Long Beach, CA – This past Friday and Saturday, I attended the Fullcourt Press All-West Camp held at Ernest McBride High School’s gym. The two-day camp featured 100 players from California primarily, but from as far as Louisiana and several surrounding states, placed on teams of approximately 8-10 players. There were 12 teams total playing in a showcase game format, broken up into three separate sessions, and each team playing 3 games on two courts. The camp ended with Top 25 and Top 50 all-star games representing the top players at the event. This article takes a look at the Top 20 Performers from the event, broken up into two groups: Top 10 Performers and Next 10 Performers. The first group does represent the top ten players but they are listed in alphabetical order, not a rank order. The second group has the same formatting. This article is based mainly on my observations, but also includes feedback and input from other scouts and media in attendance. We begin with what many considered to be the event’s Most Outstanding Player and top five for me personally, rising senior Zyier Beverly of Washington High School and ICAN All-Stars 17u club team. 

Top 10 Performers

2023 6’8 Zyier Beverly (Washington/Los Angeles CA): Featured in the picture
Beverly is a superior athlete at the wing/forward position that can jump out of the gym and is effective with the deep ball. Beverly had his own dunk contest going throughout the All-West Camp, as he already has a pro-level dunk package. Beverly has a massive wingspan, which allows him to control the boards, as well as protect the basket in the paint and on the perimeter on closeouts. Beverly has enough handles to push the ball off the glass in the open court and does a good job of getting the ball up the court to open teammates in transition. In the half-court setting, Beverly is effective enough shooting from the 3-point line, which opens up the middle of the court and driving lanes to attack. Beverly uses his length to finish in creative ways around the basket, but more often than not, he is trying to throw down over his opponent. He has shown that he can get to the mid-range jump shot routinely but still prefers to get all the way to the rim off the dribble. As Beverly gains more confidence shooting from the perimeter and tightens up his handle the sky is the limit, as he has all the natural tools you look for in a Division 1 prospect. He received his first D1 offer before the camp ended from New Mexico State. 

2025 6’6 Kade Bonam (St. John Bosco/Bellflower CA)
Bonam is a physically imposing forward that has great court vision to make plays out of the post to cutting perimeter players and can space the court from beyond the arc. Bonam has great versatility on both ends of the court and he looked conformable when playing the point-forward at the All-West Camp. Bonam uses his strong frame to bully defenders around the basket with a soft touch on his finishes within 10 feet. Bonam likes to face up at the top of the key to the 3-point line, where he uses his outstanding court vision to find open teammates slashing to the basket in tight windows. Bonam has a nice handle and good footwork to create off the dribble or create separation in the paint, is an accurate shooter from the perimeter, and can stretch the floor with the 3-ball. He has good footwork on the defensive end and is able to defend taller players. Numerous people have made reference to his game being like that of Draymond Green of the Warriors, which I do see some similarities in how he impacts the game in numerous ways. 

2024 6’4 Eric Freeny (Centennial/Corona CA)
Freeny is a combination guard that has the skill to create his own offense, as well as the court awareness and vision to make plays for his teammates. Freeny is coming off a highly productive Section 7 in Arizona and he continued that high level of play at the All-West Camp. Freeny has solid handles, the moves to create off the dribble, good change off pace with the ball in hand to keep his defender guessing, and can score it effectively from all 3 levels. Freeny is accurate from the 3-point line, which opens up driving lanes for him to attack. Once he gets downhill, Freeny has the court vision and quality decision-making to either score the ball or find open teammates off the dribble penetration. Freeny has a solid frame and is able to absorb contact for tough finishes around the basket. Defensively, Freeny uses his size and agility to put the clamps on perimeter players with good instincts to deflect outside shots, which typically turn into transition points. Freeny put up big scoring numbers and showed he can impact the game in countless ways, which will be of value on a loaded Corona Centennial squad.  

2025 6’3 Jeremiah Hampton (Windward/Los Angeles CA)
Hampton is an athletic and wiry wing/guard that has the skill to knife through the defense with an accurate shot from beyond the arc. Hampton wasted no time showing off his bounce at the All-West Camp, as he took flight on the first play of his team’s first game and hammered down a monster dunk. Hampton finished that game scoring over 30 points and showed his ability to make tough, contested shots at a high clip. Offensively, Hampton showed the handles and moves to create off the perimeter, a good burst of speed to get by his initial defender, the confidence to pull up from fifteen feet and beyond and knock down shots, and the creativity and length to finish around size at the basket. Defensively, Hampton has quick hands and good lateral quickness to stay in front of his opponent and create turnovers that lead to easy transition points. Impressive prospect that makes his presence felt on the perimeter on both ends of the court with 3 more years to continue to develop his overall skill-set. 

