We continued our first look at the classes of 2024 & 2025 at the recent 2021 Pangos All-Midwest Frosh/Soph Camp that was held at the Park District of LaGrange rec center in LaGrange, IL.  Camp-Director Dinos Trigonis once again brought in a talented group of young talent that featured players from 18 states with campers from as far away as Arizona, Georgia and West Virginia among the 220 players in attendance.

The Sunday action wrapped up the weekend with two all-star games that featured the camp’s top prospects. The Top 60 game opened the two “Cream of the Crop” games as the Black squad won a hard fought 85-81 victory over the White squad behind Top 60 Game co-MVP 6’2 2024 Tyler Wooten who finished with 18 points in the win. He received solid support from 6’3 2024 Leo Aguirre with 14 points and 6’8 2024 Christian Humphrey-Rembert who chipped in with 13 points in the win. The White squad was led by the other Game co-MVP 6’3” 2024 Zevin Gadsen who finished with a game high 20 points. No one else scored in double figures for the White although four players added 6 or 7 points each to keep the game close.

The final game of the weekend was the Cream of the Crop Top 30 game that saw the Black squad come back from a 9-point 50-41 deficit at the half to tie it at 86-all with 1:58 to play.  The Black squad broke the deadlock on a deep three by 6’6 2024 Payton Kamin and they made two key putbacks in the final minute to win a hard-fought battle 97-94 victory over the White squad.

The Black squad was led by Top 30 Game co-MVP 6’3″ 2024 Dekwon Brown with 19 points including five “threes.” He got solid support from Payton Kamin with 16 points with four “threes” coming in the second half, while 6’8″ 2025 Kieran Granville-Britten, 6’4″ 2024 Calvin Robins Jr. and 5’11″ 2024 Damon Davis chipped in 10 points each in the win.  The White squad’s top gun was Game co-MVP 6’9″ 2024 James Brown who finished with a game high 19 points! He had lots of support from 6’9″ 2024 Morez Johnson Jr. and 6’6″ 2025 Bryce Heard with 13 points each while 6’4″ 2025 Antonio Munoz and 6’10″ 2024 Jaden Smith who chipped in with 12 and 11 points respectively in a tough loss.  It was a fitting ending to one of the deeper Midwest camps in recent memory. It was definitely a great way to end the weekend in LaGrange!

Like the South Camp, the Midwest started with a competitive tone, on both ends, that lasted right through the “Cream of the Crop” games, as the camp established its depth and strength in a large number of young bigs and wings that dominated play over the weekend! Once again over one hundred players received votes for the two all-star games and left us with a feeling that the Midwest will continue to be a strong region that delivers overall depth to the Classes of 2024 and 2025!  So, with that in mind let’s take a look at the top talent at the 2021 Pangos All-Midwest Frosh/Soph Camp:

2021 Pangos All-Midwest Frosh/Soph Camp Top 30 and Best of the Rest


PLAYER                           HGT    POS    CLASS            SCHOOL (CITY, STATE)

James Brown                  6’9″    PF      2024             St. Rita (Chicago IL)
This physical high-low post can score through defenders on the block or drop and dunk with authority but what separated him from a talented group of bigs here was his ability to face on the elbow and attack off the dribble or pop the jumper with regularity.  He was a force in every game we watched including the Cream of the Crop Top 30 game where he scored a game high 19 points and pulled down 7 boards to earn co-MVP honors! He will be high on the priority list of high majors in the future!

Dekwon Brown                6’3”    SG     2024             Limestone (Bartonville IL)
This multi-skilled scoring guard can flat out light it up from deep, create drives going left or right and finish with highlights at the rim with exceptional bounce. He has good quicks on “D” and isn’t afraid to get after it on the glass and start the break. He hit five “threes” in the Top 30 game to equal game high honors with 19 points and earn co-MVP status in the game. He will be a high major priority in the future!

Bryce Heard                     6’6″    WF     2025             Kenwood Academy (Chicago IL)
This bouncy wing has a big-time motor, attacks the glass and can push it up the floor off the rebound. He hit jumpers from three and was effective off the dribble from 15-feet. He can create drives in isolation and finish with a highlight or kiss. He scored 13 points including 3 “threes” and grabbed 6 boards in the Top 30 Game. He is going to see lots of high major interest this winter.

Jaheem Webber               6’9″    PF      2024             Normal Community (Normal IL)
This explosive and bouncy face up and attack four finished with authority. He hit the 15-footer on the elbow and showed that he can finish drives with either hand on the post up. He can rebound out of his zone and start the break with the pass or dribble. He scored 8 points and grabbed 4 boards in the Top 30 game. He should be on the high major radar heading into this season.

