While the 2022 Tarkanian Classic featured over 200 teams in its high school and prep school brackets, I was able to see about 70-80 of those teams in the four days I attended the tournament.  I have listed them below based on the Top 25 players I observed and the “Best of the Rest” who showed the potential to play NCAA Division I basketball. With that being said, I know I missed a number of quality players and division one talents who played in some of the various other sights around Las Vegas in both the high school and prep divisions.

I’d like to give a special shout out to Ronnie Flores of BallisLife.com for helping me identify other players who played at a stellar level the last two days of the tournament that I missed due to prior family commitments. Yes, that even happens to scouts with forty-four years of experience.

So, with that in mind here is a look at the top prospects we observed at the 2022 Tarkanian Classic in Las Vegas (college commitment in parenthesis when applicable).

2022 Tarkanian Classic Overall Top Prospects
(Combined High School & Prep Divisions)

TOP TWENTY-FIVE+: (Listed by Height)

PLAYER                           HGT   POS   CLASS          SCHOOL CITY STATE (College Choice)
Jazz Gardner
                   7-1     C        2023             West Ranch (Valencia CA)
This skilled big was solid throughout tourney and he had a double-double when we watched him, hit jumpers from the three-point arc and did a good job on the glass. Visited schools like Texas Tech and Dayton in Fall but will be a spring signee.  Still needs to add a nasty streak to reach another level but his skills are promising…stay tuned!

Peyton Marshall               7-0     C        2024             Kell (Marietta GA) (Auburn)
This wide-bodied big man uses his huge frame to control defenders on the blocks and rebounds well on both ends. He has a soft touch around the rim and finishes when necessary and through contact. If he adds stamina, look out!

Makhan Diouf                   7-0     C        2024             Bella Vista Prep (Scottsdale AZ)
This long and lanky big man impressed us with his ability to control the paint.  He denied shots at the rim and snapped rebounds and made quick outlets to start the break. He’s still somewhat raw on “O” on the block but can step out and hit open shots from the elbow to the 3-point arc on pick and pop situations. He should see lots of mid to high major interest.

Baye Fall                          6-10    C        2023             Accelerated Schools (Denver CO) (Arkansas)
Very athletic big runs floor very well and can finish with authority at rim.  Premier shotblocker is another big time signee for Eric Musselman in Fayetteville.

Jaden Toombs                 6-10    C        2025             Dynamic Prep (Irving TX)
Talented young big with solid body who can power it to the rim or hit turnaround shots off the glass on the blocks. He rebounds with purpose and can run floor and be involved on the break in transition. He has a fast developing facing game that will draw high majors to his games!

Drew Fielder                     6-10    F        2023             SCA (Northridge CA) (Providence)
This skilled big man can pick and pop the three ball or roll to the rim and finish through contact or dunk. He is a good passer with excellent feet who can patrol the paint and disrupt opponents’ offense. He has been one of nation’s fastest rising bigs this fall and didn’t slow that rise in Vegas. He will be a good one for Ed Cooley’s Friars!

Zack Davidson                 6-9     F/C     2023             Mater Dei (Santa Ana CA) (Montana)
High basketball IQ’ big who you can run your offense through out of the post. He has good feet and the ability to go score going either way on the blocks and is an excellent passer. He also showed improved range on his pop out jumper!  Might be a steal for the Grizzlies!

Tyler Mason                     6-9     F        2025             Trinity International (Las Vegas NV)
Active big with the body to bang inside and eye for the ball off the glass. He outlets quickly and is a good passer out of the blocks that finishes around hoop with either hand. He’s just starting to extend his game away from basket, but is going to start seeing Mids-up in gym regularly.

Luke Bamgboye               6-9     F        2024             Bella Vista Prep (Scottsdale AZ)
This long and explosive big man has tools to control the glass and paint defensively. He altered shots and recorded a couple of nasty blocks. He finishes around the hoop and is just starting to fill out his frame that will allow him to reach higher levels that his athleticism promises.

Jaydn Toppin                   6-8     F        2023             Faith Family (Desoto TX) (New Mexico)
Athletic lefty big who can knock down elbow jumpers or attack the rim and finish with the dunk or kiss off glass. He has the bounce to board out of his zone and can alter shots with his length. As range extends, will be good one in college in Albuquerque.

Alex Toohey                     6-8     F        2023             NBA Global Academy (Canberra Australia) Co-MOP of the Prep School Division and Gonzaga-bound swingman was a force to be reckoned with off with his face up and dribble game where he finished a couple drives with posters that left the crowd buzzing. He has good range on his jumper to keep “D” honest and excellent basketball IQ to adjust to style of play.

Chris Tadjo                      6-8     F        2024             NBA Latin America (Mexico)
This excellent face up forward can play on the perimeter with range on his jumper and has the handle to create drives or passes. He sees up the court on the turn in transition and has no fear attacking rim and finishing in traffic.

