Long Beach, CA – This past weekend, September 24th and 25th, Fullcourt Press hosted the distinguished Pangos All-West Frosh/Soph Camp at McBride High School. The event spanned 2-days and featured some of the top players on the West from the 2025 and 2026 classes (current sophomores and freshmen). There were approximately 200 campers at the event and players were placed on teams with roster sizes of 10 or less. Each team played in 3 showcase games that took place in 2 sessions on Saturday and a final morning session on Sunday before players were selected for the Top 60 and Top 30 All-Star Games. There have been several Frosh/Soph event recaps compiled that have looked at the top overall players of the event. The purpose of this article is to focus and highlight the 13 players from Central California that participated in the camp; providing a brief description of how they performed at the event, a short evaluation of the players’ skill set, and their relevant player information.   

The list of players below are in ranked order based on my own evaluation of each player, as well as any accomplishments they earned at the event; such as making an all-star game or earning individual accolades. The top performer was Tounde Yessoufou, who was named Camp Most Outstanding Player and Top 30 Game Co-MVP. Julius Price, Abram Potts, and Isiah Carter were selected to the Top 30 Game after outstanding performances throughout the camp, which is why I have these players in my top 4. Next I have Loukas Jones, Arman Arisian, and Parker Spees in my 5th through 7th spots, as these players were selected to the Top 60 Game and performed well throughout the event. The remaining six players all had solid showings and represented the Central Section of California and their respective schools well at one of the top exposure events for sophomores and freshmen in the country. I begin with the Central Section’s top overall prospect, regardless of class, in St. Joseph’s Tounde Yessoufou.    

1. 2025 6’6 Tounde Yessoufou (St. Joseph/Santa Maria CA)
Yessoufou is one of the fastest rising prospects nationally in the class of 2025, as he is currently #23 in ESPN’s rankings and #15 in 247 Sports’ rankings, and backed that up by earning overall Camp MVP and Co-MVP of the Top 30 game at the Pangos All-West Frosh/Soph Camp. His single game scoring high for the Camp was 36 points, and Yessoufou had 28 points and 8 rebounds in the Top 30 Game. Yessoufou is an athletic and physically gifted wing/guard that can score in various ways and is an elite versatile defender when locked in. Yessoufou has rapidly improved his handles and moves to create off the dribble, has become a knockdown shooter from the 3-point line, and has the strength to finish through contact at or above the rim. Yessoufou has superior bounce and gets off the ground quickly to control the rebounds and to alter/block shots. He has become known for his thunderous dunks in the open court and in the half court setting. 

2. 2025 6’2 Abram Potts (San Joaquin Memorial/Fresno CA)
Potts has had a productive past 6 months, as he earned an invitation to the prestigious Pangos Premier 80 held during the start of the July NCAA Live-Period, was named Most Outstanding Player of the 2nd Annual Central Cali Next Up Showcase in late August, and was identified by many scouts and media as one of the best pure shooters at the Pangos Frosh/Soph Camp. Potts had a personal scoring high of 31 points in his second showcase game at the camp and earned a spot in the Top 30 Game. Potts is a true shooting guard with a smooth stroke from the perimeter and can score it from all 3-levels. Potts has solid handles, shifty moves to create space from his defender, the ability to connect on difficult shots with frequency, has improved his on court speed with the ball in hand, and accelerates well when attacking downhill. Potts is comfortable with the step-back perimeter shot, which forces defenders to close out and opens up lanes for him to attack, where he is a creative finisher with touch at the basket. Potts has started to garner interest from Division 1 coaches and will look to be a scoring boost for the Panthers this season. 

3. 2026 6’2 Julius Price (St. Joseph/Santa Maria CA)-featured in photo 
Price is a player that I have seen a few times over the past few months with his high school team, where he has shown he can orchestrate the offense and make plays for teammates when attacking the basket. However, over the past month he has shown his ability to score the ball effectively, as he was awarded All-Tournament at the Ron Massey Fall Classic and followed that up with a huge 32-point performance and a spot in the Top 30 Game at the Frosh/Soph Camp. Price has a strong handle on the ball, the court vision to make plays in transition or in the half court setting, and has the physical build and creativity to finish through contact at the basket. Price is a solid on ball defender, has strong and active hands to create turnovers on the perimeter, and rebounds well for his position, which allows him to push the pace of play. Price is accurate from the 3-point line and is in contention for the top spot in the first round of 2026 player rankings for the Central Section. 

4. 2025 6’7 Isaiah Carter (San Joaquin Memorial/Fresno CA)-featured in photo
Carter caught the attention of the scouts and media in attendance of the All-West Frosh/Soph Camp by showcasing what he does well as a forward; rebounds, scores around the basket, alters and blocks shots, and does a great job of outletting to his ball handlers and running the floor. Carter had a standout showing at the Central Cali’s Next Up Showcase a month ago and was one of the top 5 performers, as he averaged a double-double and punished opponents in the paint. Carter was a late addition and made the most of his opportunity at the Frosh/Soph Camp, earning a spot in the Top 30 Game. Carter is a lengthy forward that has good touch on his finishes at the basket, is accurate with the mid-post shot, and can space the floor enough from the 3-point line to keep defenders honest and opens up driving lanes. Carter is another prospect that has been rising up the ranks since the club season. 

