Bakersfield, CA –  Sunday, June 11th, I attended the CSU Bakersfield Women’s Basketball Team Camp, which featured teams from Central and Southern California. The event started Friday afternoon and ran through Sunday, but I was only in attendance for championship Sunday. I did not see all the teams that were in the event, but did get a chance to see the following schools on the main court: Buchanan of Fresno, Bullard of Fresno, Centennial of Bakersfield, Ridgeview of Bakersfield, Pacifica of Oxnard, La Salle Prep of Pasadena, Arvin and Shafter. Buchanan defeated Team NTS (players from La Salle Prep and other schools in the Pasadena area) 42-38 with Aloni Oliver and Vanna Quintana leading the way for the Lady Bears, scoring 19 points and 14 points respectively. 

This article takes a look at some of the standout performers I was able to watch live on the main court. The players are not listed in ranked order but in alphabetical order.  The following information is provided for the players below:  a brief evaluation of each player’s skill set and strengths of their games, how they performed in the event, as well as all relevant player information. We begin this article with rising junior Aubrey Aldan. 

2025 5’10 Aubrey Aldan (Ridgeview/Bakersfield CA)

Aldan is a forward that has a smooth perimeter shot and controls the boards on both ends. Aldan would score 8 points in a quarterfinal loss to Bullard of Fresno and had close to 10 rebounds in the process. Aldan has a good handle for a forward, is accurate from the perimeter off the dribble or the catch-and-shoot, and has nice touch around the basket. Aldan makes good passes from the top of the key and has the skill to operate off the wing and the height to score in the post. Aldan will be a key piece for the Lady Wolfpack this upcoming season, and depending on her level of development over the next two years, she could be an intriguing prospect at the next level. 

2025 5’5 Kaden Cortes (La Salle Prep/Pasadena CA)

Cortes is a shooting guard that can knock down the 3-ball off the bounce or the catch and shoot at a high clip. Cortes had a strong showing in her team’s win over Pacifica of Oxnard in the semifinals, as she would connect on a pair of threes and score a game-high 15 points en route to the championship. Cortes has solid handles, good moves to attack off the wing, has nice touch on her perimeter shot from the mid-range to the 3-point line, and is able to finish through contact at the basket. Cortes has good court vision to find open teammates and moves well off the ball to get to her shot spots. 

2024 5’4 Summer Doubek (Centennial/Bakersfield CA)

Doubek is a guard that has the handle to attack the defense and is a solid on-ball defender that plays with a great motor. Doubek had a strong showing in Centennial’s win over Shafter to earn a spot in the quarterfinals. Doubek has a good feel for the game, plays well off the ball to get open for catch-and-shoot opportunities, and has good touch on her perimeter shot. Her motor and impact on the defensive end lead to turnovers and transition points. 

2024 5’7 Roxana Fernandez (Arvin/CA)

Fernandez is a lead guard that has a solid handle and the court vision to make plays or create her own offense. Fernandez had a strong start in the quarterfinals against eventual champs Buchanan, as she showed nice touch on the floater, got into the teeth of the defense, and made good decisions when on the attack to either facilitate or look for her own shots. Good shooting form from the perimeter and nice touch around the basket. 

2026 5’11 Sanai Herod (Bullard/Fresno CA)

Herod is a lengthy forward that controls the glass, alters shots, runs the floor well to get open for easy transition points, and can space the floor from beyond the arc. Herod led her team with 15 points in their quarterfinal win over Ridgeview. Herod is accurate shooting from the perimeter, has great touch on finishes around the cup, has solid court vision to make reads from the top of the key, and is a versatile defender capable of defending perimeter players, as well as bigs in the post. Herod is an intriguing long-term prospect with 3 more years of development and will be a name that garners attention from college coaches.  

2026 5’6 Ymanee Markham (Bullard/Fresno CA)

Markham is a lead guard that has a strong handle on the ball, the moves to break down her defender, and is able to finish through contact at the basket. Markham had 8 points in Bullard’s win over Ridgeview to get to the semifinals. Markham has nice handles, good moves to create off the dribble, gets downhill with nice touch on finishes in the paint. Markham has good touch on her perimeter shot and the court vision to make quality reads when going at the defense. Communicates well on the court and lots of upside. 

