Long Beach, CA – Last weekend, Dinos Trigonis hosted the first of four regional Frosh/Soph events at McBride High School, the All–West Camp. The event featured approximately 200 players from the Western region of the US, as well as states as far as North Carolina. Two of the top players in the 2026 class nationally, Tyran Stokes and Brandon McCoy, were the obvious headliners but there was plenty of talent from the 2026 and 2027 classes represented in the gym. Players were placed on showcase teams that were named after college programs, and each team/player played in 3 showcase games over three sessions of play. The event wrapped up with a Top 60 Game and ended with Creme of the Crop Top 30 Game, with Stokes, Brayden Kyman, Elias Obenyah, and Ikenna Alozie earning co-MVP honors for the game. Brandon McCoy was named overall Camp MVP, as he displayed his elite two-way skill set all weekend long. 

There are plenty of articles from the event that look at the top overall players, top players in certain regions, such as NorCal, and certain Central Section players mixed into those various articles. I would recommend reading articles by Frank Burlison, Ronnie Flores, Devin Ugland, Britt Wright, Gregg Rosenberg, Eric Bossi, Justin Young, Greg Stein, Aaron Burgin, etc. for more event coverage and player breakdowns beyond the 12 players I discuss in this piece. 

This article focuses solely on the players in attendance at the All-West Camp from the Central Section of California. I provide an in-depth look at the 12 players I saw in action, as well as four additional players at the event that I did not see live in this event. The list of players is not in ranked order but listed alphabetically. Below, I provide a brief summary of how each player performed at the All-West Camp, the players’ information, and some notes on the players’ skill set. I begin with McKae Amundsen. 

2026 5’8 McKae Amundsen (Clovis North/Fresno CA)
Amundsen is a crafty lead guard who makes plays, capable of creating his own scoring opportunities, and defends at a high level on the perimeter. Amundsen displayed his accuracy with the 3-ball off the dribble and the catch and shoot, as well as his ability to break down a defense with the court vision to find open teammates when on the attack. Amundsen is coming off of a great showing at our Next Up Showcase in August, where he was named defensive player of the event and followed that up with earning a spot in the Top 60 Game at the All-West Camp. Amundsen keeps the ball on a string, makes quality decisions with the ball in hand, plays with good pace to keep his defender off balance, and is able to get tough baskets to fall in traffic. Amundsen moves well off the ball, has range with the 3-ball, and generates turnovers with timely on-ball defense that leads to easy points. Stock has been rising the past month and his name is gaining recognition beyond the Central Section. 

2026 6’9 Abdoul Bare (St. Joseph/Santa Maria CA)
Bare was one of the more dominant bigs at the All-West Camp and displayed his improved touch around the basket, along with his ability to protect the paint and control the boards. Bare has made strides in his development, which helped earn him a spot in the Top 30 Game. Bare has a large wingspan, moves well for his size to switch off on perimeter players, is emerging as an elite rim protector and shot blocker, and is active on the glass. Bare has good hands on entry passes in the post, has nice touch on finishes around the basket, is gaining the confidence to throwdown anything close to the rim, and has improved his accuracy on the mid-range shot. Bare will be a key piece for the Knights this upcoming season and, despite several bigs landing on other Central Section rosters for this upcoming season, Bare is looking to solidify himself at the top of that list. 

2026 6’2 Ja’Vance Coleman (Bullard/Fresno CA)
Coleman has been taking advantage of his opportunities over the past few months and getting his name on the radar of people that matter regionally and nationally, and that continued with his performance at the All-West Camp. Coleman was named Most Outstanding Player at our Next Up Showcase back in August and he brought that same level of play to the All-West Camp, as he would earn a spot in the Top 30 Game and continues to solidify himself as one of the top 2026 prospects in the Central Section. Coleman makes good use of the hesitation and crossover to get by his initial defender, has the physical build to finish through contact at the basket, and is creative on shots around the cup. Coleman has a nice stop-and-pop jumper, strong handle on the ball to slice through defenses, and great court vision to find players in tight windows. Coleman is a tough on-ball defender who can hold his own on switches and showed he is gaining consistency from beyond the arc. Strong showing at the Camp. 

2026 6’4 Lydell Farmer (Clovis East/CA)
Farmer had a rocky start in his first game in front of the media table but once he settled in he displayed his two-way versatility and mid-range consistency off the bounce, which earned him a spot in the Top 60 Game at the Camp. Farmer had a top 10 showing at our Next Up Showcase and kept that momentum going into this prestigious regional player showcase. Farmer has a long wingspan to go with his agility and foot speed, which make him a versatile threat on the defensive end, capable of defending in the post or on the interior. Farmer uses his length to protect the cup, jumps passing lanes to create steals, and is active on the glass with the handle to push the pace of play in the open court. Farmer has good handles, makes good use of the wide crossover to create space from his defender, and can rise up and shoot over most perimeter defenders, as well as the ability to put the ball on the deck to get by bigger players. Smooth stroke on his jumper with the ability to space the floor. Farmer’s long-term projection is one of the highest of any player in the Section with his build and instincts. 

2026 6’2 Dalen Felder (Bullard/Fresno CA)
Felder, the other part of the Knight’s dynamic backcourt, had his elite shot-making on display at the All-West Camp, as he would show his range beyond the arc and pure shooting mechanics to earn a spot in the Top 60 Game. Felder is one of the most gifted scorers in the Central Section, regardless of class, and showed his ability to knock down tough buckets off the dribble from the mid-range to the 3-point line. Felder has sure handles, crafty moves to shake his defender, the footwork and body control to take and make tough shots off the dribble, makes great use of the hesitation and change of pace to get to his shot spots, and is accurate with the jump shot. Felder is at his best when he is seeking out the mid-range jumper, and with his efficiency and range from the 3-point line, defenders have to close out which opens up lanes for him to attack. Felder can play above the rim off the bounce and is a creative finisher around the basket with touch on the floater. Dynamic offensive weapon that will be intriguing to watch alongside Coleman for the Knights the next 3 years. 