Morez Johnson Jr.           6’9″    C        2024             St. Rita (Chicago IL)
The other half of St. Rita’s dominating inside duo. He can flat out dominate in the paint on both ends. He blocks shots and sweeps the glass to start the break. He scored on post-ups with touch and showed that he can pop and face or catch and dunk on pick and roll! He scored 13 points and grabbed 5 boards in Top 30 game. Morez just committed to Big10 power Illinois.

KJ Windham                    6’3″    SG     2024             Ben Davis (Indianapolis IN)
This explosive scoring guard showed that he has range to the three and used it to set up the dribble drive that he finished with either hand. He is a good passer who is effective from the wing on the drive and kick when doubled up. He may mature into a combo guard down the road. He scored 9 points in the Top 30 game!  He will see lots of mid to high major interest.

Antonio Munoz                6’4″    SG     2025             Whitney Young (Chicago IL)
This skilled back court talent is an excellent passer on the break or off the dribble in isolation if defense looks to double him. He has range to the 3-point arc and showed that he can finish in traffic versus contact in the paint. He capped his week with 12 points in the Top 30 game including two “threes.” Like Windham, Mid to high majors should be monitoring his development!

Ryan Larson                    6’3″    CG     2024             Jamestown (ND)
He caught our eye when he drove to the hoop, exploded into the air and posterized everyone in the lane with a massive windmill slam that left everyone buzzing! He has a 40’ vertical and all the tools to be a scoring force on the wing. He went 4-5 from three in one half we watched and has a solid pull-up jumper too! He is a solid defender and ended his weekend with 8 points in Top 30 game. He will see high majors in gym soon!

Xavier Johnson               6’2″    SG     2025             Univ. of Detroit Jesuit (Detroit MI)
This explosive lefty wing can flat out stroke the three on catch and shoot. He can create drives with either hand and finishes in traffic. He has quicks to defend and did solid job rebounding from the guard spot. He didn’t play in Top 30 game due to Michigan high school rules, but no doubt in our mind that mid-ups should have him on their radar!

Kieran Granville-Britten   6’8”    C        2025             Taft (Cincinnati OH)
This long and active young big can flat out dominate on the glass in and out of his zone. He can pop and hit the elbow jumper and has a solid stroke at the FT line!  He finishes around the hoop with the dunk or kiss. He is an OK defender in the paint area too!  He had 10 points and 4 rebounds in the Top 30 game. D-1’s should be monitoring him starting now!


PLAYER                            HGT    POS    CLASS        SCHOOL (CITY, STATE)

Nojus Indrusaitis             6’4″    SG     2024             Lemont (IL)
He is an athletic wing who showed he can slash to the rim off the dribble and finish with bounce at the rim with the flush or kiss. He can grab boards and is a good passer on the break.  He showed range to the three point arc but was at his best hitting pull-up jumpers from 15-feet off the dribble. He scored 8 points and grabbed 4 boards in the Top 30 game. Should see D-1’s at his games this winter.

Davion Hannah                6’4″    WF     2025             Milwaukee Acad. of Science (WI)
Athletic wing man can catch and finish in traffic with the best in LaGrange. He showed the ability to knock down threes off cross or step back. He is a strong finisher in traffic too!  He scored 6 points in Top 30 game. Definitely one for D-1 radar!

Cole Hansen                    6’4″    SG     2024             Wauwatosa West (Milwaukee WI)
Big scoring guard who can flat out knock down threes with regularity. He has a solid pull-up game to 17-feet and showed that he can finish drives in paint with either hand.  He is a solid defender who gives an effort on both ends. He scored 7 points in the Top 30 game. He will see lots of Mid-up interest this coming year!

Payton Kamin                  6’6″    WF     2024             DePaul Prep (Chicago IL)
We may have him a little underrated here as he grew on me as the weekend progressed! He is a deadeye shooter from three who has solid ball skills to create drive or shot. He needs to get aggressive versus contact, which will come as he gets stronger! He has a Kyle Korver type skill set and showed it in Top 30 game scoring 16 points including four-threes in the second half that helped Black come back to win!

Tyler Wooten                   6’2”    SG     2024             Rich Township (Matteson IL)
All-Star selection committee made a mistake not having him in Top Game as he was spectacular in the Top 60 game grabbing co-MVP honors scoring 18 points scoring with the three-ball and his ability to slash and finish at the rim in traffic. He wasn’t as aggressive in earlier camp games, but he put chip on his shoulder and kicked butt in second game. He has range and handles that will attract mids-up!

Jason Jakstys                  6’8”    PF      2024             Yorkville (IL)
Skilled face-up four man has range and handle to play facing hoop or roll off pick and catch and finish with the kiss off the glass. He has good feet on the blocks and does a good job creating space for his jumper!  His size and skills will draw lots of mid-up interest heading into the season!

