The inaugural Pangos All-Euro Camp was held earlier this month on August 9-10 at Basketaki Arena in the Archanes area of Athens Greece, showcasing a group of approximately 55 prospects representing 16 different European countries and drawing top American scouts on-hand included Frank Burlison ( and Ronnie Flores (Ball is Life and Hoop Scoop). European scouts Stefanos Makris ( and Kostas Psimoulis (EuroHoops Scouting) were also in the building evaluating players. BallerTV live-streamed all the games and they are available 24/7 for replay at:

HoopBasket ( was an official sponsor and the provider of camp uniforms. Spalding was the camp’s official ball. Greek basketball legend Panagiotis “Panos” Fasoulas (NC State/Portland Trailblazers 2nd round draft pick) who was a star in the Greek Pro League and on the Greek National Team (as well as later serving as Mayor of Piraeus) was also in attendance watching games.

Frank Burlison recaps of the event:

Ronnie Flores recaps of the event:

Zisi Sarikopoulos (former Ohio State and Alabama-Birmingham big man who has played in the Greek Pro League) directed the skills session of the event and Athens native and hoop afficionado Christos Margelis provided crucial logistical camp support. For its first year, considering the calendar dynamics, the camp was more than solid and had several young and promising young players worth tracking long-term.  Below are 25 of the top players that stood out to me (in alphabetical order) as well as additional players worthy of being noted.

Trigonis Top 25

Kâmil Cardot                    6’5″    18       2023   15/07/05          Reims France
Active and assertive wing with strength and ability to get his own shot. Solid rebounder plays hard.

Neo Anker Allarp Dengaky  6’1″    14       2028   22/03/09          Copenhagen Denmark
Promising young lead guard with quickness off the bounce and very nice long-term potential.

Rene Deinlein                  6’3″    16       2025   23/07/07          Mantel Germany
Rangy WG with accurate 3-point stroke.

Ioannis Donakis               6’7″    17       2024   13/05/06          Thessaloniki Greece
Rugged and physical PF with excellent academics (1350 SAT score) is a factor on the glass and can score through contact in the paint.

Eldin Ejubovic                 6’1″    17       2026   22/03/06          Amsterdam Netherlands
Co-MVP of the Best of the Best Game is a confident sharpshooter with propensity to be a pesky defender. Scored a game-high 15 points in Best of Best Game (three 3s).  National scout Ronnie Flores ranked him as his #7 player at the camp.

Rodney Ekwoanya           6’4″    18       2024   07/10/04          Leesburg  VA USA/ London UK
Athletic WG makes plays on both ends and can finish above the rim as well as being capable of blocking shots.  UK native had 10 points in the Best of Best Game and is now attending Evergreen Christian (Leesburg VA) in the States.

Gianni Ferentinos            6’4″    17       2024   15/11/05          Athens Greece
Greek guard with American ties (has played HS ball in USA) is an assertive scoring guard that can really put points on the board.  Ferentinos’ 24 points on Day One of the camp was the top scoring mark at the event.  Gianni fell ill after the camp’s first day and was not able to participate on Day Two.

Noel Emile-Lewis Mantock  6’4″    16       2026   10/05/07          Novi Sad Serbia
Talented young PG with nice size, poise and skill level. Mantock (whose father is Jamaican) has a very solid handle, can change speeds effectively and does an impressive job setting the table for teammates. Veteran national scout Frank Burlison (who was present at the camp noted that Noel “looked, often, like the top “point guard” prospect at the event.”  National scout Ronnie Flores ranked him as his #4 player at the camp.

Giorgos Giantsidis           6’4″    14       2027   22/05/09          Athens Greece
Very impressive young sharpshooter can really stroke the “3” point shot. Started the Best of the Best Game on fire with a barrage of long-distance and finished with 10 points.  Ronnie Flores ranked him as his #3 player at the camp. Won’t turn 15 until next May 2024.

Dimitris Kakarouchas      6’5″    17       2024   04/05/06          Athens Greece
Long armed WG has legit 3-point range.

Stavros Karpouzis           6’9″    17       2024   21/10/06          Thessaloniki Greece
Physical PF doesn’t mind banging bodies in the paint and can score consistently through contact in the paint. Karpouzis is also an excellent passer out of the post and is a back to the basket offensive threat thanks in large part to his nifty footwork. Stavros’ impact in the Best of Best Game (seven points and seven rebounds) resulted in him being named MVP of the Blue Team.  Ronnie Flores pegged him as his #5 player at the camp.

Sebastian Kielek              7’0″    18       2025   11/02/05          Stockholm Sweden
Very long and agile center needs strength but has very good long-term upside. Runs floor well, is a formidable rim-protector and is active on the glass. Has only been playing hoops for less than 2 years.

Orestis Koutras               6’0″    16       2025   22/11/07          Psihiko, Greece
While his camp appearance was shortened due to injury, Orestis is a savvy guard with a very accurate perimeter shooting stroke.

Alleia Ivan Mobio             6’3″    18       2023   12/10/04          Alba Italy
Strong and athletic guard plays with energy and can score in a variety of ways. Played well in Best of Best Game (9 points, 5 rebounds and 2 steals). Mentor is former UTEP and NBA guard Julyan Stone (now playing professionally in Italy).

Divine Nnadi                    6’0″    18       2023   20/12/04          Athens Greece
Quick guard can really push the ball in transition and has nice drive and kick ability. Very good defender had 12 points for the Blue Team in Best of Best Game. Ronnie Flores named him as his #15 player at the camp.  

