Nothing But Net Magazine Class of 2023
by Van Coleman

One thing about the Class of 2023 as it is finishing its first year of high school play is the fact that a number of its top talents have already received more than their fair share of hype. Some of which is earned, some maybe not! But that may be the way it’s just going to be as more and more emphasis is put of finding “The Next?”

At this point, no rankings list we put out will change more than the freshmen as they continue to grow, mature physically and add skills! Hopefully for their sake their parents, coaches, and trainers realize this and keep them on a continued path to development. Sadly, of late I’ve seen way too many players who believe the early hype and they fall short of their goals as they progress through high school. But enough pontificating, let’s take our “First Look” at the Class of 2023.

First off there isn’t much separation at the top as most of the top 10-15 players have been among the elite middle school talent the past two years with as many as five different players holding a top spot on some national lists that rank middle school talent. But as it happens to be with all of our rankings, rep is not the key, but the level of play that the players have demonstrated when we’ve had the opportunity to evaluate them.

That is why, at this early stage we chose 6’7 Omaha Biliew as our number one player as the Class of 2023 enters its first year in high school. He has consistently been a dominate force on both ends of the court and has an advanced skill set with the room to grow and continue to improve. But he isn’t alone at the top of the rising freshman class that is for sure!

Right behind him are trio of uber talented guards in D.J. Wagner, Mikey Williams, and Elijah Fisher who can light it up from deep or make highlights at the rim. They are being pushed by a quartet of front court talents including 6-10 big man David Oyona-Ibandzo and forwards Matthew Bewley, MacKenzie Mgbako, and Amani Hansberry. Rounding out this talented top ten are scoring guard Christopher Locket and skilled big Jalen Lewis.

But, look for a number of talented players like LeBron “Bronny” James, Robert Jones, Jayden Nicholson, Ryan Bewley and Jahzare Jackson to challenge their top ten status as they make a real impact as freshman during the rest of the 2019-20 season and on the spring circuit in April and May!

It’s a class with tremendous potential, but its early and we will have to wait and see if the development of the young bigs happens over the next year or so to round out what potentially what can be a strong class. With that in mind here’s our First Look at the Top Freshmen in the Class of 2023!

Van Coleman’s Class of 2023 – Top 50+ Freshmen