Calvin Robins Jr.             6’4″    WF     2024             Kenwood Academy (Chicago IL)
Hard working wing rebounds and starts the break and is a finisher off the dribble in isolation. He hit jumpers from 17-feet off the move and is a good passer on drive and kick. He was a key catalyst in Top 30 comeback for Black squad scoring 10 points in the win.

Rashad Williams             6’6″    CF      2024             Bartlett (TN)
Tough combo forward attacks the glass and finishes in the paint. He hit 15-footer on the elbow but needs to extend range to move to the wing. He had solid Top 30 game with 4 points and 3 rebounds versus camp’s best.  Athlete that D-1’s must monitor as game develops!

Timothy Winkler III           6’8”    PF      2026             All Saints Academy (Naperville IL)
This long and mobile middle schooler has range to the three on catch and shoot. He did a nice job on the glass and with additional strength and maturity will be a force on glass or on the post-up. He is all potential at this point but will become D-1 priority!

Chris Humphrey-Rembert  6’8” PF      2024             La Lumiere Prep (LaPorte IN)
Another skilled face-up four man has range to the 3-point arc and handles to play facing the hoop. Did good job scoring around the hoop crashing boards and finishing on the blocks. He is a good passer out of the post and gives effort on defense. He finished the weekend scoring 13 points and 5 rebounds in the Top 60 game.


PLAYER                           HGT   POS   CLASS          SCHOOL (CITY, STATE)

Jaden Smith
                     6’10”   C        2024             Lincoln Park (Chicago IL)
Long but thin post who has good bounce and doesn’t back down from contact. He sweeps the glass and has solid handle to pop, face, and drive on opposing bigs. He finished his week with a solid 11 points and 4 rebounds in the Top 30 game.

Gerrard McCoy                6’4″    WF     2024             Univ. of Detroit Jesuit (Detroit MI)
He is an athletic and quick wing who showed that he can attack off the crossover and get to rim. He finishes with the flush or kiss and sets it all up with the jumper in the mid-range. Unfortunately, he couldn’t play in the Top 30 game due to Michigan High School rules.

Aleksandar Alston           6’6″    PF      2025             Kenwood Academy (Chicago IL)
Long left-handed power man who was stellar when aggressive in spurts. He showed range on occasion so move to facing will come in time. One for D-1’s to watch as he matures!

Ian Miletic                         6’5″    WF     2025             Rolling Meadows (IL)
This thin, but skilled wing has range to the arc and uses it to set up drive or pass. He can take it end to end off the glass and finishes with the kiss with either hand.  As he adds strength and matures physically he will see lots of D-1 interest.

Tavariyaun Williams        6’5″    WF     2024             Leo Catholic (Chicago IL)
Athletic wingman has handle to create drive and finishes versus contact in the paint. He hit perimeter jumper to keep defenses honest. He will start to see D-1 interest this winter. He scored 5 points ad grabbed 3 rebounds in a solid Top 30 game.

Colby Smith                     6’0″    PG     2025             New Trier (Winnetka IL)
This smart and tough point guard has ability to see the floor and is an excellent passer off the drive and kick. He has range to the three and can create with either hand off the dribble, make pass, or finish drive with kiss.

Kenric Mosby                  6’7”    PF      2024             Simeon (Chicago IL)
Athletic rebounder who had flashes of potential as he hit boards and finished with the flush. He has quicks and bounce that will intrigue D-1’s, but is raw and will have time to develop over next three years, stay tuned!

Quentin McCoy                6’0″    PG     2024             Lindblom Math & Science (IL)
He has good court vision and can push it in transition and deliver rock to open man or finish with either hand with the kiss. He made three jumpers from beyond the 3-point arc for 9 points and handed out three assists in the Top 30 game to wrap up his weekend.

Damon Davis                    5’11”  PG     2024             Whitney Young (Chicago IL)
Another solid lead guard who can handle rock and deliver it to open man off penetration and kick or in transition. He has range to the three point line to keep defenses honest and isn’t afraid to take it through contact to the rim. He scored 10 points including two “threes” and handed out a couple assists in the Top 30 game.

Joel Mpore                       6’5″    CF      2024             Ankeny (IA)
Athletic combo forward can drive and finish with big hops and the flush at the rim. He is a good defender and rebounder who held his own on the glass on both ends. He’s still raw around the edges but has time to develop total game. One D-1’s should monitor as he develops.

