We continued our first look at the classes of 2024 & 2025 this past month at the 2021 Pangos All-East Frosh/Soph Camp that was held on October 23-24 at the League Bound Sports Complex in Mount Laurel, NJ.  Camp director Dinos Trigonis once again brought in a talented group of young talent that featured players from 18 states and Canada with campers from as far away as Washington, California, Texas and Florida among the 225 players in attendance.

The Sunday action wrapped up the weekend as always with two all-star games that featured the camp’s top prospects. The Top 60 game opened the two “Cream of the Crop” games with the Black squad breaking open the game early and coasting to a 109-72 victory over the White squad behind Top 60 Game co-MVP 6’3 2024 scoring guard Justin Menard with 17 points (15 in the first half) and 6’2 2024 Zion Walker with a game high 20 points.  They received solid support from 6’5 2024 forward Steyvon Jones with 15 points and 6’3 2025 swingman Omari Moore who added 13 points. The White squad was led by Top 60 Game co-MVP 6’6 2024 forward Jeremiah White who finished with 18 points in the loss. He was the only player on his team to break into double figures!

The final game of the weekend was the “Cream of the Crop” Top 30 game which was a barnburner from the opening tip as the two squads were tied at the end of the first half 47-all and it went down to the final twenty seconds before 6’7 2024 big man Emmanuel Okitondo made a lay-in off an assist by 6’2 2024 point Elliott Cadeau to win it and close out the scoring with the Black squad holding on for a 108-106 victory over the White squad.

The Black squad was led by Top 30 Game Co-MVP 6’10 2024 big Luke Bamgboye with 16 points, 6 rebounds and 2 blocked shots! He got solid support from 6’8 2024 power forward Jason Schofield with 13 points and 6’4 2025 shooter Barrett Loer added 12 points in the win. The aforementioned Elliott Cadeau and 6’3 2025 Wilkin Paulino and 6’9 2024 big Jack Nieradko all chipped in with 9 points. The White squad’s top gun was Top 30 Game co-MVP 6’6 2024 Wing Ian Jackson who finished with a game high 21 points!  He got solid support from 6’5 2024 forward Dylan Harper with 13 points and 6 boards along with 6’9 2024 big man Kany Tchanda who added 12 points and a handful of rebounds in the tough loss. Three others, 6’9 2024 Eli DeLaurier, 6’4 2024 Jalil Bethea and 6’1 2024 guard Tahaad Pettiford all added 8 points each.

Like the past two Pangos Frosh/Soph camps, the East started with a competitive tone on both ends that lasted right through the “Cream of the Crop” games, as the camp established its depth and strength in a large number of young bigs and wings that dominated play over the weekend! As we’ve seen all Fall over one hundred players received votes for the two all-star games and left us with a feeling that the East will continue to be a strong region that delivers overall depth to the Classes of 2024 and 2025!  So, with that in mind let’s take a look at the top talent at the 2021 Pangos All-East Frosh/Soph Camp last month in Mount Laurel NJ:

2021 Pangos All-East Frosh/Soph Camp Top 30 and Best of the Rest


PLAYER                                          HGT      POS      CLASS                SCHOOL (CITY, STATE)

Isaiah Abraham                          6’6        WF        2024                   Highland (Warrenton VA)
This explosive athlete dominated games on Saturday and Sunday morning. He explodes to the rim with highlight finishes, hits jumpers off the dribble and starts the break quickly off the glass. He earned overall camp MOP honors based on his consistent high level of play on both ends of the court! He wrapped up his camp weekend with a modest 8 points and 5 rebounds performance in the Top 30 game. He will be a high major priority starting this winter!

Luke Bamgboye                          6’10      C/PF     2024                   Our Lady Mt. Carmel (Essex MD)
This long and explosive big man dominated the paint on the glass and defensively all weekend. He’s still a little raw offensively and that refinement will come in time. He has immense upside! He was stellar in the Top 30 game earning Game Co-MVP honors scoring 16 points and pulling down 6 boards. He altered shots and recorded a couple of clean blocks to lead his Black squad to the win!  He should be on every high major radar!

