by Van Coleman

Last week we had a chance to see the vast majority of the top talent in the City of Las Vegas NV at the Pangos Best of Las Vegas Showcase held at Bishop Gorman High School.

It featured 86 players from the 2022, 2023, 2024, and 2025 classes along with a couple middle schoolers that showed their talents from around the Las Vegas area. No one class dominated the overall list, but it looks like the 2024 and 2025 classes, as they develop physically, could be some of the deepest in recent memory in the Vegas Valley.

Of course, only time will tell if that actual comes to fruition, but the freshmen and sophomores definitely were the highlight of the night as new names joined our future watch list. So with that in mind here is our look at the top talent at the Pangos Best of Las Vegas Showcase.

2022 Best in Las Vegas Showcase – Top 20 and Best of the Rest

TOP 20:  (Listed By Height & Class)

PLAYER                              HGT    POS    CLASS            SCHOOL (CITY,STATE)

Khaman Maker       7’1”     PF      2024    Desert Valley Prep (Las Vegas NV)
This long and lean big has some intriguing skills but definitely needs to get stronger to reach potential that his size and face-up skills promise. He needs strength to catch and finish pick and roll action but did show he has the handle to create drives in isolation. He scored 14 points in the 2024 game and had a handful of blocks. One for Mid-High majors up to monitor!

Chris Baudreau          6’9”     PF      2025   Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas NV)
This “Diaper Dandy” showed immense potential with his ability to catch and score going either way on the blocks. He has touch and will use the glass to improve angles on shot. He can pop to the high post and run pick and roll too! He needs to get stronger of course, but did compete for boards. He scored 10 points in 2025 game. He is one that D-1’s need to monitor.

Osiris Grady         6’8”     PF      2023      Coronado (Henderson NV)
He left no doubt with his aggressive style that he belongs among the nation’s top seventy-five juniors. He has improved his perimeter jumper (although he still needs consistency from beyond the arc) and is a good passer off the drive. He was a dominate rebounder in both games and scored 19 points in 2025 game and ended the night scoring 16 points in the the Best of the Best game. Deserves the HM looks he’s getting!

Anthony Nwuli             6’8”     PF      2024      Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas NV)
Strong young power forward has a great start body-wise and uses it to seal and score or block off and grab the board. He has good face up skills and hit jumpers off the drive in the lane. He still needs to work on extending his range on face up jumper and be more aggressive at times, but he has a good foundation to work on. He scored 8 points and grabbed a handful of boards in the 2024 game.

Lonnie Bass           6’8’”    PF      2025      Democracy Prep (Las Vegas NV)
This aggressive “diaper dandy” got on the glass and is tough to stop on the catch and finish as he finishes through contact well. He’s comfortable on the blocks, but needs to start building face-up game  to complete the package his athletic gifts promise. He scored 10 points in 2025 game, and showed he can compete with Best of the Best adding 8 points in top game. Definitely one that Mid-Ups need to monitor!

Aaron Price Jr.             6’7”     WF     2022     Liberty (Las Vegas NV)
Make no mistake about it, Cal Poly-SLO got a real steal in this late blooming wing forward. He has improved his perimeter range and can knock down open jumpers to the 3-point arc and is explosive off the dribble and finishes in traffic with the best in Vegas. He can take it off the glass and start the break and make passes off drives in transition. He had 27 points to lead the scoring in the Best of Best game!  Could be All Big West by Sophomore season!

Kody Weary                 6’7”     CF      2023         Coronado (Henderson NV)
Thin face-up junior combo forward showed some flashes facing the hoop. He can “show & go,” create the dribble drive and stick the pull-up J from 15-feet or finish at the rim with the kiss. He needs to continue to add range and strength to develop his overall game. He competed on the glass in Best of Best game scoring 6 points and grabbing 4 boards.

Andrew Fuquay      6’7”     CF      2023       Desert Valley Prep (Las Vegas NV)
This lanky combo forward showed he can knock down the three facing the hoop or roll to the lane, catch and finish with the kiss or dunk. He has good bounce off the floor and can get on the glass on either end. He scored 16 points in the 2023 game. D-1’s need to take a look this spring and summer!

Sterling Knox               6’6”     WF     2023       Durango (Las Vegas NV)
Wing shooter who can knock down jumpers from the three point arc off catch and shoot or put it on the floor and pull-up from 15-17 feet off the move! He did show he has the bounce to finish with the flush at the rim too. He needs to add strength to finish versus contact and continue to reach his full potential that he showed scoring 22 points in the Best of Best game. Mid-up programs should take a look at him this spring and summer.

Pharaoh Compton         6’6”     CF      2024       Spring Valley (Las Vegas NV)
This long armed (7’3” wingspan) forward flat out has a motor that doesn’t quit! He dominated the glass in 2024 game pulling down double digit boards while scoring 14 points. He has a strong body and good bounce that he used to block shots, sweep the boards and finish with highlights in the paint. He showed range to 17-feet and the handle to create drives and finishes in traffic. He wrapped up the evening with 15 points in the Best of Best game! He earned Top 75 consideration and should be on HM radar this summer!

Anthony Gilkes             6’6”     WF     2024        SCA Academy (Los Angeles CA)
This young wing impressed us with his smooth skills and game. He had range to the three point line and set up the dribble drive with shot, then attacked off the cross and go and finish with the flush or kiss. He did a good job on the glass, scored 15 points in 2024 game and followed that up with a 10-point effort in the the Best of Best game. He will be considered for our Top 75 list in Sophomore class and should be on the HM radar!

