Our first hard look at the classes of 2025 and 2026 continued last this month at the 2022 Pangos All-South Frosh/Soph Camp held at the Duncanville Fieldhouse in Duncanville, TX.  Camp director Dinos Trigonis once again brought in a talented group of young talent that featured players from 14 states among the 230-plus players in attendance. It was definitely a camp that touched most of the South to each coast and beyond with attendees from as far away as Maryland, Nevada and Florida from the east to the west as well as Wyoming and Illinois in the northern part of the USA.

Camp action wrapped up the weekend with two Cream of the Crop all-star games that featured the camp’s top prospects. In the Top 60 game it was the White Squad that broke open the game in the second half to roll to an 83-66 victory over the Black Squad behind 6’4” 2026 Alex Barther with 14 points while 6’4” 2025 AJ McPeters added 13 points and 6’5” 2025 Cortez Graham-Howard and 5’11” 2025 Devin Ramirez added 10 points each in the win.  The Black squad was led by 6’10” 2025 Cade Bennerman and 6’0” 2026 Cameron Lomax who both finished with 11 points in the loss.

The final game of the weekend was the Cream of the Crop Top 30 game that saw the Black Squad come back from trailing 32-26 at the half to win a hard-fought defensive battle to win a nail-biter 75-74 over the White Squad behind the stellar play of Game Co-MVP 6’2” 2025 Jason Scott who finished with 13 points. He got solid support from 6’4” 2025 Patton Pinkins who added 10 points while 6’8” 2025 Jed’Ethan Nansha and 6’4” 2025 Bryceson Melvin each chipped in with 9 points in the win. The White Squad’s top gun was Game co-MVP 6’6” 2026 Jalen Montonati who finished with 15 points including three of 5 from deep. He got solid support from 6’3” 2025 Cameron Cowgill who finished with 11 points in the loss.

The camp started a little slow, but as the weekend progressed a number of players stepped up and added to the camp’s overall depth as well as the event’s top talent. As usual, picking the top sixty players for the two all-star games was tough as 102 players received votes for the two games and left us with a feel that the South will have an impact in the overall depth of the Classes of 2025 and 2026 if they continue to progress over the next two years-plus in high school! 

Top 30+ (Listed by Height)

PLAYER                           HGT   POS   CL      HIGH SCHOOL (CITY STATE)

Cade Bennerman             6’10”  C        2025   Father Ryan (Nashville TN)
Long and active big man grew on me as the weekend progressed. He has good hands in the post and uses his body to control space and get on the glass. He ended his weekend with a solid 11 point effort in the Top 60 game and will see lots of interest from mids on up.

Tyrell Bowles
                   6’8      PF      2025   Charles Herbert Flowers (Springdale MD)
Athletic big man can attack off face-up and finish with bounce in traffic. He can start break with the outlet and run the floor and be involved on the break. He hit jumpers from the elbow and will see lots of D-1 interest in the future. He had 4 points and 5 boards in the Top 30 game to wrap up his weekend in Duncanville.

Christopher Cenac Jr.
     6’8      PF      2025   Newman (New Orleans LA)
Long and athletic big man can attack rim from the elbow and create highlights with power finishes. He did a nice job on the “pick and pop” – hitting open jumpers or feeding cutters on baseline. He has a solid skill set to go with his athleticism that will attract high majors down the road. He finished the weekend with 7 points and 4 boards in Top 30 game.

Jed’Ethan Nansha           6’8      PF      2025   Hillcrest (Dallas TX)
Another solid rebounder who showed that he can finish in traffic versus contact. He has a nose for the ball off the glass and has a sweet spin move from the high post that impressed us. He had an excellent Top 30 game scoring 9 points (including game-winning FT) and pulled down 4 boards. He’ll see lots of D-1 interest on the circuit next year.

Ethan Carter                      6’7      PF      2025   Arlington Christian (Fairburn GA)
This skilled and athletic face-up four man can knock down jumpers to three-point arc or drive and hit 15 foot pull ups. He got the place buzzing on a couple occasions with massive dunks off the drive. He only scored 8 points in Top 30 game but was one of best in Duncanville and will see lots of high major interest in the future.