Ian Jackson                                  6’6        WF        2024                   Cardinal Hayes (Bronx NY)
This athletic wing man has range to the three-point arc, can attack the rim and finish in traffic. He started the weekend slow but showed on Sunday why he’s already on the radar nationally! Had he played all weekend like he did in theTop 30 game (scoring a game high 21 points) he would have been in the hunt for overall camp MOP honors.  If he can keep playing at the high level like he did in the Top 30 Game, high majors won’t stop calling!

Jack Nieradko                             6’9        PF          2024                   Kingswood Oxford (West Hartford CT)
This skilled big man can defend the post or face-up forwards, blocks shots and has a nose for the ball off the glass. He showed range on the pop out jumper and has good hands and feet on the blocks plus he finishes through contact in the paint. He capped a solid weekend with 9 points and a handful of rebounds in the Top 30 game. High majors should be monitoring his development.

Eli DeLaurier                                6’9        PF          2024                   The Miller School (Albemarle VA)
Another skilled big man with good hands to catch and finish in the lane. He is a good passer who can knock down face-up jumpers to keep defenses honest. He started the break off the glass and isn’t afraid to mix it up on the boards! He finished his weekend with 8 points and 3 boards in the Top 30 game. He will see lots of high major interest that’s for sure!

Qingfang Pang                             6’9        PF          2025                   St. Benedict’s (Newark NJ)
This Chinese import was one of the true surprises in Mount Laurel! He showed on Saturday and Sunday a never-ending motor on the glass on both ends, ran floor hard and finished in traffic off the move. He is at his best in team-oriented situations which he had with his team in camp games, but showed he still needs to adapt to the U.S. game in All-Star situations, where he only scored 2 points but grabbed 5 boards, and he was forced to make his own opportunities.  But his willingness to learn and work hard (tools are there) will cure that in a hurry at St. Benedict’s. High majors should monitor his development this season!

Dylan Harper                               6’5        WF        2024                   Don Bosco Prep (Ramsay NJ)
This lefty can flat out knock down jumpers from around the 3-point arc or pull-up from 15-feet. He attacked hoop off the dribble and finished in traffic. He has quicks to defend too! He capped an excellent weekend with 13 points and six boards in the Top 30 game. He should be on the radar with Mid to High majors going forward.

Emmanuel Okitondo                6’7        CF          2024                   Archbishop Carroll (Washington DC)
Talented combo forward can handle, score with highlights at the rim and pop jumpers off the dribble. He has excellent basketball tools but tends to play in spurts. Make no doubt he’s got the athletic gifts too but needs to up the intensity and dominate. He made the top ten here based on that potential!  High majors should monitor his development.

Elliott Cadeau                             6’2        PG         2024                   Bergen Catholic (Elizabeth NJ)
This athletic and heady lead guard is a flashy passer and ballhandler who sometimes tries to do too much. But he has range on his jumper, finishes at the rim well and when he looks to run show first he can be an impressive lead guard. He scored 9 points and handed out 5 assists including the game winning dime in the Top 30 game. His clutch play late in the Top 30 Game earned him a share of game co-MVP honors. He has numerous high majors already showing serious interest.

Matthew Gilhool                        6’10      C            2024                   Elizabethtown Area (Elizabethtown PA)
This long and bouncy big man can turn and face at the elbow or drop down to the blocks and score with the jump hook or dunk. He scored 6 points and grabbed 4 boards in the Top 30 game. His length and shot blocking ability will bring lots of High Major looks as he fills out and matures offensively.


PLAYER                                         HGT      POS      CLASS  SCHOOL (CITY, STATE)

Jalil Bethea                                   6’4        SG         2024     Archbishop Wood (Warminster PA)
This wing shooter has good length and quickness to create his own shot or finish his drives to cup. He impressed us with his ability to knock down the three off the dribble or catch and shoot. He scored 8 points and pulled down 3 boards in the Top 30 Game. Mid to High majors should be following his development.

Kany Tchanda                             6’9        PF          2024     Concord Academy (Concord NC)
Another in the line of talented and athletic bigs in Mount Laurel. He did a good job on glass, blocked shots and ran floor really well. He has touch around the hoop but needs to play through contact which should come as he gets stronger and fills out his frame. He scored 12 points and pulled down 3 boards in the Top 30 game. His size and upside will draw lots of Mid to High Major interest in the future.