Spyros Onoka                  6’7″    18       2023   28/07/05          Patras Greece
Raw but developing athletic forward runs floor well in transition and is an active defender.  With continued hard-work, this Greek-Nigerian has potential to evolve into a nice player.

Paris Papadatos              6’4″    17       2024   06/01/06          Athens Greece
Assertive driver off the bounce can also knock down 3-point shots. Moves well without the ball. Ronnie Flores ranked him as his #12 player at the camp.

Apostolos Paziotopoulos    6’3″    18       2024   09/01/05          Fairmont Academy FL/Greece
Combo-guard with very good court vision has ability to connect from distance. Plays hard on the defensive end too. Attends Fairmont Academy (Orlando FL) in the States. Ronnie Flores ranked him as his #10 player at the camp.

Noah Penda                      6’7″    18       2023   07/01/05          Aix en Provence/ Paris France
MVP of the camp was a core member and starter on the French U19 national team that beat the USA U19 squad (semi-finals) before losing to Spain in the FIBA 19U World Cup Gold Medal game in Debrecen, Hungary earlier this summer. Excellent all-around player that impacts the game in a wide variety of ways and on both ends of the floor. Very strong framed athlete always seems to play under control, is explosive at the rim, rebounds at a high clip and has terrific passing touch. Led his Blue squad to the win in the Best of Best of Game 81-68. Just signed a pro contract with JA Vichy-Clermont Métropole Basket, a French pro team that plays in the Pro B league, France’s second division of pro basketball.

Bilal Raymond Pedersen    6’2″    17       2026   17/07/06          Copenhagen Denmark
Pedersen is a guard that likes to push the ball in transition and has nice mid-range pull-up jump shooting ability. Very active defender has nice “pick and roll” ability. Ronnie Flores ranked him as his #9 player at the camp

Tomas Stankevicius        6’5″    17       2024   07/10/05          Kaunas, Lithuania
Lithuanian swingman was one of the top tandouts of the camp.  Very good jump shooter with strong build has nice body control to finish plays off the drive and is an underrated athlete. Very good passer too. Tomas’ outstanding play here resulted in Ronnie Flores ranking him as his #2 player at the camp.

Atanasij Trajanov            6’6″    17       2024   28/01/06          Cooper Academy CA/Macedonia
North Macedonian WF head to Cooper Academy (Chino CA) is an effective downhill scorer and a regular visitor on the glass. Trajanov has very nice lift on his shot and can flush it at the rim when the opportunity presents itself.

Brajan Vujotić                  6’5″    18       2024   11/07/05          Podgorica Montenegro
Lefty wing has quick release on his jump shot and is a hard driver to and finisher at the cup. Ronnie Flores pegged him as his #20 player at the camp.

Georgios Vassilakis         6’8″    18       2024   22/10/04          Helsinki Finland
Assertive hybrid-forward with confident scoring instincts has nice ability to advance the ball off the bounce in transition. Georgios had arguably the best Day One of the Camp of any player: scoring 18 and 14 points in his 2 games via an assorted display of mid-range and long-distance jumpers as well as a few crafty post moves on the block. Very good rebounder whose dad is Greek (hence his Hellenic last name) is drawing NCAA interest from the likes of South Alabama, Pacific, Texas Southern, Tenn-Chattanooga, Tennessee State and Queens University (NC).

Yannos Xanthopoulos     6’8″    16       2024   10/09/06          Athens Greece
Xanthopoulos is a young PF with agility, nice offensive instincts around the cup and has impressive face-up shooting ability. Ronnie Flores ranked this promising prospect as his #6 player at the camp.

Others of Note (in alphabetical order):
Melchizedek Andre            6’8″     17       2025   19/11/05          London United Kingdom
Angelos Bratakos              6’2″     16       2024   01/12/06          Athens Greece
Jean Cassano                   6’3″     20       2023   17/03/03          Milan Italy
Bojan Dimitriev                  6’8″     17       2025   22/01/06          Cooper Academy CA/Macedonia
Themistoklis Donakis         6’0″     14       2026   03/09/08          Thessaloniki Greece
Aggelos Karolos Emiroglou   6’4″     16       2024   10/07/06          Rhodes Greece
Matej Kostov                      6’3″     15       2026   03/02/08          North Macedonia
Klaivert Hamitai                 6’7″     18       2023   17/05/05          Athens Greece
Antonios-Rafail Karampelas  6’1″     16       2025   18/05/07          Thessaloniki Greece
Stathis Karatzas                6’3″     16       2025   11/11/07          Patras Greece
Kosta Kirilovski                  6’7″     17       2025   31/08/06          Cooper Academy CA/Macedonia
Lukas Novakovic               6’4″     15       2027   16/05/08          Stockholm  Sweden
Christopher Nyirenda         6’4″     17       2024   22/11/06          Athens Greece
Dante Otite                        6’8″     16       2023   21/02/07          London United Kingdom
Ioannis Pantiskas              6’4″     17       2024   16/03/06          Levadeia Greece
Georgios Siotas                 6’5″     18       2023   07/02/05          Athens Greece
Borna Spiljak                      6’2″     15       2026   03/01/08          Split Croatia
Filip Srebrov                      6’2″     15       2027   22/01/08          Cooper Academy CA/Macedonia
George Tsakiris                 6’3″     16       2025   25/06/07          Marousi, Athens Greece