David Tubek
                     6-7     F        2023             Dream City Christian (Glendale AZ)
Skilled combo forward who can run the break or deliver the rock off the dribble in the half-court game. He has range on his jumper and plays through contact on the drive. He has good bounce and can finish with dunks off the attack!

Andrew Meadow
              6-7     F        2023             West Ranch (Valencia CA) (Boise State) 
MVP of Platinum HS Division was a force throughout the tourney leading his team to Platinum title and showed that he can knock down jumpers to the 3-point arc, create drives or passes off the dribble and run the break off the glass.  He will make an immediate impact for the Broncos as a freshman!

Garwey Dual
                    6-6     G/F    2023             SCA (Northridge CA) (Providence)
This multi-skilled swingman can handle and run the break and is a good passer in transition. He showed an improving jumper from deep and attacked the basket and finished at rim. Another quality addition for the Friars!

Thierry Serge Darlan       6-6     G/F    2023             NBA Africa Academy (Sali Senegal)
Co-MOP of Prep School Division has all the tools to play the one through the three at the next level. He is an excellent handler in transition who sees up the court or can deliver the rock off the dribble and kick. He has range to the arc and athleticism and bounce to finish over Bigs.

Carl Cherenfant
                6-5     G/F    2023             Calvary Christian (Ft. Lauderdale FL)
This smooth and powerful swing man and Memphis signee can play the one through three spots. He has combo guard skills a la Malcolm Brogdon and doesn’t back down from challenge on either end. He showed he can knock down jumpers to keep “D” honest. He will be excellent addition as frosh for the Tigers.

Tyler Johnson                  6-5     G/F    2024             Oak Ridge (Orlando FL)
This explosive wing can attack the rim and score with either hand. He has quick hands and feet on defense and the length to board and start the break. He hit a couple threes when we watched and with consistency will see his list of high major interest grow.

A.J. Johnson                   6-5     G        2023             SoCal Academy (Northridge CA) (Texas)
Lanky guard with the length to swing on the wing, he has range to the three-point line and can knock down jumpers from 15-feet!  He is a good passer on penetration but is at his best when attacking off the dribble in the paint.

Peyton Gusters                6-4     G        2023             Faith Family (Desoto TX) (Prairie View A&M)
Solid wing guard with range to the 3-point arc who can drive and pull up or finish at the rim with bounce. He showed that he can make defensive plays and was a high-level glue guy willing to do what it takes on both ends of the court.

Sebastian Mack                6-4     G        2023             Coronado (Henderson NV) (UCLA)
Sweet shooting scoring guard has ability to get his shot off the dribble or catch and shoot. He can drive and finish in traffic. His range and consistency will get him playing time as a frosh with the Bruins.

Ace Bucker                      6-2     G        2024             St. Ignatius (Cleveland OH)
Athletic combo-guard can knock down jumpers from beyond the 3-point arc with regularity. He uses jumpers to set up drives to the hoop or kick it to teammates if doubled up. He sees the court well and has all the tools to mature into a top notch lead guard. Based on his play in Vegas look for his list of schools to grow!

John “Juni” Mobley         6-2     G        2024             Gorman (Las Vegas NV) (Ohio State)
This young combo guard can flat out score the ball from beyond the 3-point arc or off the drive. He has solid ball skills and is a good passer too, but his accurate jumper sets it all up. He has improved his decision making as a point and will be good one for the Buckeyes in the future.

Styles Phipps                  6-2     G        2024             St. Mary’s (Phoenix AZ)
High-scoring lead guard can score with smoothness off the dribble or dial from deep with range to the 3-point arc.  Can deliver rock to teammates with precision and is an opportunistic on-ball defender.   One of the very top points in West.

LoLo Rudolph                  6-2     G        2024             St. Augustine (San Diego CA)
Explosive and quick two-sport talent (FB) who can flat out push it in transition or attack off the dribble and finish with bounce. He showed that he can knock down jumpers when his feet are set and can help on the glass or defend on the perimeter. Definitely a new name for the recruiting list at the Mid to High major level!

J.J. Mandaquit                 6-2     G        2025             Real Salt Lake (Salt Lake City UT)
Young combo-guard who grew on us over the first couple days in Vegas. Hawaiian native sees court well and can deliver the rock but keeps “D” honest with his ability to knock down open jumpers from around the 3-point arc.

Dedan Thomas                 6-1     G        2024             Liberty (Las Vegas NV)
Smart and crafty lefty lead guard can knock down the “three” with regularity to set up drives and kick or finish in traffic with the kiss off the glass. He has a great first step and is tough to guard when his shot falls, which it seemed to do a lot when we watched at the Tarkanian Classic.

Tyler Rolison                   6-0     G        2023             St. Bernard (Playa Del Rey CA)
This tough lead guard showed he can knock down jumpers from the “three,” attack with either hand off the dribble drive and does a solid job delivering the rock off the kick. He knows how to run “pick and roll” too but is at his best attacking in transition.