Tahaad Pettiford                       6’1        CG         2024     Hudson Catholic (Jersey City NJ)
This athletic combo guard can flat out attack rim and finish with highlights in transition but is at his best when taking advantage of his ability to draw and kick it to open man when finish isn’t there.  He has big time hops and quick feet to become an elite defender in time. He scored 8 points and grabbed 4 boards in the Top 30 game. He will see a lot of mids-up watching his development.

Jeremiah White                          6’6        WF        2024     Imhotep Charter (Philadelphia PA)
Athletic wing man got on the glass and finished drives with bounce, but it was his MVP performance in the Top 60 game that elevated him to my top twenty in Mount Laurel. He scored 18 points and pulled down a handful of rebounds in the Cream of Crop opener. He is just starting to draw D-1 interest but look for that list to grow!

Edward Rezendes                      5’10      PG         2024     East Providence (RI)
This solid lead guard caught our eye on day one with his solid handle and ability to deliver the rock to teammates off the drive and kick. He can finish in the lane with the floater or kiss and sets it up with a solid jumper from 17-feet. He scored 4 points and handed out a couple dimes in the Top 30 game. Mids-up should follow his growth game-wise.

Zion Walker                   6’2        CG         2024     Burlington School (NC)
This strong combo-guard is a good passer who sees court well and is willing to make passes off the move. He has range to 3-point arc and finishes in traffic on his drives. He was on fire in the Top 60 game scoring fifteen in the second half to finish with a game high 20 points. He should draw D-1 looks this winter!

Jason Schofield                           6’8        PF          2024     Avon Old Farms (Avon CT)
This face-up big man can knock down step back jumpers from 18-fet or roll and finish at the rim. With strength and maturity, he’ll be a good one. He scored 13 points and grabbed three boards in the Top 30 game. Mids-up should be monitoring his development.

Justin Menard                             6’4        SG         2024     Loomis Chaffe (Windsor CT)
This wing can handle the rock and create drive and kick or stop and pop 15–17-footers on the move. He will see stock rise as he improves consistency from beyond the 3-point arc.  He lit it up in Top 60 game scoring 17 points (15 in first half) to take game MVP honors. He should be receiving interest from Mids-up!

Barrett Loer                                 6’4        SG         2025     St. George’s (Newport RI)
This young wing can knock down the three or drive and finish with good body control in the lane. He is a solid passer and showed he could rebound from the wing and start the break. He scored 12 points in the Top 30 game, showing off his shot and ability to attack the rim. Mid to high majors should add him to their “must see” lists.

Omari Moore                              6’3        SG         2024     Hudson Catholic (Jersey City NJ)
This slasher and driving guard has the hops and handle to get to the rim and finish with highlights. He hit jumpers off the move inside the 3-point arc. Once his range extends look out! He scored 13 points in the Top 60 game and showed he belonged in top game.


PLAYER                                          HGT      POS      CLASS  SCHOOL (CITY, STATE)

Nate Kwiecinski                          6’6        WF        2024     Northfield Mt. Hermon (MA)
This quick and skilled wing can knock down open jumpers that sets up his ability to use his quicks and bounce to get to the rim in a hurry! He has a solid pull-up game and is a good passer in transition off the turn and go.

Jakai Sanders                              6’2        CG         2024     Bishop Loughlin (Brooklyn NY)
This backcourt talent can play either guard spot but lit it up with his slashing style off the ball. He hit jumpers to the 3-point arc and can “D” you up with his quickness. He scored 8 points and pulled down 4 boards in the Top 60 game.

Wilkin Paulino                             6’2        CG         2025     Commonwealth Academy (Springfield MA)
He has nice combo skill, is a good passer and sets up drives with solid jumpers to the 3-point arc.  He is young and in time may mature into a true floor leader. He scored 9 points in the Top 30 game. Mid to High majors need to monitor his development!

