D, he will see lots of HM interest.


PLAYER                           HGT   POS   CLASS          SCHOOL (CITY, STATE)

Jaden Toombs                 6’9”    C        2025   Texas Connections (Houston TX)
This Big bodied low post talent has ability to catch and finish through contact. He is still raw but uses his strength to control the area on the glass. He plays hard in spurts so consistency is still a key element to his future. He will draw lots of D-1 interest in the future!

Gerard O’Keefe                6’4”    SG     2024   IMG Academy (Bradenton FL)
Wing has solid handle and can knock down deep jumpers from beyond the three-point line or off the dribble from the foul line. He got after it on “D” and isn’t afraid to compete on the glass. Excellent student has the tools to draw mid-up interest as he matures! 

Adlan Elamin                   6’4”    SG     2025   Bishop O’Connell (Arlington VA)
This sweet shooting wing stuck the jumper from beyond the 3-point arc in both games we watched. He showed he can drive and finish with the kiss or flush in traffic. He helped on the glass and showed he can take it end to end. He was solid all weekend! D-1’s should be monitoring his progression!

Terrion Burgess              6’8″    C        2025   Marion Jr. High (AR)
Big and physical left hander gets on the glass and finished in paint versus contact! He is a good passer out of the post and can pop and hit 12-footer. He runs OK but needs to work on improving his bounce and foot quickness to continue to draw D-1 interest.

Carlsheon Young            6’3″    SG     2025   Putnam City West (Oklahoma City OK)
Quick and explosive wing man can attack the rim off the dribble and finish with flush. He hit the 15-footer off the dribble and gets after it on defensive end too! As his range extends, his stock will rise!

Jermaine O’Neal Jr.         6’5”    WF     2025   Accommodated Learning Academy (TX)
Skilled wing is the son of NBA great Jermaine O’Neal.  He can create shot with handle and showed range to the three point arc. He gets on the glass and runs floor hard. He should grow a couple more inches, so stay tuned his final level is yet to be determined.

Alejandro Aviles Valentin    6’8”    PF      2025   PSAT Academy (Cypress TX)
This skilled post-up big man can turn and pop the jumper to 12-feet or attack and finish with either hand at the rim. He did a solid job on the glass and isn’t afraid to defend on face-up and block shots out of his zone.

Landren Blocker              6’4”    SG     2024   Little Rock Christian Academy (AR)
Skilled and very bouncy wing who can knock down jumper from the three-point arc, create his own shot or drive with either hand and finish his drives with the kiss.  He plays under control and gives effort on “D” too!

Jayden Gambrell             6’3″    SG     2024   James Madison (Houston TX)
This quick wing can slash to the rim and finish with the flush or kiss in the paint. He hit the jumper off the dribble inside the arc. Jayden had an excellent Top 30 game going for 10 points in a low scoring game.

Jakeel Registe                 6’5″    WF     2024   Episcopal (Bellaire TX)
Athletic wing with length and bounce who can drive and finish with the flush in traffic. He is a good rebounder who can start the break with the outlet pass and is a solid defender on the perimeter. One to watch as his offensive game develops!

OTHER TOP PERFORMERS: (Listed by Height)

PLAYER                                 HGT    POS    CL     SCHOOL (CITY, STATE)

Goap Kodi                             6’10″    C         2024    Georgetown Prep (North Bethesda MD)
Cameron Jackson                  6’9”      C         2024    Weiss (Pflugerville TX)
David Punch                          6’9″      C         2024    Harker Heights (TX)
Mason Hervey                       6’8″      C         2024    John Paul II (Plano TX)
Jinup Dobuol                         6’6″      PF       2024    Minnesota Prep Academy (St. Paul MN)
Benjamin Price                      6’6″      PF       2025    Universal Academy (Coppell TX)
Braden Bryan                         6’5″      CF       2024    Briarcrest Christian (Eads TN)
Sir Mohammed                      6’5”      CF       2024    Myers Park (Charlotte NC)
Brady Hancuff                        6’5″      WF      2025    Edmond Memorial (Edmond OK)
Brady Franz                            6’5″      WF      2025    Keller (TX)
Christopher Catchings            6’4”      WF      2024    Marshall (TX)
Rayanne Lomboto                  6’4”      WF      2024    Brewer (Ft. Worth TX)
Ahmare Rose                          6’4       WF      2024    Legacy (Mansfield TX)
Bryson McGlothin                   6’4”      SG       2024    Rockwall-Heath (Rockwall TX)
Caleb Steger                           6’4”      SG       2025    Jesuit (Dallas TX)
Trae Nunn                               6’4”      SG       2026    Brentwood Christian School (Austin TX)
Anthony Bates Jr.                   6’3″      SG       2024    Seven Lakes (Katy TX)
Turner  Duncan                       6’3″      SG       2024    St. Augustine (New Orleans LA)
Marlon Linton Jr.                     6’3″      SG       2024    Universal Academy (Coppell TX)
Jason Pierce                           6’3       SG       2024    Grand Prairie (TX)
Bryceson Melvin                     6’3″      SG       2025    Prestonwood Christian Academy (TX)
Karris Bilal                               6’2       SG       2024    Riverwood (Sandy Springs GA)
Landon Brown                         6’2″      SG       2024    Faith Family (Dallas TX)
Noel Ike                                   6’2″      SG       2024    Kempner (Sugar Land TX)
Jon Tran                                  6’2”      SG       2024    Plano East (Plano TX)
Cedric Dixon                           6’2″      SG       2024    Union (Tulsa OK)
Jeremiah Green                      6’2″      SG       2025    Guyer (Denton TX)
Dorian Hayes                          6’2       SG       2025    Ridge Point (Missouri City TX)
Christian Gilliland                    6’2″      CG       2024    Northpoint Christian (Southaven MS)
Leroy Kelly                              6’2″      CG       2025    Texas Connections Academy (Houston TX)
Cai Nix                                    6’1”      CG       2024    Little Elm (TX)
Jordan Lowery                        6’1”      CG       2025    Guyer (Denton TX)
Deontrell Barrett                      6’0″      PG       2024    Grand Prairie (TX)
Drew Ward                              6’0″      PG       2024    Longview (TX)
Tres Luzey                              6’0”      PG       2024    John Cooper School (The Woodlands TX)
Shafeeq Mujahideen               6’0″      PG       2024    Lamar Consolidated (Rosenberg TX)
Landry Me’lan Ballard             6’0″      PG       2025    Douglass (Oklahoma City OK)
Jaden  Williams                      6’0″      PG       2025    Douglass (Oklahoma City OK)
Camerin Carroll                       6’0″      PG       2025    South Grand Prairie (Grand Prairie TX)
Kaleb Brewer                          5’11”    PG       2024    Midway (TX)
Chris Stacy                             5’11”    PG       2024    Jonesboro (AR)
Jamari Alexander                    5’11”    PG       2024    Harker Heights (TX)
Myles Gill                                5’11”    PG       2024    Memphis University School (Memphis TN)
Uzziah Buntyn                         5’11”    PG       2025    Canyon (New Braunfels TX)
Domaunique Stephens Jr.      5’11”    PG       2025    Putnam City North (Oklahoma City OK)
Rondae Hill                             5’10”    PG       2024    Calvary Baptist Academy (LA)
Jarvis   Nash                            5’9″      PG       2025    Midwest City (OK)
Michael Burgess Jr                 5’8″      PG       2025    Piper (Kansas City KS)