Mason Abittan              6’5”     WF     2025        Coronado (Las Vegas, NV)
This young wing showed range to the three point arc and the ability to hit jumpers off the dribble inside the arc. He caught passes in traffic and finished on his drives. He was the co-leading scorer in the 2025 game with 22 points. He should be on the list of potential D-1 players to watch as he develops over the next couple years.

Sebastian Mack               6’4”     SG     2023          SFBA (Las Vegas NV)
Sweet shooting Top 75 scoring guard started slow, but really got it rolling in the Best of Best game where he scored 23 points including five shoots from beyond the 3-point arc. He has ability to get his shot off the dribble or catch and shoot. He can drive and finish in traffic. He has a number of high major schools showing interest in his range and consistency.

Tylen Riley                       6’3”     SG     2023    Durango (Las Vegas NV)
This solid wing scorer grew on me at the event. He scored off the drive and hit jumpers off the move to 17-feet. He showed range to 3-point arc, but consistency will be key to future levels. He was solid in both games scoring in double figures in both games including 16 points in the Best of Best game!

Robel Zenmo              6’3”     SG     2023       Desert Valley Prep (Las Vegas)
This quick lefty scoring guard produced various opinions on his level, but his play here left no doubt that he belonged on this top 20 list!  He led all scorers at the Pangos Best of Vegas event scoring a game high 30 points in the 2023 game and a 21 point outing in the Best of Best game including a game high four-threes. He has quicks to go by you off the dribble but tends to be left hand dominant. If he improves his right hand look out! D-1’s need to take a look this spring and summer to make that decision for themselves!

CJ Shaw                           6’3”     SG     2025      Mojave (Las Vegas NV)
Young, but athletic scoring guard has a solid skill set. He handles the rock well and can create open jumpers off drives to the hoop. He finishes with bounce at the rim. He scored 16 points in the 2025 game and showed potential that should draw D-1 looks on the circuit this spring and summer.

Mason Muir                      6’2”     SG     2022       Liberty (Henderson NV)
This solid scoring guard really caught our eye in the 2022 game knocking down five three pointers en route to a 26-point game. He has an excellent handle to create his own shot with a good first step to the hoop if you overplay his stroke.c If you’re looking for a back court talent with range he’s worth a look!

Josiah Cunningham           6’2”     SG     2024        Coronado (Henderson NV)
This solid wing scorer put his name in the conversation for a national Top 75 spot based on his play at the Best of Vegas. He has the handle to create and can flat out knock down jumper if left open around the 3-point arc. He lit it up to the tune of 27 points in the 2024 game. D-1’s better get his name on their lists of players to watch!

John Mobley Jr.          6’1”     CG     2024      Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas NV)
This surprising young combo guard can flat out score the ball from beyond the 3-point arc or off the drive. He has solid ball skills and is a good passer, but his jumper sets it all up. He scored 28 in the 2024 game, then came back in the Best of Best game to score 17 points including three from deep. He will see lots of D-1 interest on the circuit in the spring and summer.

Nick Jefferson             6’0”     CG     2025      Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas NV)
This young combo guard impressed us with his ability to create passes or drive going left or right. He hit jumpers off the dribble from 17-feet and its only a matter of time and maturity for his range to extend beyond the arc. Needs strength and time to put him on the D-1 radar. He scored a game high 22 points in the 2025 game!

BEST OF THE REST:  (Players to Watch)
(Listed by Height & Class)

PLAYER                                    HGT    POS    CLASS            SCHOOL (CITY,STATE)

Chris Nwuli                                  6’8”     PF      2025             Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas NV)
Jalen Foy                                    6’7”     CF      2022             Canyon Springs (N. Las Vegas NV)
Taj Degourville                             6’5”     WF     2024            Durango (Las Vegas NV)
Lantz Stephenson                        6’5”     WF     2025            Coronado (Henderson NV)
Amaris Quenum-Stewart              6’4”     WF     2022           Mojave (Las Vegas NV)
Dontrell Johnson                         6’4”     SW     2022            Acellus Online (NV)
Quentin Rhymes                         6’4″     WF     2024            Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas NV)
Aiden Swinson                             6’4”     WF     2024            Impact Academy (Las Vegas NV)
Jaxon Richardson                        6’4”     WF     2026            Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas NV)
Shawn Huffine                             6’3”     SW     2022            Shadow Ridge (Las Vegas NV)
Ryder Elisaldez                            6’3”     SG     2024             Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas NV)
Elijah Johnson                             6’2”     SG     2022             Rancho (Las Vegas NV)
Bobby Holmes                             6’2”     SG     2022            Desert Valley Prep (Las Vegas NV)
Zuri Wilson                                  6’2      CG”    2023            Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas NV)
Zarshon Cousin                           6’1”     SG     2024             Mojave (Las Vegas NV)
Phoenix Wortham                        6’0”     PG     2022            Green Valley (Henderson NV)
Miles Williams                              5’11”   CG     2025            Democracy Prep (Las Vegas NV)
Tai Coleman                                5’10”   PG     2026             Democracy Prep (Las Vegas NV)
Nathan Sherrard                         5’9”     CG     2024             Mojave (Las Vegas NV)