Ari Fulton                                      6’6        CF          2024     Gray’s Creek (Hope Mills NC)
This athletic rebounder has the ability to board in and out of his zone, starts break on the turn and go and attacks the rim off the dribble and finishes with the kiss or flush! He scored 6 points and grabbed 5 boards in a solid Top 30 performance.

Elijah Brown                                6’4        SG         2024     St. Augustine Prep (Richland NJ)
This strong wing can drive and finish through contact in the lane or pop mid-range jumpers off the move. He is an aggressive rebounder and will get after it on “D”!  He scored 8 points in the Top 30 game to wrap up a solid weekend in Mount Laurel.

Jordan Vick                                   6’0        CG         2024     Southern Nash (Bailey NC)
This athletic combo guard caught everyone’s eye with a couple of monster dunks in transition. He has quicks and big time hops and is a solid passer and handler. He also hit jumpers off the dribble from 15-feet. He needs to add consistency to his jumper outside the 3-point arc to reach his final level, so stay tuned as he has athletic gifts!

Drake Powell                               6’6        WF        2024     Northwood (Pittsboro NC)
This athletic and skilled wing has the handle to create “drive or kick.” He is a good passer and showed he can knock down jumpers from the three or pull-up.  He scored 5 points and handed out 4 assists in the Top 30 game. Mids should be monitoring his development.

Steyvon Jones                             6’5        WF        2024     Syracuse Academy (NY)
This physical wing is tough to stop from 15-feet in to the hoop. He hits jumpers on the move and can flat out finish through traffic at the rim. He scored 15 points in the Top 60 game to wrap up a solid weekend at the Pangos All-East Frosh/Soph Camp.

Isaiah Langham                          6’3        SG         2025     Belmont Hill (Belmont MA)
This wing scorer can knock down jumpers inside the 3-point arc, finishes at the rim with bounce and is a good passer in transition. He got on the glass from the wing and is just starting to scratch the surface of his potential overall.  D-1’s should add him to their must see frosh list.

Jayden Davis                                5’10      PG         2025     Chartiers Valley (Bridgeville PA)
This young point did good job passing the ball on the break and on dribble penetration in the halfcourt. He hit jumpers on the move from 17 feet and can finish drives versus contact! He doesn’t back down on “D either.  Definitely another “must see” frosh for D-1 programs.

OTHER TOP PERFORMERS: (Listed by Height)

PLAYER                                       HGT      POS      CLASS  SCHOOL (CITY, STATE)