Christopher Birden
          6’7      CF      2025   Isidore Newman (New Orleans LA)
This thin and active big has good touch from the elbow and nice bounce to finish above the rim.  He can rebound out of his zone and isn’t bashful on the blocks, using the glass to score in the blocks. As he gets stronger and matures, mid-ups will be calling.

TreVaun Clark
                  6’7      CF      2026   Wagner (San Antonio TX)
Skilled face up four showed good range on jumper on both “catch off pick” and “pop.” He finished at the rim on drives and did a solid job rebounding on both ends. He will see lots of D-1 interest in the future based on his play in Duncanville.

Jalen Montonati
               6’6      WF     2026   Owasso (OK)
He was stellar in the Top 30 game scoring 15 points scoring for the White squad and was Co-MVP of the game because of his dominant play on Sunday.  He can drive and kiss it off the glass or finish with the flush. He is a solid rebounder and can start the break off the boards. He will see lots of mid to high major schools taking a look in the future.

Anthony Spencer III
         6’6      WF     2026   Faith Family Academy (Dallas TX)
This young wing showed he can slash and drive from the perimeter and stop and pop 12 footer or finish with the floater in the lane. As he matures, he will see his range extend too!  He has a bright future as he enters his first year in high school ball.

Phoenix Woodson
          6’6      WF     2026   Crossings Christian (Oklahoma City OK)
Make no mistake about this multi-skilled wing man as he was the consensus choice as MOP for the weekend in Duncanville! He has solid ball skills is and excellent passer and rebounder who can score from the three-point arc to making highlights at the rim!  High majors better have this young point forward on their radar since he has the total package!

Dietrich Richardson
         6’5      WF     2025   Manuel (Peoria IL)
This quick wing man showed on a number of occasions that he could grab the board and take it end to end. He has a solid handle and quick first step to the hoop. He hit pullup jumpers on the move and with increased range look out! He will get lots of mid-up interest this winter.

Kason Evans
                   6’5      WF     2025   Jenks (OK)
Lefty wing who can attack the rim and finish in traffic with the kiss or pull-up. He did a good job posting smaller wings and can score on the blocks!  He will get after you defensively or crash the boards from perimeter.  He has of range on jump shot but with consistency will see D-1’s come calling.

Kentrell Martin
                 6’5      WF     2025   Strawberry Crest (Dover FL)
Athletic wing can attack the rim and finish with bounce in the paint. He created a couple of highlight dunks and showed that he can knock jumpers off the dribble.  He ended the week with a solid 4 points and 4 boards in the Top 30 game. He should be on the D-1 radar.

Jacob Lanier                    6’5      WF     2026   Maumelle (AR)
Long and quick wing who had four steals in Top 30 game to cap his weekend. He showed that he can knock down open jumpers off the “catch and shoot” or attack rim and finish with the flush. He needs to continue to add strength and continue to mature physically to solidify a mid-up future.

LaDaryl Robinson
          6’5      WF     2026   Marion Jr HS (AR)
Quick wing who created drives and finished in traffic in the lane with bounce. He can stop and pop jumpers from 12-15 feet on pull-up with regularity.  He hit a couple threes in games we watched and extending his shot with consistency will bring D-1’s calling in the future.

AJ McPeters
                     6’4      SG     2025   Irving (TX)
This solid and skilled athlete can knock down jumpers from three-point arc with regularity and can create drives with his handle or “pass and kick” in half court. He was stellar in the Top 60 game scoring 13 points and hitting 3-4 from behind the 3-point arc. He’s another future D-1 wing that schools need to take a look at this coming spring.

Carl’sheon Young
          6’4      SG     2025   New Castle (OK)
Slashing wing athlete who has the ability to hit glass and go end to end and finish with the dunk or kiss. He showed ability to knock down jumpers on the move and showed he can crash the glass and board from the wing. He should see mid-up interest in the future.

Bryceson Melvin
              6’4      SG     2025   Prestonwood Christian (Plano TX)
This solid wing shooter can knock down threes with regularity. Has solid handle and knocked down jumper off the move from 15-feet. He wrapped up his weekend in the Top 30 game by scoring 9 points.

Kobe Butler
                    6’4      SG     2025   Isidore Newman (New Orleans LA)
This smooth and quick wing showed he can take it end to end or catch rock on wing and attack the rim off the dribble and finish with the kiss or flush. He has tools to draw interest from mid-majors up and has two more years to continue to add to his game.