OTHER TOP PERFORMERS: (Listed by Height)

PLAYER                                      HGT   POS   CLASS          SCHOOL (CITY, STATE)

Nano Barrantes                            6’9″     C        2025            Grandview Christian (Des Moines IA)
Keyshawn Barfield                        6’8”     C        2025            Lincoln Park (Chicago IL)
Barek Schoenauer                       6’8      C        2025             Johnston (IA)
Braylin Wells                                6’7″     PF      2024             Buchtel (Akron OH)
Manasseh Stackhouse Jr.            6’6″     PF      2024             Indian Trail Acad. (Kenosha WI)
Parker Sulaver                             6’6″     PF      2024             Benet Academy (Lisle IL)
Davis Kern                                   6’6″     PF      2025             Linn Mar (Marion IA)
Ameer Morrow                             6’5″     CF      2024             Simeon (Chicago IL)
Nyir Duncan                                 6’5      CF      2024             Hillcrest (Country Clun Hills) IL)
Nitish Sankaranthi                       6’5″     CF      2025             Northwest (Waukee IA)
Jonas Johnson                             6’5″     CF      2025             DePaul Prep (Chicago IL)
Dalton Scantlebury                       6’5      CF      2025             Lane Tech (Chicago IL)
Niko Newsome                             6’5      WF     2024             Bloomington (IL)
Todd Nadeau ll                             6’4’’    WF     2024             Detroit Catholic Central (Novi MI)
Matthew Callahan                        6’4      WF     2024             Fenwick (oak Park IL)
Richard Lindsey                            6’4’’    WF     2024             Simeon (Chicago IL)
Melvin Bell                                   6’4″     WF     2025             St. Rita (Chicago IL)
Devon Rudolph                            6’3″     SG     2024             Brebeuf Prep (Indianapolis IN )
Victor Brown                                6’3″     SG     2024             Rich Township (Matteson IL)
Mason English                              6’3″     SG     2024             Pittsburg (KS)
Lio Aguirre                                   6’3″     SG     2024             Ankeny (IA)
Mohamad Farahani                      6’3″     SG     2024             Farmington (MI)
Zevin Gadson                              6’3”     SG     2024             Buchtel (Akron OH)
Derek Weisskopf                          6’3″     SG     2024            Williamsburg (IA)
Marshall Gehrke                          6’3      SG     2025             Antioch (IL)
Vincas Buzelis                              6’3″     WF     2025            Hinsdale Central (Hinsdale IL)
George Richardson                      6’3”     WF     2025            DePaul Prep (Chicago IL)
Justin Bowen Jr.                          6’3″     WF     2025             Lincoln Park (Chicago IL)
Garrett Clark                                6’2      SG     2025             Portage (IN)
Kendall Cutler                              6’2      SG     2025             Bolingbrook (IL)
Carson Brownfield                        6’2      SG     2024             St. Rita (Chicago IL)
Rashad McKinnie                         6’1”     SG     2024             Simeon (Chicago IL)
Edwon Duling                               6’1      SG     2024             Oak Forest (IL)
Nichlas Johnson                           6’1      SG     2024             Manteno (IL)
Eric Johnson                                6’1″     SG     2024             Homewood-Flossmoor (IL)
Lorenzo Shields Jr.                      6’1      CG     2025             Simeon (Chicago IL)
Deric Cannady                             6’1      CG     2025             Cathedral (Indianapolis IN)
Jaedin Reyna                               6’0″     CG     2024             St. Rita (Chicago IL)
DeMarcius Royster                      6’0″     CG     2024             Brother Rice (Chicago IL)
Jonathan Calmese                      6’0″     CG     2024             Farragut (Chicago IL)
Jaedin Reyna                               6’0″     CG     2024             St. Rita (Chicago IL)
Christian Baccile                           6’0″     CG     2025            Dowling (West Des Moines IA)
Rogelio Garcia                             6’0      CG     2025             North Central (Indianapolis IN)
Kendrick Wilson                           5’11    PG     2024             Greater Christian (Beckley WV)
Landon Rivers                             5’11    PG     2024             Fenwick (Oak Park IL)
Frankie Schoenauer                     5’11    PG     2025             Johnston (IA)
Anestis Hadjistamoulou               5’11”   PG     2025           Glenbrook South (Glenview IL
Bryce Welch                                5’10    PG     2024             North (Naperville IL)
Caleb Chavers                             5’10    PG     2024             Homewood-Flossmoor (IL)
Dhani Flannigan                           5’10”   PG     2024             Franklin Central (Indianapolis IN)
Sam Strawn                                 5’10    PG     2025             Valley (West Des Moines IA)
Mateo Dzolota                             5’10”   PG     2025             Prairieview (Waukee IA)
Trey McKowen                             5’9      PG     2025             Kennedy (Cedar Rapids IA)
Emmanuel Mosley                       5’8      PG     2025             St. Laurence (Burbank IL)
Mason Watkins                            5’7″     PG     2025             West Burlington (IA)
Mikai Harris                                  5’7″     PG     2025             St. Rita (Chicago IL)
Sam Horenkamp                          5’6″     PG     2024             St. Ignatius College (Chicago IL)