Nothing But Net’s Magazine Look at the Class of 2022
by Van Coleman

One thing is definitely true, the Class of 2022 is led by the top prospect in all of high school basketball in 6’8″ Emoni Bates who has bits and pieces of Kevin Garnett and Kevin Durant skill sets and is truly a dominant talent who has a bright future ahead of him!  He can score from the arc with the jumper and attack the rim with either hand and create monster highlights  But if doubled and triple teamed, he will cut the defense apart by delivering the rock to open teammates. But he isn’t alone at the top of the sophomore class!

Heading the group right behind him is 6’9″ man child Jalen Duren who is a force in the paint on both ends of the court. Rounding out the top five are silky smooth 6’5″ scoring guard Chris Livingston, 6’7″ wing scorer Jarace Walker, and 6’8″ forward Kijani Wright who all made a real impact as freshman last year as well as the early this year in this 2019-20 season!

The second five has immense potential and contains some gifted perimeter talent headed by explosive 6’5″ guard Amari Bailey, followed by a trio of excellent lead guards in 6’3″ Dior Johnson, 6’3″ Jaden Bradley, and 6’1″ Rick “Pop Pop” Isaacs who form a strong group to build a foundation on in this class. Rounding out the second five is 6’5 scoring machine Dariq Whitehead.  It’s a class with tremendous potential, but its early and we will see the development of the young bigs over the next year to round out what can be a strong class.

With that in mind here’s our look at the Top 100 Sophomores in the Class of 2022!

Van Coleman’s Class of 2022 – Top 100+ Sophomores