2025 5’6 Mimi Moon (Pacifica/Oxnard CA)

Moon is a lead guard with elite handles and the moves to shake her defender, with the ability to score it from 3 levels. Moon had the best handles and moves to create off the dribble of any player I saw live on championship Sunday, and had a team-high 11 points in Pacifica’s semifinal loss to Team NTS. Moon keeps the ball on a string, head on a swivel to find open teammates, the court vision to make tough passes in tight windows, and makes great use of the hesitation to keep her defender on skates. Moon showed she can space the floor with the 3-ball, and with her shifty moves and dynamic handle, she is able to exploit opponents that over-pursue on closeouts, as she has a nice burst of speed, good touch on the floater, and is capable of making lay-ups in traffic with creativity. Impressive floor general that can make plays for others or get her own buckets. 

2024 5’9 Aloni Oliver (Buchanan/Clovis CA)

Oliver is a crafty combo guard that scores in volume and is a lock-up perimeter defender that generates steals and turnovers at a high clip. Oliver had 12 points in the quarterfinals to get past Ridgeview, and went off in the 2nd half of the championship game scoring 12 of her game-high 19 points, along with 4 rebounds, 4 assists, and 3 steals. Oliver has solid handles, a scorer mentality that looks to attack off the dribble, can makes shots from 3-levels, and her ability to space the floor with the 3-ball opens up driving lanes, which she took advantage of often. Oliver has nice touch on the floater, is a creative bucket-getter around the basket, and is a tough on-ball defender with quick hands to disrupt her opponents’ rhythm. Oliver has great on-court speed, and with her handle she is able to blow by most defenders. Co-MVP of the championship game. 

2024 5’10 Vanna Quintana (Buchanan/Clovis CA)

Quintana is a point-forward that plays with poise, makes quality decisions with the ball in hand, and has a smooth stroke from beyond the arc. Quintana scored 7 points in the quarterfinals against Ridgeview, before putting down an impressive stat line in the championship game, with 14 points, 6 assists, and 5 rebounds, and was co-MVP of the game. Quintana has solid handles, makes good use of the hesitation to keep her defender off balance, and is accurate with the 3-ball off the dribble or the catch and shoot, as she had a pair of threes in the championship game. Quintana can operate in the post as well, with good footwork, nice touch in the paint, and the court vision to pick the defense apart from the high post or top of the key. Impressed with how well she made reads coming off the ball screen to either find the screener or look for her own shot. 

2025 5’7 Alexia Ramirez (Shafter/CA)

Ramirez is a forward that controls the boards, has enough handle to push the ball up the court, and has a solid perimeter shot to keep her defender honest. Tough player that gets into her defender’s dribbling space, generates steals, and does not hesitate to dive on the floor for the lose ball. Ramirez has good court vision and makes nice reads from the high post. 

2026 5’10 Kyla Schooly (Shafter/CA)

Schooly is a lengthy and agile forward that can score around the basket or space the floor from the perimeter. Schooly had a solid showing in a pool play loss to Centennial of Bakersfield. Schooly controls the boards, has the length to alter shots in the paint, and has nice touch on putbacks and finishes around the basket. Schooly hit a few mid-range shots, and as her game continues to develop, she will be an intriguing next-level prospect that will attract attention with her height and shooting ability. 

2027 5’6 Kai Shaw (Centennial/Bakersfield CA)

Shaw is a crafty lead guard that can create her own offense or make plays for others, and has great instincts on defense to generate steals and transition buckets. Shaw led Centennial in their win over Shafter, as she scored at least 12 points if not more but I arrived at the gym after the game had started and my stats were not complete. Shaw has tight handles, moves to weave through the defense, the court vision to deliver pin-point passes, and is knock down from beyond the arc, off the dribble or the catch and shoot. Shaw has good defensive instincts, active hands to disrupt her opponents’ dribbling space, and jumps passing lanes to get takeaways that lead to easy points. Shaw plays with great pace and poise and has yet to play an official high school basketball game, which is great for Centennial but a big problem for league and Section opponents.