* special to NBN Magazine by George Courtney

The Power of the Pangos Platform has come back to Phoenix as scouting legend Dinos Trigonis hosts the Pangos Best of Arizona League.  Phoenix has been a hotbed for basketball talent in recent years with the rise of national prep programs. This league has been a pivotal point for college recruitment for numerous prospects. Some of the top alumni of this league includes TyTy Washington, DaRon Holmes, and Mike Foster.  Here are a list of prospects currently in the league who could be next (in alphabetical order):

Andrew Camacho            6’2”    2023   Peoria (AZ)
This young man put in an impressive performance nearly dropping 50 points. He is a prolific three-level scorer with deep range. Camacho has a high IQ and looks to carve up his opponents. Besides being a solid scorer, he is an excellent facilitator as he looks to dish to open teammates if the defense closes out on him. He is drawing a lots of Ivy League offers, which would be a steal for them as I believe he is at least a mid-major prospect.

Vince Delano                    6’2”   2023  PHH Prep (Phoenix AZ)
Delano is another prospect who has completely improved his game hand over fist. The more I watch this kid compete, the more I become a bigger fan. He is a natural leader with prolific scoring ability from all three levels. Besides being a scorer, he can facilitate and put his teammates in desirable scoring positions. His most improved attribute is his strength and athleticism as I can tell he is a gym rat.

Kevin Patton                     6’8”   2023  Maricopa (AZ)
Patton is a nice looking wing prospect who already possesses a few division 1 offers (NAU, Santa Clara & Rice). He has a great platform as he is long and athletic with a nice offensive skill set. This young man knows how to strike the iron when it’s hot. His length and size alone poses mismatches for smaller shooting guards and small forwards. Patton is positioning himself to have an enormous Summer as his college recruitment heats up.

Styles Phipps                  6’2”    2024   St. Mary’s (Phoenix AZ)

An elite point guard whose game continues to evolve and grow on both ends. He is an elite floor general who can facilitate and score at an elite level. He is a high major prospect that will continue to rack up offers going into the Fall.  I am super impressed with his development as he looks more confident and athletic on both ends of the floor. I anticipate Phipps being the focal point to make St. Mary’s a top contender in the Arizona Interscholastic Association.

Jaion Pitt                         6’6”    2025   Dream City Christian (Glendale AZ)
Pitt impressed as he was the best prospect on his team. He is a solid mid-major plus prospect with superior athleticism, size and potential. I liked the way he was able to defend all five positions on the floor. His game will continue to grow which will boost his stock in the future. College coaches should keep this young man on their radars.

Ibrahim Souare                6’8”    2024   Dream City Christian (Glendale AZ)
When this young man walked in the building, he turned heads. Souare has a fantastic frame and displayed impressive athleticism and motor. Combo-forward plays extremely hard and looks to throw everything down. His most impressive play was that he dunked the basketball in traffic and hustled up the court to make an impressive defensive play by pinning an opponent’s shot on the backboard. His most impressive attribute is his constant vocal communication and impactful leadership. This young man is a high major prospect as I anticipate his recruiting to sky rocket.

Tru Washington               6’4”   2023  Mountain Pointe (Phoenix AZ)

A nice combo guard who is probably one of the most improved prospects in Arizona. He is a legitimate mid-major plus to high major prospect with nice athleticism and three level scoring ability. I like his ability to make an impact on a game as he looks to make plays on both ends of the floor. Due to his impact ability, he is one of the top prospects in the West Coast 2023 class.  I anticipate his recruiting to take off this Summer.

Sleeper Prospects

Yaya Greer                        5’9”   2023  Higley (Gilbert AZ)
Greer is one of my favorite prospects to watch because he plays with a lot of energy. He is a solid defender with an incredible motor. He causes havoc for opposing guards and creates offensive opportunities off of his defense. He has a good handle, three-level scoring ability, vision and decision making. He will be a solid low major plus prospect.

Moise Kambululu             6’9”   2025  Skyline Prep (Phoenix AZ)
Kambululu is a nice looking power forward prospect with tremendous upside. He runs the floor well and cleans the glass on both ends. I like this young man’s platform as he has the physical tools to be an elite power forward over time. Once he develops and grows into his offensive game, his stock will go up through the roof.

Coco Mwanke                   6’11” 2025  Skyline Prep (Phoenix AZ)
Mwanke is a nice looking traditional big who cleans the glass well and is active in blocking shots. I project this young man to be at least a mid-major prospect in the near future as his offensive game develops and blossoms. He does have nice touch but would like to see more consistency in his mid-range and finishing ability.

Majak Thokbor                 7’0”    2024   Dream City Christian (Glendale AZ)
Thokbor is still raw however he has a fantastic platform to be a solid mid major prospect. He runs the floor well, defends well in the post and is a shot blocking machine. Once he develops his offensive game he will be a well sought after prospect.

Top Prospects Still Available

Jeremiah Cherry              6’10”  2022   St. Mary’s (Phoenix AZ)
I’ve had the pleasure to watch this young man progress and develop over the last three years. He seems to have shredded a lot of weight in the weight room, so he moves a lot quicker and looks more athletic. He plays with fire and passion with a solid ability to finish and bully opposing forwards and centers. I believe he would be a solid mid-major prospect.

Kaleb Mitchell                   6’9”   2022  Skyline Prep (Phoenix AZ)
Mitchell is a solid low major plus forward with good hands and touch. He would thrive playing as a stretch four as he displayed he has good shot range. Mitchell improved a lot from the season and I anticipate his recruiting to pick up soon.

Hidden Gems
Lueth Awan                       6’7”     2024   Dream City Christian (Glendale AZ)
Caspian Jones                   6’5”     2025   Phase One Prep (Phoenix AZ)
Adonis LaFleur                  6’2”     2024   Cesar Chavez (Phoenix AZ)
RJ Lee                              6’2”     2023   Maricopa (AZ)
Jordan Voorhees               5’11”   2023   Pusch Ridge Christian Academy (Tucson AZ)