Patton Pinkins
                 6’4      SG     2025   Friendship (Wolfforth TX)
Solid wing who has range to the three point line, can drive and finish or “stop and pop” jumpers from the foul line. He is a good rebounder from the wing and can start the break off the glass. He finished the weekend on a high note scoring 10 points and pulling down 5 boards in the Top 30 game.

Trae Nunn
                       6’4      SG     2026   Waxahachie (TX)
Strong and physical 215-pounder can knock down the three or finish drives versus contact. He can run the break and is a good passer in transition.  He has tools to draw interest from Mid to high major schools. He finished with 8 points and 5 rebounds in the Top 30 game.

Jeremiah Green
               6’3      SG     2025   Guyer (Denton TX)
Good wing shooter who has ability to knock down shots from around the 3-point arc or off the dribble.  He is a solid athlete who can play defense and help on the glass on both ends. He had 5 points and 3 boards in the Top 30 game.

Jaylon Dean-Vines
          6’3      SG     2025   Poteet (Mesquite TX)
This quick and bouncy wing talent can slash and drive to the rim and finish the with flush or kiss. He is a good passer to0 and can create opportunities for teammates. He’s on course to D-1 future.

Camden Cowgill
              6’3      SG     2025   Brennan (San Antonio TX)
Shooter who lit it up for five threes in one half we watched on Day One and continued to knock down jumpers all weekend. He had 11 points and went 3-4 from three-point arc in the Top 30 game to wrap up an excellent weekend to land among our best in Duncanville.

Trent Perry
                       6’3      SG     2026   Lone Star (Frisco TX)
This long and athletic wing exploded to the rim and left the crowd buzzing with a couple monster slams on Saturday. He is a good passer off dribble penetration and showed shooting range off the dribble to 17-feet.  He will see lots of mid-up interest down the road. He capped off his weekend with 6 points in Top 30 game.

Bryce Dixon
                     6’3      SG     2026   Pinkston (Dallas TX)
This solid wing handler can create drives or passes with the dribble that is set up by a nice stroke from the three point line. He can score in all three zones and displayed an accurate pull-up from 15-17 feet on the move. He can grab the ball off the glass and take it end to end. D-1’s should have him on their radar.

Kaden Davis
                    6’2      SG     2025   Hightower (Missouri City TX)
Solid wing who has the bounce and quicks to the rim that he sets up with a good jumper to the three point arc. He can drive and kick and is a solid defender too! He just needs to continue to mature his game and could become a combo type in time…D-1’s should monitor his progress.

Paul Jones
                       6’2      SG     2025   Holt (Tuscaloosa AL)
Strong and physical scorer can finish through contact. He showed solid range on his jumper and can create drive and finishes that caught our eye. He will get after you on defense too! He should be on the radar for D-1’s.

Jason Scott
                      6’2      CG     2025   Westbury Christian (Houston TX)
He showed he can hit open jumpers from three point range or off the dribble from 15-17 feet. He is an excellent passer off the dribble and can run the break off the glass. He gets a little wild at times but with a little maturity he could even move to the point. He ended his weekend with a solid 11 point effort in Top 60 game.

Mike Williams                  6’0      PG     2025   Hillcrest (Dallas TX)
This really quick ballhandler and floor leader impressed us with his ability to deliver the rock off penetration and kick or in transition game. He needs to hone his perimeter jumper but did hit 15-17 footers off the move when we watched. Definitely is one mids-up should be monitoring  He finished the weekend with 8 points in Top 30 game.

Devin Ramirez
                 5’11   PG     2025   Eastwood (El Paso TX)
Smart ball handler and passer can knock down open jumpers or finish in lane with the floaters. He sees teammates and makes smart passes. He can run the show for sure. He scored 10 points on 5-5 shooting in the Top 60 game.

NEAR MISSES (All had argument to be in Top 30!) (Listed By Height

PLAYER                           HGT   POS   CLASS          HIGH SCHOOL (CITY STATE)
Delano Tarpley
                6’8      C        2026   Sotomayor (San Antonio TX)
Top 30 game big man showed flashes of future potential scoring on post-ups and attacking the glass.

Luke Laczkowski             6’6      WF     2025   St Mark’s School of Texas (Dallas TX)
Skilled wing has handles and can pass it. He scored 5 points and grabbed 4 boards in the Top 30 game.