2026 6’5 Elias Gish (Clovis North/Fresno CA)
Gish is a lengthy wing/forward who impacts the glass, can light it up from beyond the arc, and is an underrated perimeter shot blocker and rim protector. Gish had a solid showing at the All-West Camp and was on the bubble of making the Top 60 Game. Despite not making one of the 2 all-star games, Gish displayed his ability to create off the perimeter, get to his shot spots on the dribble or for catch-and-shoot looks, and was effective shooting the ball from the 3-point line. Gish does a solid job on the boards and has the handles and court vision to push the ball in the open court and find open teammates. Gish showed his versatility as a defender, with the length and height to defend in the paint, as well as the lateral quickness to stay in front of smaller players. Gish will play various spots for the Broncos this season, but his long-term projection is highest at the wing/slasher position.

2027 6’ Jahlil Montgomery (Clovis North/Fresno CA)
Montgomery was one of the few freshmen from the Central Section that attended the All-West Camp and he made some impressions on scouts and media in attendance. The athletic wing/forward showed he can lock up on defense, uses his wingspan and timing to impact the glass, can put the ball on the deck and get downhill, and is a creative finisher at the basket. Montgomery plays with a great motor, has some moves to create off the dribble, and showed some promise with the mid-range jumper. Intriguing long-term prospect that could be a key guy for the Broncos the next couple of years as he develops and matures physically. 

2026 5’10 Joshua Padilla (Clovis North/Fresno CA)
Padilla had a solid showing at the All-West Camp and made his impact felt defending opposing ball-handlers and making plays to open teammates. Padilla has a strong build to finish through contact at the basket, can create his own shots off the dribble, and has the court vision to find open players when on the attack. Padilla makes good use of the hesitation and keeps his defender on his hip, as he is looking to attack the defense routinely. Padilla is accurate with the 3-ball and moves well off the ball to get open looks. 

2026 6’3 Julius Price (St. Joseph/Santa Maria CA)
Price was one of the top players overall at the All-West Camp and backed up his Top 30 Game selection from last year with another Top 30 Game selection but had to leave before the all-star games were played. Price had multiple games scoring in the mid-to-high twenties, as he showed his ability to get buckets at all 3-levels. Price plays at his own speed, does not get rattled by on-ball pressure, changes direction and pace effortlessly to keep his defender guessing, has a great burst of speed off the dribble, and the body control and strength to finish through contact at the basket. What makes Price so difficult to defend is his elite shooting from the perimeter, especially beyond the 3-point line, forcing defenders to close out and opening up driving lanes for him to exploit. Price has great court vision, finds teammates in tight windows, and gets great lift on his jumper off the dribble from fifteen feet and beyond. Price left little to no doubt that he is the top prospect for the 2026 class in the Central Section and a top 100 player nationally for his class. 

2027 6’ Malcolm Price (St. Joseph/Santa Maria CA)
Price, the younger brother of Julius, displayed the skill set, on-court speed, and playmaking that will put him in the mix as one of the top guards in California for the 2027 class. Price has a tight handle on the ball, has elite on-court speed with the ball in hand with the poise to limit mistakes, and can create his own shots or find open teammates when on the attack. Price has the moves to shake his defender, is accurate with the jump shot, and is pesky on defense to generate turnovers to get into the open court. The Knights graduated a lot of talent from last year’s team, and despite having one of the best duos on the West, the younger Price will be a welcomed addition to fill some of the scoring and ball handling missing from last. It may be another year before Malcolm really breaks out but he should be a valuable piece this season. Price did make the Top 60 Game but was not able to participate due to having to travel back to Santa Maria. 

2026 6’3 Sajjin Sidhu (San Joaquin Memorial/Fresno CA)
Sidhu has seen limited on-court action over the past year or so due to injuries, but he has looked great the past two weeks and is showing why many in the Central Section have stated he is one of the better 2026 players in the area. Sidhu displayed solid handles, shifty moves to create separation from his defender, and a smooth stroke from the 3-point line, which earned him a spot in the Top 60 Game at the Camp. Sidhu has the moves to create off the dribble, is accurate with the 3-ball, makes good use of the hesitation to get by his initial defender, and uses his length for creative finishes around the basket. Sidhu has the court vision to make plays, keeps the ball on a string to survey the floor, and makes quality passes to open teammates. He will be a key piece for the Panthers this season, after the departure of junior Gerald Perry to Central.   

2026 6’7 Parker Spees (San Joaquin Memorial/Fresno CA)
Spees made his presence felt in various facets of the game, as is typical of the lengthy wing/forward, which earned him a spot in the Top 60 Game. Spees was dominant on the boards, has the handles to push the ball up the court, the moves to create off the wing, and the size to lift and shoot over most defenders. Spees has good footwork and post moves to score in the paint, has nice touch on finishes around the basket, and moves well off the ball to get to his shot spots. Spees does a solid job protecting the rim, can defend on the wing or in the post, and has the wingspan to deflect the ball in passing lanes, which leads to turnovers and easy transition points. Spees is one of the top overall long-term prospects in the Central Section and with his size and 4.0+ GPA, could be a solid fit at an IVY League school or other relevant high academic D1 programs.

Additional Players in Attendance 
2027 5’9 Aren Arisian (Clovis North/Fresno CA)
2026 6’1 Zak Armstrong (Clovis North/Fresno CA)
2027 6’ Ty Schalk (San Joaquin Memorial/Fresno CA)
2027 5’7 Miles Tucker (Clovis North/Fresno CA)