2025 6’5 Shamar Jones (Southern California Academy/CA)
Jones is a strong and athletic wing/guard that can physically impose his game on the opposition with improved accuracy from the perimeter. Jones displayed his versatility as a scorer at the All-West Camp by getting downhill, along with showing off his range with the 3-ball. Jones has nice handles, good moves to create off the bounce, and has the strength and creativity to finish over height at the rim. Jones has improved his efficiency from the 3-point line, which opened up driving lanes and allowed him to attack downhill. He also was proficient with the mid-range, as he uses his bounce to get nice lift on his jumper.  Jones is a good rebounder and he uses this to his advantage to push the tempo in the open court where he excels. As a rising sophomore, Jones is looking to be one of the more dominant scoring guard/wings in the West. 

2023 6’9 Jimmy Oladokun (Damien/La Verne CA)
Oladokun is an athletic wing/forward that can punish his opponent in the post with the handle and shotmaking to score effectively from the perimeter. Oladokun, another player that has been impressive through the Spring club period and had a great showing at Section 7, was a force on both ends of the court at the All-West Camp. Oladokun dominates the boards, has the wingspan to be a high-level shot-blocker, has great touch on finishes around the basket, and is looking to dunk on any defender that tries to contest him at the rim. Oladokun has solid handles and moves to create off the dribble and is efficient with his perimeter shot that extends to the 3-point line, which puts a lot of pressure on the defense given that he pulls the opponents’ bigs away from the basket and opens up driving lanes for himself and teammates. Oladokun had multiple 20+ point games and was the best big prospect at the camp.

2024 6’3 Devin Ringer (Fairfax/Los Angeles CA)
Ringer is a crafty combination guard that plays with great energy, capable of scoring in bunches, and the court vision to make plays. Ringer generated countless turnovers and scored the ball from all 3-levels at the All-West Camp. Ringer has good shift and wiggle when attacking the defense off the dribble, uses his slender and lengthy frame to slither through the defense, and is a creative finisher around the basket. Ringer is efficient with the perimeter shot, as he can create shots off the dribble or on the catch and shoot moving off-the-ball. Ringer has good court vision, attacks the core of the defense, and keeps his head up to find open teammates off the dribble penetration. He showed this at the All-West Camp, finding teammate Zyier Beverly for a number of crowd-pleasing alley-oops. Ringer has a great motor and when locked in on defense his quick hands cause problems for opposing guards. 

2025 6’5 Dillan Shaw (Heritage Christian/Northridge CA)
Shaw is a lengthy and rangy wing/forward that controls the glass and has range from beyond the arc. Shaw displayed his ability to score the ball in the post, as well as being accurate from the perimeter at the All-West Camp. Shaw uses his length to control the glass, is a proficient rim protector, and can defend in the post, as well as being able to defend perimeter players on switches. Offensively, Shaw has enough of a handle and fluid moves to create off the perimeter, looks comfortable when pulling up from fifteen feet and beyond with efficiency, and has a soft touch on finishes at the basket. Shaw is capable of pushing the ball off the defensive rebound and initiating the transition offense, as he can go coast to coast for the finish or make the outlet pass and run the floor himself. Shaw will have an expanded role this season, as Heritage Christian graduated a lot of their offensive production. 

2023 6’4 Will Smith III (Bishop Montgomery/Torrance CA)
Smith is a physical and athletic guard that can pick a defense apart with his stop-and-pop mid-range jumper. Smith has continued to develop his scoring arsenal and was nearly automatic on his mid-range jumper at the All-West Camp. Smith is strong and athletic, has the handles and quick burst of speed to get by his initial defender, and the strength to bully his way through contact at the rim. Smith has made his stop on a dime mid-range jumper his go-to shot when creating off the dribble, as he plays with good pace and gets nice lift on that shot. He showed accuracy with the jumper when attacking in transition and in the half-court setting. Smith is effective enough from the 3-point line to force his defender to close out, which opens up lanes for him to attack.  

2025 6’0 Issac Williamson (Poly/Riverside CA)
Williamson is a strong combination guard with shifty moves and the ability to hit tough shots from various spots on the floor. Williamson had some impressive scoring outputs at the All-West Camp, which was highlighted by a 30+ point performance. Williamson has good handles, keeps the ball on a string, makes great use of the hesitation move to keep his defender off-balance, and is able to create shots off the dribble from all 3-levels. Williamson has a strong build that allows him to bully his way to the cup, where he is a creative finisher over size. Williamson has range on his 3-ball and with his efficiency, this opens up driving lanes for him to attack. Although he is a volume scorer, Williamson has solid court vision and made some nice reads off the dribble-drive to open teammates. 