Christopher Lindo           6’6      WF     2025   Madison Prep (Baton Rouge LA)
Solid wing can take it end to end in transition. He scored 3 points and grabbed 4 boards in Top 30 game.

Cortez Graham-Howard   6’5      WF     2025   Hillsboro (Nashville TN)
Bouncy wing finished on drives and got on the glass. He scored 10 points in the Top 60 game.

Alex Barther II                 6’4      SG     2026   Eastern Hills (Ft. Worth TX)
Long and lean wing has bounce and can score rock.  He scored 14 points in the Top 60 game

Ari Tumma                       6’3      SG     2025   Carroll (Southlake TX)
Athletic wing can slash and score off the dribble or board and take it end to end.

Cameron Lomax              6’0      PG     2026   Heritage (Frisco TX)
Solid lead guard can handle and pass or knock it down! He scored 11 points in the Top 60 game.

OTHERS ON THE RISE: (Listed by Height)
PLAYER                                     HGT   POS   CLASS          HIGH SCHOOL (CITY STATE)

David Iweze                               6’9      C        2025             I School (Lewisville TX)
Ethan Sheats                             6’6      F        2026             Denton (TX)
Isaiah Ward                               6’6      F        2026             Brennan (San Antonio TX)
Henry Beckett                            6’6      F        2026             Highland Park (Dallas TX)
Braydn Alward                           6’5      F        2025             Byron Nelson (Trophy Club TX)
Gilbert Aluga                             6’5      F        2026             Liberty (Frisco TX)
Mathew Maiden                         6’4      F        2025             Trinity Leadership (Cedar Hill TX)
Lance Williams                           6’4      F        2026             The Colony (TX)
Donovan Criss                            6’4      F        2026             Brennan (San Antonio TX)
Elem Shelby                                6’3      G        2025             Bryant (AR)
Andrew Smith                             6’3      G        2025             Acellus Academy (Ft. Worth TX)
Brandon Brooks                          6’3      G        2027             Ernest Just Middle School (MD)
Joshua Kaegea                           6’2      G        2025             Byron Nelson (Trophy Club TX)
DaKari Spear                               6’2      G        2026             The Colony (TX)
Lyndell Buckingham                    6’1      G        2025             Marion (AR)
Kobe Bryant                                6’1      G        2025             Southaven (MS)
Talon Todd                                  6’1      G        2026             Brennan (San Antonio TX)
Jackson Williams                         6’1      G        2026             Isidore Newman (New Orleans LA)
Autrail Manning Jr.                      6’1      G        2026             John Curtis Christian School (River Ridge LA)
Parker Overstreet                        6’0      G        2025             Wylie East (Wylie TX)
Kaiden Adams                             6’0      G        2025             Rockwall-Heath (Rockwall TX)
Isaiah Campbell                           6’0      G        2025             Lincoln Christian (Tulsa OK)
Byron Green                                6’0      G        2026             St. Thomas Episcopal (Houston TX)
Chris Vinson                                6’0      G        2026             Isidore Newman (New Orleans LA)
Giancarlo Martina                       5’11    G        2025             Silverado (Las Vegas NV)
Quentin Stewart                         5’11    G        2026             Klein Collins (Spring TX)
Daniel Finley                               5’10    G        2025             Manual (Peoria IL)
Landon Lewis                             5’10    G        2025             Jonesboro (AR)
Jacori Jones                               5’10    G        2026             Braswell (Aubrey TX)
Ashton Minor                              5’10    G        2027             Big Tyme Sports Academy (Rockwall TX)
Kaden Small                                5’9      G        2025             Paetow (Katy TX)
Dillon Watt                                  5’8      G        2025             Greenhill (Addison TX)
Cooper Nelson                            5’8      G        2026             Sterlington (Monroe LA)
Isaak Hayes                                5’8      G        2027             Summer Creek Middle School (Crowley TX)
Nehemiah Lawrence                    5’7      G        2026             Allen (TX)
Valrick Halliburton II                     5’5      G        2026             Desoto (TX)

This is the second of my four installments covering the 2022 Pangos All-Frosh/Soph Camps across the country, up next we will look at the Top Prospects at the Pangos Midwest All-Frosh/Soph Camp.