Badara Diakite                            6’10      C            2025     Northwest Catholic (West Hartford CT)
Maurice Vassel                            6’9        C            2024     St. Benedict’s (Newark NJ)
Nichsean White                           6’8        C            2024     St. Raymond’s (Bronx NY)
Malchiah Marable                      6’8        C            2024     Maret (Washington DC)
Jacob Hogarth                             6’8        PF          2024     Archbishop Stepinac (White Plains NY)
Alonso Easterling                        6’8        PF          2024     Fayetteville Academy (NC)
Eunique Rink                               6’7        PF          2024     Donald Payne Tech (Newark NJ)
Johnathan Pierce                        6’7        PF          2024     Suffield Academy (CT)
Tyler Betsey                                 6’7        PF          2024     Windsor (CT)
Jacob Martin                               6’7        PF          2024     Chapel Hill (NC)
Kenaz Ochogwu                          6’7        PF          2025     Milton Academy (MA)
David Munro                               6’7        PF          2025     Bergen Catholic (Oradell NJ)
Dwayne Pierce                             6’6        CF          2024     Christ the King (Middle Village NY)
Braylan Ritvo                                6’6        CF          2024     Archbishop Stepinac (White Plains NY)
Isaac Moore                                 6’6        WF        2024     Friends Central (Wynnewood PA)
London Jemison                          6’6        WF        2024     Northwest Catholic (West Hartford CT)
Robert Dockery                           6’5        CF          2024     Woodrow Wilson (Washington DC)
Preston Fowler                            6’5        CF          2025     East Catholic (Manchester CT)
Sam Hughes                               6’5        WF        2024     Needham (MA)
Danny Murray                             6’5        WF        2025     Roselle Catholic (Roselle NJ)
Makha Anderson                        6’4        WF        2024     Orville Platt (Meridan CT)
Nicholas Petronio                       6’4        SG         2024     Milton Academy (MA)
Kehdinga Tutuwan                     6’4        SG         2024     James Blake (Silver Spring MD)
Jayden Harris                              6’4        SG         2024     Salisbury (NC)
Joshua Ojuri                                6’4        SG         2024     La Salle Academy (Providence RI)
Elijah Moore                                6’4        SG         2024     Cardinal Hayes (Bronx NY)
Izaah Cannon                              6’4        SG         2024     Olympus Prep (Pennville NJ)
Jayden Forsythe                          6’4        SG         2025     Poly Prep (Brooklyn NY)
Yancarlos Cueto                          6’4        SG         2025     Commonwealth Academy (Springfield MA)
P.J. Singleton                               6’3        WF        2026     Ocean Hill Collegiate (Brooklyn NY)
Delamortay Jones                       6’3        SG         2024     Bishop O’Connell (Arlington VA)
Jacob Cummiskey                       6’3        SG         2024     Central Bucks East (Doylestown PA)
Ryan Williams                              6’3        SG         2024     Malvern Prep (Malvern PA)
Moses Hipps 6’3″ SG 2024 Archbishop Carroll (Radnor PA)
Kareem Thomas                          6’3        SG         2024     Salesianum (Wilmington DE)
Kamren Martin                            6’3        SG         2024     Paint Branch (Burtonsville MD)
Mark Nyomah                             6’2        SG         2025     Trinity (Manchester NH)
Elijah Duval                                 6’2        SG         2024     Chapel Hill (NC)
Joseph Green                               6’2        SG         2025     Mt. St. Joseph (Baltimore MD)
Max Portnoy                                6’2        CG         2024     Eastern Region (Vorhees NJ)
Chas Coleman                             6’2        CG         2025     The Patrick School (Elizabeth NJ)
Alex Chaikin                                6’1        CG         2024     Trinity Episcopal (Richmond, VA)
Nicholas Charles                         6’1        CG         2024     Concord-Carlisle (Concord MA)
Danny Carbuccia                        6’0        PG         2025     Archbishop Stepinac (White Plains NY)
Roel Figueroa                              6’0        PG         2024     Holyoke (MA)
Allyn Wright                               6’0        PG         2024     East Catholic (Manchester CT)
Anthony Edmonds                     6’0        PG         2024     Springbrook (Silver Spring MD)
Azariah Harrison                         5’11      PG         2024     Classical (Providence RI)
Xavier Pickett                              5’11      PG         2024     Glenelg County (Ellicott City MD)
Shamar Cisco                               5’10      PG         2024     Freedom (Woodbridge VA)
Jacob Manigault                         5’10      PG         2025     Abington JHS (PA)
Chance Mallory                          5’9        PG         2024     St. Anne’s (Charlottesville VA)
Peter Mauro                                5’9        PG         2025     Gill St. Bernard (Gladstone NJ)
Shamar Parker                            5’8        PG         2025     Sankofa Freedom (Philadelphia PA)

That concludes our first look at several of the best young talent in the Classes of 2024 & 2025 from the four regional Pangos All-Frosh/Soph Camps from across the USA!

A note about the author of this article Van Coleman: Van has been scouting the nation’s top high school talent since 1976 and is entering his 45th season covering the nation’s top high school talent. He has been on both the McDonald’s All-American and Naismith Player of the Year selection committees for the past 38 years. He has served on the Basketball Hall-of-Fame Morgan Wooten Lifetime Achievement Award committee since its inception. Van published Future Stars Magazine and its affiliated Scouting Service for 33 years, was the executive Director of Future Stars Basketball for 20 years and launched both Hoopmasters.com and Hot100Hoops.com online publications. He has been the prep editor for Basketball Times and was the National Recruiting Analyst for CSTV.com, CBSCollegeSports.com, and SportsHuddle.com. He currently serves as the Chief Operations Officer for Global Sports Television, serves on the selection committees for the NBPA Top 100 Camp, Pangos All-American Camp and Spalding All-American Team and is the National Basketball Analyst for Nothing But Net Magazine.