Next 10 Performers

2023 6’8 Alex Cervantes (San Ysidro/San Diego CA)
Cervantes is a lengthy guard/wing that can light it up with the 3-ball and has next-level range. Cervantes does a solid job on the boards, can create off the dribble, and is at his best when moving off-ball, around screens, and off the catch and shoot. He is tough to defend, as Cervantes has length and height to shoot over any perimeter defender, and enough handle to get by bigger defenders trying to close out. Intriguing prospect that could be a key to helping open up driving lanes with his perimeter shooting. 

2023 6’5 Justin Daniels (St. May’s/Phoenix CA)
Daniels is a guard/wing that has limitless range from beyond the arc and excels in the open court. Daniels has good handles, the moves to create separation from his defender, and is a crafty finisher at the basket. Daniels will be transferring to St. Mary’s for the upcoming school year and be paired with Arizona’s top 2024 point guard Styles Phipps, which should allow Daniels to flourish at the scoring guard position. 

2023 6’8 Xavier Edmonds (Bishop Montgomery/Torrance CA)
Edmonds is a versatile forward/wing that can score from the perimeter or in the post. Edmonds has great touch around the basket, the consistency to hit from the 3-point line, handles to create off the dribble when defenders over pursue, and an effective stop and pop jumper. Edmonds has good court vision and makes good reads when in the post or on the wing, as he finds cutting teammates routinely for easy lay-ups/dunks.  

2026 6’1 Ty Ingram (San Ysidro/San Diego CA)
Ingram is a combination guard that already has an impressive scoring package that will be utilized right away as a freshman. Ingram has solid handles, good moves to attack off the dribble, and is a creative finisher at the basket. Ingram plays with good pace, makes nice use of the hesitation, and gets to his shot spots, where he is efficient from the 3-point line. Ingram has a smooth stroke and good body control to hit tough shots off-balance. Intriguing prospect to watch the next four years. 

2023 6’ Ray King (St. Bernard/Playa del Rey CA)

King is a dynamic shot-maker that has range on the deep ball. King may have been the biggest hit of the All-West Camp, as his game-ending 3-pointer, which led to him hitting the splits on his defender after the release and before the shot dropped in, went viral on multiple outlets. Beyond that, King played very well and showcased his dynamic handles, shifty moves to create separation from his defender, and tough shot-making ability. King has a burst of speed and the ability to stop on a dime moves to shake his man and all he needs is a little space to get his shot off. Creative finisher around the basket to evade the size in the paint. 

2023 6’ Jason Lee (Centennial/Corona CA)
Lee is a shifty combination guard that has a creative ability to finish around the basket in a variety of ways. Lee has tight handles, keeps the ball on a string, good body control when attacking off the dribble, and capable of scoring it from all 3 levels. Lee had a great final game of the showcase rounds, creating turnovers with quick hands in the passing lanes, some creative lay-ups in the open court, shifty moves breaking his defender down and getting to the basket with ease, and showing range with the 3-ball. Good combination of athleticism and skill at the guard spot. 

2024 6’3 Jordy McKenzie (Southern California Academy/CA)
McKenzie is a guard/wing that can push the tempo of the offense and create his own shots off the dribble. McKenzie has solid handles and moves to create space, has good body control when on the attack, can make tough shots from fifteen feet and beyond, and can catch fire from the 3-point line with range. McKenzie makes good use of the cross-over and attacks downhill with an ability to finish through and around contact. 

2024 6’5 Marcel Pierre-Louis (Head Royce/Oakland CA)
Pierre-Louis is a forward with a solid frame and a nice shooting form that hits with accuracy from fifteen feet and extends to the 3-point line. Pierre-Louis is a force on the glass, has nice touch around the rim on putbacks and layups, and enough handle to create offense from the block to the short corner. Pierre-Louis also has good back-to-the-basket moves and makes solid use of the spin move to separate from his defender. 

2024 6’7 Gavin Ripp (Archbishop Mitty/San Jose CA)
Ripp is a forward that will fill up the stat sheet and leaves his imprints all over the game. Ripp is dominant on the glass, has good court vision as a big man that allows him to facilitate out of the post, gets the ball up the court to initiate transition, and has a nice touch around the basket. He can knock down shots from the mid-post to the 3-point line effectively. Ripp was one of the more productive players overall at the All-West Camp. 

2023 6’6 Deacon Tolliver (Los Osos/Rancho Cucamonga CA)
Tolliver is a rapidly improving forward that has a great motor, controls the boards, and has improved his perimeter shot. Tolliver impacted the game in a variety of ways at the All-West Camp and used his size and frame to enforce his game in the paint, scoring around the basket routinely. He showed more agility, athleticism, and accuracy with his shot from fifteen to twenty feet.