5. 2025 6’3 Loukas Jones (Clovis North/Fresno CA)
Jones is one of the better all-around basketball players in the Central Section and he showcased his impressive two-way skill set at the All-West Frosh/Soph Camp. Jones had his signature game of the event in the third session of games, as he finished with 22 points, 10 rebounds, and 6 assists and was selected to the Top 60 Game. Jones, who is currently ranked #3 in my class of 2025 Central Section player rankings, entered high school as a known sharp shooter from beyond the arc. Jones has developed into a quality defender with the length to defend bigger perimeter players and the agility to guard smaller ball handlers, as he gets into his defender’s dribbling space and generates turnovers and easy points. Jones has solid handles, shifty moves to create off the dribble, and the court vision to find open teammates when on the attack. Jones is capable of creating his own offense and has limitless range beyond the 3-point line. Jones will be relied upon to shoulder more of the scoring load for the Broncos and, after this past weekend, looks poised to take on that challenge. 

6. 2025 6’ Arman Arisian (Clovis North/Fresno CA)
Arisian may have been the player that boosted his stock the most of any player from the Central Section with his play at the Pangos Frosh/Soph Camp. Arisian, who had a solid showing at the Central Cali Next Up Showcase a month ago, caught the attention of national scout Van Coleman early in the camp, as he did a superb job of running the point and facilitating to get others involved. Arisian showcased his court vision, the ability to create off the dribble and get downhill, and the strength to zip the ball through tight windows to open teammates. Arisian has the strength to finish through contact at the basket, has a smooth and accurate shot from the perimeter, and was selected to the Top 60 Game. 

7. 2026 6’4 Parker Spees (San Joaquin Memorial/Fresno CA)
Spees has been one of the freshmen I have been fortunate to see play in various arenas of grassroots hoops and he has excelled in each venue. Spees was a top 10 player at the Central Cali Next Up Showcase and he continued his high level of play at the Pangos Frosh/Soph Camp, as he caught the attention of scouts like Devin Ugland and Frank Burlison with his ability to knockdown the 3-ball with accuracy. Spees had multiple double-digit scoring games and displayed his ability to connect from deep and score off the dribble around the basket, which earned him a spot in the Top 60 Game. Spees has great size and length as a wing/guard, is comfortable shooting the 3-ball off the dribble or the catch and shoot, and has enough handle to attack off the perimeter where he can hit the mid-range shot or use his length to finish around the basket. Spees is an underrated defender and rim protector and with his recent transfer to San Joaquin Memorial, he will be part of a deep and young core that will have the Panthers competing for Section titles and more for the foreseeable future. 

8. 2026 5’10 Sean Smith (Clovis West/Fresno CA)
Smith is a player I have only recently become aware of, as he had an impressive showing at our Central Cali Next Up Showcase and carried his impressive level of guard play to the All-West Frosh/Soph Camp. Smith had his signature game on Day 1 of the Camp, as he went off for 23 points, and showed his ability to score in a variety of ways. Smith has shifty moves to slice through the defense, has nice touch on floaters and finishes over height in the paint, and has a smooth shot from the 3-point line. Smith plays with good pace and can hit perimeter shots off the dribble or the catch and shoot. 

9. 2026 5’7 McKae Amundsen (Clovis North/Fresno CA)
Amundsen was relentless on the defensive end, as he ripped opposing ball handlers all weekend long at the Frosh/Soph Camp. Amundsen displayed solid lead guard play and stayed on the attack and made some great reads to open teammates. Amundsen is shifty with the ball in hand, has the moves to shake his defender, looks to attack the teeth of the defense, and has sensational court vision to find open teammates when getting downhill. He has range from beyond the arc, as Amundsen is able to create his own shots off the dribble or the catch and shoot. Gritty, tough, skilled, and high IQ are all words that adequately describe his game. 

10. 2026 6’2 Ja’Vance Coleman Jr. (Bullard/Fresno CA)
Coleman had his lead guard skills on display at the Frosh/Soph Camp. Coleman has dynamic handles, shifty moves to create off the dribble, gets into the core of the defense, and has the vision to make plays to open teammates. Coleman has the ability to score it at 3-levels and routinely connect on tough shots from the perimeter. Coleman will be a key part of the Knights system this season and could be one of the top scoring freshmen in the Section. 

11. 2026 5’11 Moses Curry (Liberty/Bakersfield CA)
Curry is starting off high school basketball getting battle tested, as he has attended numerous exposure events and has gone up against top talent. Curry has a nice perimeter shot, good court vision to make plays, and has nice touch on the floater. Defensively, Curry is a quality on ball defender with active hands and good lateral movement to stay in front of his opponent. 

12. 2025 5’10 Cloud David Laurente (Clovis North/Fresno CA)
Laurente is a quality guard that can set up the offense or play off the ball. Laurente is accurate with the 3-ball, attacks downhill with solid court vision to make plays, and completes at a high level. Good movement off the catch and shoot perimeter shots. 

13. 2026 6’5 Jensen Hirschkorn (Kingsburg/CA)
Hirschkorn has nice touch around the basket, does a solid job on the boards, and has the length to alter shots around the basket. He had a solid showing at the Central Cali Next Up Showcase and this event was a great learning experience for the wing/forward. Hirschkorn has a good shooting form and is accurate from the mid-post. If he continues to put the work in, he has the chance to be a special player for the Vikings program.