The best of the best in the class of 2025 were on display in Colorado Springs for USA Basketball’s U17 training camp. Three of the five best players in the class were in attendance including the overall #1 player, AJ Dybantsa.

It seems as if when Dybantsa was playing, he was on a basketball court-size trampoline with his diabolical pogo stick-like vertical. Has had a Lebron-esque feel at 6’9 to run the PG spot and initiate offense as one of the leaders of this year’s team. Has showcased a more consistent jump shot and has improved his mentality to lead his team to win. Continues to focus on making the correct play, not the highlight reels.

The #2 player in the class, Cameron Boozer was also in attendance, Boozer put on a display that earned him the title, “The Big Dog in the building, aka Big Body Booze”. An incredibly gifted big who can shoot the perimeter jump shot or score easily upon post entry. Physically, he can impose on competition at this level without question. Has showcased a pro-like mentality in terms of work ethic, attitude and communication. A clear-cut leader on this year’s team.

Also in attendance was the #5 ranked player on both 24/7 and ESPN, Koa Peat. One of 3 Alpha Dogs on this year’s U17 USA Team. Peat has garnered Gold previously and understands the mentality needed to enter the competition on this level. The top player in the Adidas Circuit, Peat has always been a defensive juggernaut. He currently has an improved offensive arsenal and an improved shot release out to 18 feet. Koa’s mentality is like that of a war general as he looks to help direct this year’s team to another golden

The camp’s tallest player, Chris Cenac Jr; entered USA Team Camp as the hottest rising prospect in America. Fresh off an NBAPA TOP 100 MVP performance, Cenac thrives when showing his ability in the post and off the bounce. Like Dybantsa, Boozer and Peat, Cenac, the top player in the Puma Circuit, has NBA size and will assemble to comprise the most physically imposing team on the world stage at this level.

The player in camp with the highest basketball IQ was easily JJ Mandaquit. A born leader and consummate playmaker, thrives on getting others involved. A security blanket that won’t make mistakes and gets others the ball in optimum spots. One of the reasons the coaching staff has been able to put in a dynamic offensive attack is based on the elite guard play of the Hawaiian native. JJ displays emotional intelligence and conflict resolution skills needed to lead a team from the PG spot.

In addition to the class of 2025, a number of 2026 kids were also in attendance. Consensus op 5 player in 2026, Caleb Holt showed out at the camp en route to making the team. The elegance of a sports car, accompanied by the ruggedness of a military hummer. Holt is willing to go the extra mile, never running out of gasoline to fuel his team. He takes pride in the fact his work ethic has given him a shot to make this year’s USA U-17 Team. The two-time Alabama player of the year is poised to become one of the best players from out of this region as he showcases his skills for NBA personnel in this year’s camp.

This camp featured a number of sons of former NBA players. In addition to Boozer, Alijah Arenas and Tajh Ariza were working on making their own names stand out and not rely on the famous fathers. Arenas is cooler than the other side of the pillow, but don’t let the smooth taste fool you. A much more refined prospect than his father, a former Wizards guard, Arenas plays with the feverish tempo, herky-jerky style, and swagger of a player who has been tasked with several responsibilities for his HS team to win. His on-court conduct is exemplary, and he is a relative sponge on how he goes about improving to become the best player he can be. Ariza was the fire to Arena’s Ice. Ariza has shown the ability to cash out the long 3 or step inside 15 feet and make the defense pay. He is wise beyond his years in his mental fortitude and approach to winning. Never forcing the issue, Ariza has shown his skill level to be exemplary and unabashed. His aggressiveness and assertive playing style make him someone this year’s USA U-17 team can lean on in tough spots vs. international competition.

Rounding out the most impressive players at camp were Jaden Toombs and Caleb Gaskins. Toombs will never back down from a formidable challenge. The Texas Big Man has been on a tear since attending three Elite camps in a row, including Pangos All-American Camp, NBPA Top 100, and currently Team USA U-17 Camp. He has no problem going head-to-head with Team USA Alpha; Big Body Boozer, Toombs more than held his own in the physicality department. Toombs is a physically bruising prospect who receives tutelage and mentorship from Jermaine O’Neal and Drive Nation. Gaskins has all the tools and a V-12 engine to boot, even at 15, in consideration to make this USA Team U-17 team. He possesses a calm maturity and the control of a much older prospect. Gaskins possesses an elite work ethic and temperament to thrive on the next level.

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** This is a special report by Jason O’Neil and Aubrey Gray