As I said in the opening, the Tarkanian Classic had a deep talent pool across its 200 teams, below are the next group of D-I talents that arguably could have made the Top 25 above on someone’s rankings of the tournament talent. With that in mind here’s the “Best of the Rest” that I observed in games while I watched.

BEST OF THE REST: (Listed by Height)

PLAYER                           HGT   POS   CLASS          SCHOOL CITY, STATE (College Choice)

Rocco Zikarsky                  7-3     C        2025             NBA Global Academy (Canberra, Australia)
Khaman Maker                  7-2     C        2024             Trinity International (Las Vegas NV)
Juslin Bodo                        7-0     C        2023             SoCal Academy (Northridge CA)
Khaman Maluach               7-0     C        2025             NBA Africa Academy (Sali Senegal)
Alex Condon                      6-11    C        2023             NBA Global Academy (Canberra Australia)
Steven Osei                      6-11    C        2024             Real Salt Lake Prep (Salt Lake City UT)
Doryan Onwuchekwa         6-11    C        2024             Faith Family (Desoto TX)
Ethan Lathan                     6-11    C        2024             Calvary Christian (Ft. Lauderdale FL)
Francis Chukwudebelu       6-11    C        2025             Prestonwood Christian (Plano TX)
Rockwell Reynolds            6-9     C        2023             Santa Margarita (CA) (Northern Arizona)
Sebastian Rancik               6-9     F        2024             JSerra Catholic (San Juan Capistrano CA)
Chris Nwuli                        6-8     F        2025             Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas NV)
Kaidon Rayfield                 6-8     F        2025             Putnam City West (Putnam City OK)
Augusto Cassia                 6-7     F        2023             NBA Global Academy (Canberra Australia)
Jaydn Harris                      6-7     F        2024             Bishop O’Connell (Arlington VA)
Jalen Shelly                       6-7     F        2024             Prestonwood Christian (Plano TX)
Shon Abaev                       6-7     F        2025             Calvary Christian (Ft. Lauderdale FL)
Taj DeGourville                  6-6     F        2024             Durango (Las Vegas NV)
Nils Cooper                       6-6     G/F    2023             Crossroads (Santa Monica CA) (Pepperdine)
Jermaine O’Neal Jr.           6-6     G/F    2025             Dynamic Prep (Irving TX)
Cameron McNamee           6-5     G/F    2024             Santa Margarita (CA)
Jahseem Felton                 6-5     G/F    2024             SoCal Academy (Northridge CA)
Jase Richardson                6-4     G        2024             Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas NV)
Braelon Green                   6-3     G        2023             SoCal Academy (Northridge CA)
Tylen Riley                        6-3     G        2023             Durango (Las Vegas NV) (Cal Baptist)
J.D. Bradford                     6-3     G        2023             Bella Vista Prep (Scottsdale AZ)
Jaqari Miles                       6-3     G        2023             West Ranch (Valencia CA)
Aram Soqui Urbano           6-3     G        2025             Veritas Prep (Malibu CA)
C.J. Shaw                          6-3     G        2025             Mojave (Las Vegas NV)
Owen Verna                      6-3     G        2025             Mater Dei (Santa Ana CA)
Jaylen Curry                      6-2     G        2023             Calvary Christian (Ft. Lauderdale FL)
Ryder Elisaldez                  6-2     G        2024             Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas NV)
Chiante Tramble                6-2     G        2024             Putnam City West (Putnam City OK)
Jalen Reece                      6-0     G        2025             Oak Ridge (Orlando FL)
Miles Gurske                     5-10    G        2023             Rainier Beach (Seattle WA)

Make no mistake there were another large group of potential scholarship talent that could have made our “Best of Rest” list but at some point, you have to make a cutoff, which we did with the players above.  But, because of the depth of talent we decided to create a special grouping of the freshmen “Diaper Dandies” that attended the Tarkanian Classic since they are part of the future for this event to continue. With that in mind here’s our top list of freshmen at the Tarkanian Classic:

CLASS of 2026 DIAPER DANDIES (Listed by Height)

PLAYER                           HGT   POS   CLASS          SCHOOL CITY,STATE (College Choice)

Brannon Martinson            6-8     F        2026             Mater Dei (Santa Ana CA)
Tahj Ariza                          6-6     F        2026             St. Bernard (Playa Del Rey CA)
Xavier Roberson                6-6     F        2026             Dynamic Prep (Irving TX)
Che Brogan                       6-6     G/F    2026             Mater Dei (Santa Ana CA)
Jaxon Richardson              6-5     F        2026             Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas NV)
Adam Oumiddoch              6-5     G/F    2026             Bishop O’Connell (Arlington VA)
Quincy Wadley                  6-4     G        2026             Bishop O’Connell (Arlington VA)
Kaiden Bailey                    6-2     G        2026             Crean Lutheran (Irvine CA)
Luke Barnett                      6-3     G        2026             Mater Dei (Santa Ana CA)
Patrice Mupoli                    6-2     G        2026             Rainier Beach (Seattle WA)
Imahri Wooten                   6-0     G        2026             Redemption Christian (Troy NY)